Future Class & Radiømatik Celebrate "Nothing Change"

Aug 29, 2018
Future Class & Radiømatik Celebrate "Nothing Change"
Future Class and Radiømatik have been racking up the streams on Spotify, just recently passing 2.5M for their massive collaboration “Nothing Change.” To celebrate we caught up with the talented Brazilian artists!
Hey guys, thanks for joining us today. How's each of your summers been so far?
Future Class: Thank you for inviting us guys! Our summer has been incredible, lots of parties, lots of trips and lots of music.
Radiømatik: Thanks for the invite guys. It's actually winter down here in Brazil haha, although we made a nice quick trip to Ibiza early this month to check out the amazing European summer and new music trends. 
Tell us about when you guys first met and/or heard the other's music? What was your first impression?
Future Class: We met Diego from Radiømatik when we played at a festival together in 2016. We kept in touch via the internet and when he formed Radiømatik he sent us promos and we really liked the tracks that these guys were creating.
Radiømatik: I (Diego) met the boys a while back, they are from the north of Brazil and so am I. There was a connection right away and was then just a matter of finding the right project to work together.
What eventually led you guys to work together and what was the start of the collaboration on your single “Nothing Change”?
Future Class: The Radiømatik guys sent us a demo of the vocals and guitars of what would become “Nothing Change.” We liked it a lot and started working on the construction of the song. 
Radiømatik: We had this demo from vocals with organic guitars and melody. We sent it to the guys, they loved it and started building the song structure right away.
Can each of you highlight your favorite element in the record and why?
Future Class: We really like the melodic warmth of the song and all of the sentiment that the vocals convey. This song always gives a good feeling to people on the dance floor.
Radiømatik: We love the melody and organic guitars on it. It gives a great “soul” to the record.
How do you guys view the development of the Brazilian Bass sound currently? Where do you think the genre is headed?
Future Class: Without a doubt it’s an original style without many rules. It’s certainly impressed many people and we are happy to see many international artists putting songs from Brazilians in their sets.
Radiømatik: The Brazilian Bass genre became much more than a specific sound, we see it as some sort of “movement” that has been started by Alok and has been incorporating a lot of different genres of dance music. We believe that this is not just taking the dance music industry in Brazil to a whole new level, but also opening the path for Brazilian artists to International markets.
Looking deeper into your DJ sets at the moment, what are one or two must play tracks or artists and why?
Future Class: We like to play Brazilian artists and in our sets, we always have Vintage Culture tracks.
Radiømatik: We are definitely playing lots of our own tracks in our sets, including “Nothing Change” and “Too Close.” It's a huge feeling for us to see big crowds dancing away to our own music.
What's been a favorite moment of your summer, and what's one that you're still looking forward to?
Future Class: The last year has been a wonderful year of shows, but we would have to pick what for us was a historic momentum – playing on the main stage of Green Valley, that place is magic. We are anxious to show our fans the new songs that we are working on in the studio, there is a lot of good stuff!
Radiømatik: Well as we said above it’s actually winter in Brazil, but we are still doing several big shows. A big highlight was definitely closing after Alok at Green Valley's event at “Grêmio” football stadium in Porto Alegre. Going to Ibiza was definitely a highlight as well!

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