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Jon + Larsen Starting 2020 Strong!

Feb 04, 2020
Jon + Larsen Starting 2020 Strong!
Jon + Larsen are a fresh new duo poised for a big 2020. The guys are kicking off the year strong with a brand new release entitled “Think About” which has a powerful progressive sound. Get to know Jon + Larsen in our in-depth interview! 
Hey guys, thanks for joining us today! Can you please introduce yourselves and your project together?
We are Jon + Larsen – brothers and best friends and through our common music taste, a hobby became passion and then finally a profession. Fascination with music has always been a big part of our lives, and we decided to produce together right after our first times in the studio together. 
How long have you been in the music industry and what has the evolution of your career been like? 
We’ve been in the industry for a few years! We began with another project as DJs and took our first steps as producers, but we only had some small gigs! Then we were able to expand our DJ radius due to good feedback and played all over Europe.
After that, we were caught by ambition and we put all of our energy into a new project. In 2019 we started our new project Jon + Larsen with our debut single “Paradise.”
Let's jump into “Think About”! What was the inspiration for this track and what was the production process like? 
The inspiration for “Think About” comes from spontaneity! Music should always try and touch the listener (no matter the genre). We already had the supporting melody stuck in our heads for a long time. The challenge was to find the perfect vocals for this emotional melody. After several studio sessions, we had the perfect vocal and that was the missing piece of the puzzle!
Have you had a chance to play “Think About” in your sets? What have the reactions been like? 
Yes, luckily we had the opportunity to test “Think About” several times! The feedback has been great from the beginning, but we still worked on a few details to make it perfect.
Can you talk about your production style? You have an anthemic, vocal progressive house sound that really stands out. What elements are you going for with your productions? 
What we basically do is collect musical ideas. We do not wait for inspiration to come, because it won’t.
It’s not going to look for us, we must force it ourselves by listening to a lot of music, watching YouTube tutorials, and watching movies. From there, we just absorb a lot of ideas and write them down. Then we start new projects from these ideas. We try to find the best bridge between our ideas and something emotional. For sure, we also produce a lot of scraps, but sometimes there is one part that we can build around, like what happened with “Think About.” 
We spent a lot of time in the studio last year to realize all of our ideas and can proudly say that we now have ten really strong tracks in the pipeline. Stay tuned and follow us for our next releases! 
Can you tell us about yourselves as a duo? What strengths do each of you have and how do they complement each other in the studio and in your sets? 
We are brothers and so we know each other almost perfectly. One of us is the creative one and the other gets things done quickly, we complement each other very well! Fortunately, we have the same musical direction, which is reflected in our productions and sets. 
Larsen is technically very adept and is a production nerd! Constantly working on new beats, etc. Jon is very creative and always has new ideas! Fortunately, each of us owns a studio, so we can collect and implement many ideas separately! 
What is a Jon + Larsen DJ set like? 
Full of power from the outset! Jon & Larsen stands for progressive sounds. In Germany you would say full power!
Do you have any favorite gigs from the recent months? Are there any tour dates in 2020 that you're particularly looking forward to? 
Our first gig in Ibiza was a key experience! To play in front of several thousand people in Amnesia was very emotional and exciting!
Upcoming gigs this year include Ibiza, festivals in Istanbul, and also some gigs in Germany, Austria, CH, and the UK!
Listen to "Think About" on your platform of choice today!
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