[Deep Dive] MR.BLACK Talks Ben Nicky Collab & Upcoming Album

Jul 15, 2020
[Deep Dive] MR.BLACK Talks Ben Nicky Collab & Upcoming Album
To celebrate his new collaboration with Ben Nicky, we sat down with MR.BLACK for a deep, detailed chat. Out now on Revealed Recordings, “Falcon” is the third single from MR.BLACK’s highly anticipated upcoming album, and we were excited to get an inside look at the massive work between the two high energy artists. Read on to gain an inspiring and refreshing perspective on tackling the challenges posed by coronavirus.
Yaniv, thanks for joining us to celebrate the release of “Falcon”! Let’s take things back to the start, when did you first hear Ben Nicky’s music and what was your impression?
I heard Ben Nicky’s music about two years ago when he played my remix of Tiësto & Sevenn’s “Boom” [Check out the video below!]. Ever since then we’ve talked about collaborating together. We’ve just been waiting for the right time to do it. I really like Ben’s energy in his sets, he definitely brings that energetic vibe that is also familiar with my style, so collaborating together and combining our two worlds was just a matter of time! Fast forward to April and the final version of “Falcon” was completed. 
What led you guys to end up working together on the track? What was that experience like?
We started working on the track back in March. I started working on the piano melody for the main breakdown and then started playing with a drop. I sent the initial idea of the track to Ben and he really liked it, but thought we needed to thicken the hook and add something more memorable on the break, so we started looking for the right vocals and reworked ut back and forth till we got it. 
On another note... as we all know, we’re experience challenging times, and for me and Ben as DJs, usually both of us are testing the records live before we release them, so we really needed to trust our instincts on this one. Gladly we both agreed on the final version, so we can’t wait to drop it live hopefully soon!
Can you highlight your favorite element in “Falcon”?
My favorite element from the breakdown is definitely the piano melody. It gives a unique harmonic vibe with the layers of the piano together with the bassline. Another element is actually the entire drop. The whole concept of it is like ‘question/answer’ with the brass and the kick & bass. It’s really interesting as the rhythm changes every four bars. 
This release marks the third single from your debut album. Can you tell us some more about that body of work as a whole? How long have you been working on all of the tracks and do you feel anxious at all releasing them single by single?
So the whole Covid-19 pandemic took everyone, including me, by surprise as I saw all of my gigs being cancelled. The first week where I actually acknowledged that I was entering a completely different reality was hard and I went into an 'uncertain' mode. But then I realized my mentality and focus would lead to my reality. If I cried over the loss of gigs, I’d drown in the sorrow that would become my reality. But if I forced myself to work hard and to use this situation in my favor then this could become my favorable reality. This is how the album came about – I used this new 'free' time to find inspiration, discover new sounds and bring something different. It’s turned out to be the perfect time. It was my biggest challenge to date and I can also share with you that it was the best decision of my life. 
So back to the body of the album, the concept is to put out six singles individually, release by release, to reveal the sound that I’ve been working on the past year – a ‘hybrid’ concept sound. Another six unreleased tracks will be available only on the album so fans will have been able to have a taste, but we can also build the anticipation around the concept and album. There’s still unexpected stuff that will be heard only when the album drops!
For me, the moral of the story is that you can take something bad and turn it into a challenge to achieve bigger things.
As you mentioned, your sound for the album tracks is a bit more hybrid – can you speak to pulling in various influences for these productions?
First of all, when I started working on the album, I thought on the concept and the name, and once I realized what I liked and what I wanted to transmit to the audience, I defined what the hybrid concept for me is. Here I’ll reveal it to you guys first: the hybrid concept is a fusion of psy elements with modern electronic dance music sounds. Through this concept I’m also trying to bring different cultures, BPMs and influences together.
We hear that you have some more big collaborations on the way as part of the album too! Can you tell us anything about those?
As you can hear and see, I’ve been privileged to collaborate with some of the industry’s biggest artists like KSHMR, Infected Mushroom, and Timmy Trumpet. It’s always great to learn and work with people I admire and musically am inspired by. But sometimes I’m looking for more X factors – the unexpected collaborations, like I had with Ben Nicky, Offer Nissim and some people who I’m currently working with (still cannot unveil, but would love to share in the future)! 
For any other industry professionals out there, and especially the up and coming producers, do you have any suggestions to maintain creativity and positivity during this challenging time?
Always try and look at the glass as half full – this is not a cliche. Every obstacle is actually a challenge. No matter what you do, just keep moving forward. We’re going to be in a new ‘normal’ soon, but for your own sake and for your business, you’ll be much prouder to know that you’ve overcome this difficult time and grown much stronger. You are always one decision away from turning your life upside down... for the better! Stay safe everyone and hope to see you soon.
What has you most excited as we head into the second half of summer?
Actually what I’m looking forward to most is to get some positive news about the pandemic, and hope we can come back to live properly soon.. I’m dreaming about this at night. And on another note, spoilers:
1. I’m working on something related to Hardwell. 
2. I’m dropping my collaboration with Timmy Trumpet by the end of this year.
3. I’m wrapping up the album.
You can buy/stream your copy of MR.BLACK & Ben Nicky - "Falcon" on your platform of choice today! https://www.revealedrecordings.com/releases/mr-black-ben-nicky-falcon
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