New Borgeous Album Material

May 13, 2016
New Borgeous Album Material
We caught up with Borgeous in Miami right after his Main Stage performance. Read on to learn about the experience as well as the tracks he played, several of which will be in his upcoming album.
What was it like playing the Ultra Main Stage?
Crazy. I was born in Miami, so it was cool to be back and playing one of the biggest festivals in the world. It was hot (laughs), but it was cool. Great energy, and I saw a bunch of shirts, flags and big fans out there, which was great.
How did you select tracks for your set?
Well, the majority of my stuff is my music, and today there were a bunch of tracks that aren’t out that will be on my album. Today was just really a mixture of some old stuff with some new stuff.
So you premiered a lot today?
Yeah, there should be a few IDs on 1001tracklists!
Can you tell us about some of the music you premiered?
Yeah, I premiered a song with Sean Paul and RVSSIAN and M.R.I. called Ride It. That’s going to be the first single on my album. I also played a portion of a song with Neon Hitch called Wrong Places. And I played a song with Fatman Scoop called Explode, a song with Lil Jon, and another song with 7 Skies and Sissa.
What’s the biggest difference between playing a live set and selecting tracks for your radio show?
The radio show is more of playing some of my stuff over and over again, and then also playing some cool edits that I make. It’s cool to let people hear those. It’s playing music for people who are trying to make it, just like I was.
What’s it like in the minutes leading up to a big set?
I don’t get nervous or anxious or anything - I’ve never been that kind of guy. I just go out there and try to do the best I can. That’s all I focus on, just killing it as hard as I can kill it.


Was there a show that you attended as a fan that made you want to be a producer/DJ for a living?
EDC LA. The last year it was in LA, in 2010. It was one weekend, two days, and you could walk up and buy a ticket, no problem. You definitely can’t do that now with stuff selling out within an hour. Back then, it was like, “Do I want to go to EDC? Yeah sure, I’ll walk up and get a ticket.” It’s crazy to think how it was then compared to now.
Were any sets particularly memorable?
Yeah, Infected Mushroom stuck out. Dada Life, Guetta, Laidback Luke, there were a lot.
What’s the rest of the year look like?
Just putting out this album, I’ve been working on it for the last seven months or so. Shooting a bunch of music videos and getting everything together for it. The album is called 13, and the first single will be out May 13th.
Now that May 13th is here, you can enjoy the first single, Ride It, today! 

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Full tracklist info available at Borgeous @ Main Stage, Ultra Music Festival Miami, United States 2016-03-20
BORGEOUS & David Solano - Big Bang (Life In Color Anthem 2015) (Onderkoffer Orchestral Intro) [DOORN (SPINNIN')]
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Borgeous & David Solano vs. Corona - Rhythm Of The Big Bang (BORGEOUS Edit)
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DVBBS & BORGEOUS - Tsunami (Jay Cosmic Remix / Borgeous Edit) [DOORN (SPINNIN')]
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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & DVBBS & Borgeous & Neon Hitch - Stampede Wrong Places (BORGEOUS Edit)
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The White Stripes vs. Thomas Gold & Borgeous - Seven Nation Army vs. Beast (BeatBreaker Edit) [XL / SPINNIN']
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The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army [XL]
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Thomas Gold & BORGEOUS - Beast [SPINNIN']
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Borgeous feat. Fatman Scoop vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Explode Under The Bridge (BORGEOUS Edit)
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Mr. Belt & Wezol & Freejak vs. Bassjackers & Thomas Newson vs. Henry Fong - Somebody Dem Wave Your Hands (BORGEOUS Edit)
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Keys N Krates vs. Bro Safari vs. Autoerotique & Max Styler - Badman Scumbag Dum Dee Dum Sandstorm (BORGEOUS Edit)
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BORGEOUS ft. DJ Whoo Kid & Waka Flocka Flame & Wiz Khalifa - Toast [FREE]
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R3HAB & Sander van Doorn - Phoenix [SPINNIN']
Kensai (184)
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Dirty Heads - My Sweet Summer (BORGEOUS Remix) [FREE]
Mato6 (51.7k)
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Deorro & Riggi & Piros vs. Borgeous & Lauren Dyson - Oceans Tick Tock (BORGEOUS Edit)
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BORGEOUS & RVSSIAN & M.R.I ft. Sean Paul - Ride It [GEOUSUS]
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Kid Cudi & MGMT & Steve Aoki vs. Borgeous - Pursuit Of Celebration (BORGEOUS Edit) [REPUBLIC / SPINNIN']
Mato6 (51.7k)
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Kid Cudi ft. MGMT - Pursuit Of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix) [REPUBLIC (UMG)/GOOD MUSIC]
796x 1x 1x
BORGEOUS - Celebration [SPINNIN']
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BORGEOUS & Dzeko & Torres - Tutankhamun vs. Invincible (BORGEOUS Edit)
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Borgeous vs. Dzeko & Torres & ODESZA ft. Shy Girls - Wildfire All We Need (BORGEOUS Edit)
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BORGEOUS & Shaun Frank ft. Delaney Jane - This Could Be Love (Ryos Remix) [SPINNIN']
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BORGEOUS ft. Lights - Zero Gravity [SPINNIN' REMIXES]
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Zedd & Lucky Date ft. Ellie Goulding - Fall Into The Sky (Everybody Fuckin Jump Acappella) [INTERSCOPE]
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BORGEOUS ft. Julia Michaels - They Don't Know Us (Ryos Remix) [FREE/SPINNIN']
Vertex (60.8k)  /  dubshakerz
17x 1x 1x
BORGEOUS ft. Julia Michaels - They Don't Know Us [SPINNIN']
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101x 1x 2x
BORGEOUS ft. M. Bronx - Souls (Thomas Gold Remix) [SPINNIN' REMIXES]
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33x 2x 1x
BORGEOUS ft. M. Bronx - Souls (Andres Fresko Remix) [SPINNIN' REMIXES]
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BORGEOUS & 7 Skies & Sissa - Satellite [GEOUSUS]
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BORGEOUS & Jay Cosmic ft. Ragga Twins - Spitfire [GEOUSUS]
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Wildchild - Renegade Master (Acappella) [POLYDOR]
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