On The Rise: NORII

Mar 11, 2019
On The Rise: NORII
This weekend marks a very special anniversary for budding Japanese producer/DJ NORII. As he prepares to celebrate the 4th anniversary of his residency at the famous club Riviera Sapporo, his music and his label’s music are heating up! With new single “Poison” just out on SINKA Records, and with tracks forthcoming on Hysteria and Kryteria, NORII is garnering new attention worldwide. Ahead of the massive celebrations this weekend which will see NORII and Kryder perform at both Womb in Tokyo as well as Riviera, we caught up with the rising star to learn more about his music, label, and party concept!
NORII, thanks for joining us today. How’s your year been going thus far?
Thanks for having me! It’s such an honor! I’m having such a great year so far and it’s really because my productions are starting to get supported.
You’ve just come out with a new track! Tell us some about the inspiration and production process behind “Poison”?
“Poison” was actually made last year, but by the time we decided to release it, I felt it needed an update. I decided to slow down the BPM to 124 and this helped make the groove much nicer.       
You have a longstanding and well established residency now at Sapporo in Riviera. Can you talk to us some more about how that has developed over time and what makes the club so special to you?
Well first of all, I reside in Sapporo and Riviera has always been supporting my career as a professional DJ. They are the ones who gave me my first residency and my own party. They have given me the freedom to push the style of music that I want to and I’m really thankful for that.
You’ve been working hard to grow SINKA as not only a label but a branded event and this weekend you’re back in Tokyo with a big SINKA Night featuring Kryder. What does the SINKA brand stand for as a party concept?
SINKA is a movement that I have been trying to influence the Japanese scene with by running a label and a party together. Our main goal is to introduce the cutting edge house sound that consists of elements of tribal, tech, & future jack.
“SINKA” comes from my favorite Japanese word “SHINKA” which means “EVOLVE” so I’m always evolving and introducing new styles to my audience.
As for the party, we always book artists whom we want to introduce to my Japanese audience at the moment. The party that we are having this week is my residency’s 4th anniversary and Kryder has always been my mentor. So it's natural for me to have Kryder to celebrate!
We’ve seen the videos of Kryder dropping one of your productions together with Jose De Mara & Crusy, so what can you tell us about the track?!
Jose & Crusy are good friends of mine and have been two of the main producers for SINKA. When we had the Arcadia night at Riviera last September (pictured below), we came up with this idea to do a collaboration project aiming for the first play aboard the Kryteria Boat party during ADE. So this track was really made for Kryteria and we are very happy that the track was signed to Kryteria.
Looking deeper into your sets, who are three must play artists and why?
D.O.D – His sound has always been a big influence to me. He has established his own future jack style which is always evolving with new elements in his tracks while still maintaining his own signature.
D-Unity – He is the first techno DJs that I was very influenced by when I heard him live at Womb. His style is a techno with a tribal groove and when I started digging into his previous releases I found that his roots were really tribal and that’s been a cool progression to discover.
Paul Green – He’s more recently become one of my favorite artists compared to the longstanding staples D.O.D & D-Unity. Paul has his own style combining his own original tribal groove with what’s hot at the moment. It really makes his tracks very powerful DJ weapons! I’m also excited to release his new track with Sendoo on SINKA soon!
What else do you have planned for the rest of the year that you can share?
This month I have a release called “Yeah” which will be featured on Hysteria EP.7 on March 18th. I'm planning to have more original releases on SINKA this year, to tour more overseas, and to be able to meet more people across the world!
Join NORII and Kryder for two nights of celebration this weekend in Japan as they take on Womb in Tokyo on Friday the 15th, and then head onwards to Riviera in Sapporo on Saturday the 16th. Don't worry if you can't be there as we'll have coverage of the action on our Instagram Stories!
NORII - "Poison" is available today as a free download!!
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