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Discover: Clambake & Rav3era

Mar 07, 2020
Discover: Clambake & Rav3era
Today, we’re joined by upstart Swiss duo Clambake & Rav3era. The brothers are three time performers at the historic Street Parade, and with a growing catalog of releases, there was loads to cover in our interview. Read on for a look at their history, favorite releases, work with Skink Records, Outbreak Sessions radio show, and much more!
Thanks for joining us today guys. Set the stage for us with the story behind your duo. How long have you both been producing and DJing independently, and how’d you come together to form Clambake & Rav3era?
We had our first experiences producing music about four years ago. Clambake at the beginning of 2016 and Rav3era at the end of 2016. Both of us were first working on our own projects, working with different DAWs and had different music styles. In 2017 we had the idea to make an EP together. In the process of producing the EP, we noticed that we could work much better together than we did separately. That was the moment when we decided to start the project Clambake & Rav3era. It was the best decision for us, and we can’t imagine any other way of making music.
Last year saw you with nine releases! Can you highlight two of them and what makes each of those special?
“Booty” was a very special track for us, and it took us quite a long time to finish it. The track had countless editions and names, but we are very happy with the final edit and it was absolutely amazing that we could release it on an awesome label like Skink Records. 
“Oldschool” will always be something special for us. It was the first track which we made a music video for. That was a crazy experience for us, and we had definitely a lot of fun with this project.
As you hinted earlier, you’ve become very ingrained with Showtek’s label. What do you like most about working Skink? What makes the label a good fit for your sound?
Skink is an absolutely amazing label. We worked with the guys from 2-Dutch on the releases and it was really cool and uncomplicated. They are very friendly and are always on hand and have good tips to share!
Talk to us about the electronic dance music scene in Switzerland. How has it influenced you? Are there any special parties, trends, or anything else that deserve a spotlight?
We think Switzerland is currently having an extreme upward trend. A while ago the acts of electronic dance music were seldom, and now we have huge acts coming to play at festivals and parties. Of course, we are so happy about that!
In Switzerland we have a lot of good DJs and producers like EDX, Mike Candys, Robert Miles, WE AM, PASSIK and many more talented musicians. We also have special parties like Street Parade in Zurich with around a million ravers! We’ve played three times on a love mobile truck and it is an absolute highlight every year!
Outbreak Session is your weekly radio show. What goes into the track selection and mixing of each episode? How reflective are the shows of your DJ sets?
We make the track selection for our radio show with all of the current releases that have caught our attention. There are a lot of great artists and labels which send us promos and then we get some of the tracks that we like on Beatport. So Outbreak Session is a mixture of the current and all-time favourite tracks of Clambake & Rav3era.
Our DJ sets certainly are influenced by our radio show, but we try to make it more energetic compared to our radio shows. In our sets we only play mashups that we have created with tracks we like. 
What can you tell us about some of your upcoming productions in 2020?
We have a lot of new stuff ready for 2020. We’re trying to bring new forms of electro house bangers like “Oldschool,” “Dollars,” etc. but also, stuff like “Stuck On You,” which are more melodic and slow. At the moment we have ten tracks finished, some of them are already fixed for release and others not so much. We’re working really hard on new material and want to try and bring things to the next level.
Can you each highlight two favourite things about the other? One from within the Clambake & Rav3era project, and one just from life!
Rav3era (Roger): So, Clambake is the best DJ / Producer partner I could have ever imagined. He's always been the driving force behind the duo and knows what to do. He also does a great job with our socials and I'm really happy to work with him.
As my brother Ueli, he's also always available. I really appreciate it.
Clambake (Ueli): I can truly say that Rav3era is a mashup king! Some days he sends me new edits for our sets with two, three, or four tracks as one and it sounds perfect! A good producer and definitely our office rubber ;) It’s always easier and lovelier to go down the same path with a family member!
Roger has always had a good say in the repertoire. He is reliable and is always in the process of moving us forward. There are people out there who don't get on with their siblings. This is definitely not the case with us.
And lastly, what else does the new year hold in store for you guys? What are two goals in 2020 that you are hoping to accomplish?
We are very happy that we are back this year at Street Parade in Zurich. It’s always an honour for us to play there. Our goals are for sure to reach 1M yearly streams on Spotify. We know it's difficult, but we will work hard on new music so that we can reach this goal.
Another goal for us would be to dip our toes a little bit deeper in the international DJ market and perhaps land our first big international booking. Hardwell said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” And it is precisely with this attitude how we will continue to work!
You can download a free copy of Clambake & Rav3era's latest release "I Can't Feel My Face" today! https://hypeddit.com/track/showp9
You can check out all the episodes of Clambake & Rav3era's radio show 'Outbreak Session' here: https://www.1001tracklists.com/source/w6z1mc/outbreak-session/index.html
Connect with Clambake & Rav3era: SoundCloud | FacebookInstagram

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