Bob Marley feat. LVNDSCAPE & Bolier - Is This Love

Jun 28, 2016
Bob Marley feat. LVNDSCAPE & Bolier - Is This Love
Bolier and LVNDSCAPE joined forces to take on the task of bringing one of the most famous tracks from Bob Marley & The Wailers, “Is This Love,” to a new generation of listeners. The resulting track is a summery dancefloor hit with over 3.5 million streams on Spotify in just a few weeks. Enjoy the music video shot on site in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and get the story behind the track from Bolier.
How familiar were you with the original Bob Marley track before this production?
“Is This Love,” of course, is a track I already was familiar with - a great summer song with positive vibes. I only became a fan of Bob Marley later on, since his music was before my time, so to say. But I am a fan of his vibe, his message and also the playfulness of his music.
How’d the chance for this collaboration and project come about?
Spinnin' Records contacted me and LVNDSCAPE a year ago and suggested we do something with a Bob Marley vocal, and we chose to go for “Is This Love.” It took a year to get all of the legal issues out of the way and the Marley family backing it up - and now it's a joint release with Spinnin', Island/Universal and Tuff Gong. Super excited about this!
What do the vocals mean to you? How important was it to preserve them?
The song is all about the vocal and its message. The current situation in the world especially asks for a strong message of positivity to be shown to the people, and those vocals carry that exact message.
What was the inspiration for your take on the track? What was the production process like?
The production process was a natural flow to be honest - we loaded the vocals and the melodies, and the beats and vibe followed naturally. It didn't take very long to have a first demo finished, and the first demo doesn't sound too different compared to the final track!
What challenges did this project present that others may not have?
Mostly the legal end, but this was taken care of by record labels and management. As I said, the production process was super smooth!
Did you feel hesitation or added pressure to take on the challenge of bringing such an iconic track up to date and into the dance music realm?
The only thing we wanted to preserve was the positive vibe and the message, and we felt this meant the track should sound organic instead of having a big rave drop or something like that.

You’ve collaborated with LVNDSCAPE before and you both have remixed each others tracks. What’s your relationship like?
LVNDSCAPE knows what he wants production-wise, and knows what I want - this might sound very straightforward, but this is very important to me - to foresee an end goal with a track and know which route you have to take to reach that.
How have you been using this track in your sets and what’s the reaction been like? Do you remember what show you played it at for the first time?
I had to keep it secret for almost a year so I only started playing it out recently. The first time was at Groove Garden Festival in the Netherlands a month ago - you could see the audience was very familiar with the vocals, in a positive way.
What should we be on the lookout for from you for the rest of this year?
A lot of new tracks are being planned currently...Also I am gonna go a bit deeper music-wise with a side project, so stay tuned!
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