Abel Ramos >< Albert Neve Take On Miami

Apr 26, 2017
Abel Ramos >< Albert Neve Take On Miami
It was only last year that the Abel Ramos >< Albert Neve project took shape starting with their hit collaboration “Let The Bass Be Louder.” Since then they’ve teamed up on another hit Musical Freedom release “Party,” begun their prime time radio show Maxima Deejay on Spain’s biggest dance music station Maxima FM, and played massive shows across the globe. This year, the duo crossed another bucket item off their wish list, playing Ultra Music Festival for the first time. We caught up with Albert Neve to reflect on their MMW and Ultra experience as they ramp up for a big summer season!
What did it mean for you and Abel to be selected to play Ultra Music Festival Miami this year?
Hi guys! As you can imagine, it has been one of the biggest joys of 2017. We’ve played at a lot of amazing events and festivals in the past, including Tomorrowland, so to play at Ultra meant that we reached another big goal in our careers. It’s a big recognition for our work, especially if you consider that we started our project together as just an adventure between two close friends. It’s extremely motivating to see how far we’ve come.
What was your mindset heading into your set?
We checked out the area and the stage the day before, so we already had an idea of what to expect and knew that it wouldn’t be an easy gig. Nevertheless, we had a very clean idea of what we wanted to play, because at an event like this you have to think not only about the crowd while you’re playing, but also about the image that you want to present to the world when you share the set. It’s very important to search for the right balance between bangers, new stuff and those amazing tracks you definitely want to play.
How’d your set go and can you describe your Ultra experience overall?
We’re very happy with our performance at the festival. Our set time was a difficult one, but we were highly surprised to have so many people partying with us. We’re absolutely grateful to all who joined us instead of Carl Cox, Alan Walker or Afrojack, who were playing at the same exact moment as us. Can you imagine? The overall experience has been unbelievable, we’ve really enjoyed the three days from the first minute to the amazing closing on Sunday. In some moments we felt like teenagers coming to a big festival for their first time ever… that was crazy! We’re really looking forward to coming back next year.
Can you highlight two or three tracks (originals, mashups, or remixes) from your set and what made them stand out to you?
We played our new track, you guys tracked it perfectly! It’s called “Flat Beat,” and we expect to release it soon on Musical Freedom. The crowd went so crazy with it! We also played the new remix from Oliver Heldens' HI-LO alias called “The Answer.” We love the original version from Danny Tenaglia and Celeda, and this new revisit is simply insane. The last one that we want to mention is a mashup we made a few hours before our set while in the hotel: A$AP Ferg vs. Sikdope - “New Snakes” (Albert Neve >< Abel Ramos Mashup). They fit together so well, it’s like they were built to be played as one.  
Aside from Ultra, what were some of your highlights from MMW?
We played a lot of amazing parties this year, starting on Tuesday at the HoTL Records party and ending with the Sosumi, HoTL and Cube Recordings showcase. We went to some of the most important pool parties, like Spinnin', Armada, Doorn and Axtone as well. Really impressive events with some of the most important artists around the world there, so there’s always a lot of things to learn not only from them, but from the organisation itself.
You mentioned that guys only released 50 minutes of the set because you dropped some new material in there that can’t be previewed yet. Can you give readers any clues as to the new music that is coming from you guys?
Yeah, that’s right. As you can imagine, we have to cut out our upcoming collaboration “Flat Beat,” we didn’t want to show it to the world before the official promo had begun. There was another demo that we played that isn’t ready yet to be heard as there’s still a lot of work to do with it, so we prefer to keep is a secret for now ;)
What else is in store for the Abel Ramos >< Albert Neve project this year?
We’re working on a couple of new club tracks for the coming months, but the bigger news is that we’re starting to produce our first vocal collaboration. We’re really excited about it! After a long search we’ve found the perfect voice and just the demo sounds really moving – hope we can show you it ASAP. Aside from music production, we’re playing in a lot of festivals in Spain this year, with some great surprises that we’ll announce this week, one of them in relation to Ibiza. And that’s all we can say :)
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