Take What's Yours: Sirup's Remix Competition!

Apr 28, 2021
Take What's Yours: Sirup's Remix Competition!
Today we’re joined by four artists – Mingue, Jonas Schmidt, Laeko and Fenox – who recently collaborated on a track titled “Take What’s Yours.” The artists have joined us to discuss the track as well as a remix competition presented by Sirup. They give us great insight into what they’re looking for in the remixes, and also share the latest going on in each of their careers! 
Hey everyone, thanks for joining us today! How did you all come to work together on “Take What's Yours”?
Mingue: I sent the song to Sirup, whom I had worked with for previous releases with EDX. Then they sent it to these great young producers, who went ahead and made it a true hit :)
Jonas Schmidt: Thank you! Actually Laeko is a friend of mine and I knew he would fit on the track – we have been working on a lot of music together recently. After months going back and forth, I decided that Fenox (another Sirup artist) would also fit well, and he sure did a good job and overall we were happy with the outcome.
Laeko: When Jonas asked me if I would be down to work on a track featuring Mingue, I immediately accepted as I’ve always loved her voice and vibe. I started a break idea with the chords and vocals that Jonas had sent me, then started a little drop idea. We wanted the drop to sound perfectly right so Jonas asked Fenox if he wanted to work on it with us and he did!
What was the production process like for “Take What's Yours,” and how did you take the track from the first idea to final production?
Mingue: The track was originally written by myself and Robin P. Frencesco, who’s also known for his work on tracks for Major Lazer. We wanted to create a fresh and uplifting tune, and that’s how “Take What's Yours” came about. 
Jonas Schmidt: Once I had the vocals I created a quick idea for the break, then I sent it over to Laeko, who is a good friend of mine and I knew he would fit perfectly for the track. He started on the drop BUT I still felt like we needed the final touch, so I decided to contact Fenox, another Sirup artist who I am working a lot with. He made the final touch and second part of the drop melody. I loved it, so I mixed and mastered the track for release. Luckily Mingue and her team loved the final idea as well, her voice fits it perfectly. Keep in mind that this was a long process, going back and forth for almost six months.
Fenox: It was like a chain reaction – Mingue’s vocals inspired Jonas, and then Jonas’s production then inspired Laeko and me. That’s how our track was born!
How did the idea for the remix competition come about? Can you tell us what you're looking for in the remixes?
Jonas Schmidt: The label and I were very happy with the track, especially the wonderful vocal from Mingue which is why we decided to do a remix competition. There are many good producers out there hidden somewhere, and everyone should be given a chance. We know how hard it is to get signed. In terms of the remixes, for me I feel like this is already a very radio friendly dance track, so what I am looking for in the remixes is something unique and a different vibe of the track. Something that could change the genre around. Surprises are always good.
Laeko: We all loved the vocal so much while working on the track that we knew it had to have multiple production interpretations, and a remix contest was the perfect way to give this vocal multiple lives! Concerning what I’m looking for in the remixes, I’m mostly looking forward to hearing all of the producers giving their own representation of the vocals, what they mean to them as it would be different for every person. Such an exciting experience!
Fenox: The dance music scene is full of very talented producers and I can’t wait to hear what they come up with. I don’t have any expectations, I’m sure it’ll be hard to pick the winners.
Jonas Schmidt
What are the prizes that artists can expect from the remix competition?
Jonas Schmidt: Pretty big prizes, not gonna tease too much, but Sirup Music and I have some good ones lined up including an official release on the label, merchandise, and more.
While times are still not quite back to normal, what have been some of your personal and/or musical highlights from the past year?
Mingue: COVID forced us writers to do online sessions and it resulted in many more international collabs. I've released tracks with Lizot, DJ Jerome, Lucky Luke and Lanné as a co-writer and also released a lot alongside Hades and Anthony Keyrouz gathering millions of new streams.
Jonas Schmidt: This year has truly been different than the others because of COVID. My tour and shows got cancelled which was sad, especially when you are an upcoming artist like me. Anyway, to bring out some positive vibes I actually have had a good year in terms of streaming, DJ support and even radio support. Artists like Mike Williams, Martin Jensen, and EDX have played my music out loud multiple times, and blogs and magazines are starting to notice my music as well. I know this is only the beginning, but I am truly grateful for all of the success so far.
Laeko: Well, actually thanks to the COVID crisis and lockdowns, I was able to have more free time which obviously led to making more music than expected! So it turned out to be pretty productive for me music-wise. I also set up the launch of my radioshow Starlight Radio which debuted about two months ago! I also got to be closer with some of my listeners, doing live streams, demo sessions etc.
Fenox: “Take What’s Yours” has been heavily supported all over the streaming services. It was added to five Spotify editorial playlists and the feedback from listeners was very good. I’m very happy with it!
What advice do you have for aspiring artists for finding and maintaining creativity during these times?
Mingue: It’s passion, but it is also work. Which means, putting in the effort, working through the occasional struggle. It is all part of becoming a creative monster :)
Jonas Schmidt: This is a hard one, but I would say that a simple walk in nature can change your perspective and ideas on music, and even on life. What I do is to try to come up with some small goals that can lead to success production wise. Also I am a very poetic person, and the thing that drives me is to entertain people and help them through rough times in life through music.
Laeko: Definitely do not get stuck in the studio without going out all day! While the COVID crisis may have given a bunch of us more time to work on new music, it’s only now that I understand the importance of going out, talking to people, etc. In the end, your everyday life when you’re not making music is where most of your inspiration will come from. So yeah, don’t hesitate to go out for walks (in compliance with sanitary measures of course!). This way you’ll be at your best in the studio!
Do you have any upcoming music that you can tell us about?
Mingue: I've got releases coming up with MOGUAI as an artist and so many more as a co-writer! I’m even entering the realm of hardstyle with Brennan Heart!
Jonas Schmidt: Ohh yes, this will probably be my biggest year by far, I have some upcoming tracks on EDX’s label Sirup Music and also some tracks on one of the biggest EDM labels in the world, Hardwell's Revealed Recordings. Overall I have planned some big stuff for you guys, and I can’t wait to share everything I have been working on with my team.
Laeko: I took a little break from releasing music since February to reshape my sound a bit and to develop my production techniques a bit more, taking inspirations from various styles, mostly non EDM ones. But you can expect a lot of new music for the summer, starting with a brand new collab with Mariline on the 8th of May!
Fenox: I’m working on quite a lot of future tracks and collabs coming this year, if you liked my previous tracks I suggest you to follow me on Instagram and Spotify ! :-)
What goals do you have for yourselves for the remainder of 2021 and beyond?
Mingue: To make more awesome tracks of course :)
Jonas Schmidt: I would love to do a world tour at some point, just live 100% off music. In the future I sure hope some agency will notice me and maybe offer me a booking deal around the world. Would be a dream come true.
Laeko: My main goal in 2021 would be to keep on developing my own style and brand while taking projects like my radio show as far as I can. Another goal for me would be to develop my community in my home country France as I’m mostly known abroad for the moment! 
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