1001Tracklists Spotlight: Audiotricz & A New Dawn

Feb 12, 2020
1001Tracklists Spotlight: Audiotricz & A New Dawn
After announcing their debut album at Defqon.1 last year, the anticipation for Audiotricz’s new masterpiece had been building to a climax. With the release of A New Dawn fans can delight in the euphoria of the music and moment. To celebrate we’ve got a fresh Spotlight Mix from the Dutch duo loaded with album tracks. Their interview takes you inside big collaborations with Darren Styles & Atmozfears, Léon’s return to playing live guitar in their shows, and much more!
Léon, Kenneth, thanks for joining us at this special moment to celebrate your debut album, A New Dawn! When did you first imagine releasing an album? Can you tell us a little bit about the journey from that initial moment to now finally being the right time to release an album? 
We actually never considered it before. Before, we always thought that we couldn’t really tell a story with our music. Sounds kinda weird, but we were always focusing on one good song and not really seeing the big picture. We weren’t ready for it yet. Until last year. We made so many songs in 2019, we had to do it! It finally felt good so that was the moment we came up with the idea for A New Dawn.
Tell us some more about the name A New Dawn. What does it signify and what do you feel is a uniting theme behind the music on the album?
We close a chapter and open a new one at the same time. We now have a vision and our path is crystal clear. It’s the music that unites and connects everything. We hope that the listeners can hear that magical journey from the beginning to the end.
You’ve mentioned previously that your closing performance at Defqon.1 has been a major inspiration in the studio. Can you share some more about that experience and subsequent influence?
You mean the endshow? Haha, holy moly. Of course! That felt like I had to make a sacrifice in the beginning. I was so focused and nervous at the same time, since I never played live before. And all of a sudden you have 60,000 people in front of you… BUT, It felt so good at the same time. There is something magical when you dare yourself to do something which lies outside your comfort zone. That inspired us a lot! What else is there waiting for us...
What track have been working particularly well in your sets?
It depends on the festival/venue we play and the crowd of course. We always like to play a track like “What About Us” but when we are more in a party mode it’s “F#cking Wild” that we like to play. Of course “Reawakening” cannot be missed.
There are some incredible collaborators on the album – Darren Styles and Atmozfears really stand out to us – can you highlight what made your work together extra special?
The one with Darren Styles, “Energy,” was first written with John Harris, just the main idea. We started to work from there and it sounded way better on a higher bpm. We’d always really wanted to work with Darren Styles so we contacted him and asked if he wanted to collaborate. And boom that’s how “Energy” was born!
We couldn’t make an album without a new song together with Atmozfears right? ;-) We chose to make more of a dancefloor track this time, and we are proud and satisfied with the result!
If you had to choose, what’s each of your favorite tracks of the album?
We both chose “Skywards” haha! We made this whole track in just two days, a week before the deadline of the album. It wasn’t supposed to be on there in the first place. Funny enough, it turned out to be our favorite. Everything fell right into place while making this track. It had to be this way. 
In a world where shorter radio cuts and single releases tend to dominate, can you talk more about your decision to release a full length album with interludes?
This album is not made with the intention to dominate hardstyle. We wanted to make something and give back to our fans. We made so much new music last year after kind of reinventing ourselves the years before that. So we just wanted to share that output and that’s why we decided to release a full length album. It’s okay if some tracks will fade away, that just happens. The interludes are there to show the world how beautiful it can be to put guitar in hardstyle. 
And what can we expect from Audiotricz in the coming months as you build on the album release?
We are continuing to embark on new chapters. So obviously there’s a Chapter Two coming! That’s all what we can say for now. Keep an eye out on our socials if you want to be the first to know.
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Audiotricz - Let There Be Light (Code Black Remix) [ART OF CREATION]
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Audiotricz ft. E-Life - Supersonic [ART OF CREATION]
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Audiotricz ft. Aloma Steele - Don't Say Goodbye [SPIRIT OF HARDSTYLE]
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Audiotricz & Demi Kanon - Renegade [SPIRIT OF HARDSTYLE]
jam7cv (27.7k)
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Audiotricz ft. Nino Lucarelli - Distance
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Audiotricz & Darren Styles - Energy [ART OF CREATION]
jam7cv (27.7k)
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Audiotricz - Shamed [SPIRIT OF HARDSTYLE]
jam7cv (27.7k)
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Atmozfears & Audiotricz ft. MC DL - Way Of The Wicked [ART OF CREATION]
jam7cv (27.7k)
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Audiotricz ft. E-Life - Different [SPIRIT OF HARDSTYLE]
jam7cv (27.7k)
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Audiotricz - Alchemy Of Hardstyle (Ecstatic Remix) [ART OF CREATION]
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