Dave Winnel: Your New Favorite Aussie

Dec 01, 2016
Dave Winnel: Your New Favorite Aussie
We caught up with Dave Winnel to discuss some of his most recent productions and the diversity that his music offers. Dave, whose track “Old School” is in the 1001tracklists Top 20 most played tracks of the last six months, tells the incredible story of his hit track “The Race” with Armin van Buuren and the insect inspiration for his track “Mosquito.”
Can you talk about “The Race,” your collaboration with Armin van Buuren?
Armin and I actually met a year ago at ADE. He said that he liked my tracks and that we should do something together. I was like, “Whoah, okay, does he say this to everyone?” When he was in Sydney, I asked if he had any time to hang out. Literally two hours before he had to fly out, we hung out for an hour and showed each other a few ideas. There was one that he really liked and wanted to work on. I sent him the project and he wrote the topline and added some trancey choirs and strings. He sent that back to me and then I did some more work and then the track got finished. It wasn’t until ten months after I met him that it came out because he’s such a busy man.
That had to be exciting waiting for it to come out, and you must’ve known it was going to be pretty big?
Well, I didn’t actually think it would ever happen. When I sent him the project, it was a few weeks later that he responded and said, “Hey, here’s what I’ve done – hope you like it.” That’s when I started to think it was actually going to happen. It was sick.
What can you tell us about your most recent track, “Mosquito”?
It’s really cool. It has a really weird synth lead that sounds like a mosquito, which is why I named it as such. I wasn’t going for a mosquito sound, but there’s a lot where I live, and one day in the studio I saw one and was like, “You bastard.” Then I thought, “You know what, the track that I’m working on sounds like a mosquito.” I was recording a couple of things to go before the drop. My voice sucks, so I called up one of my mates in Australia from Rave Radio named James and got him to record “Mosquito” a few times. I mixed his voice with my voice and dubbed it down two semitones, so that’s our voices before the drop saying, “Mosquito.”
How’s the reception been for this track?
It’s been awesome. It’s the type of track where you can play it in big rooms, but also the cool underground rooms. It’s kind of like house, but it’s like electro as well and suits a lot of sets.
It seems like you’ve now made some very different sounds tracks. How do you approach your sets with such varied productions?
I always start my sets around 126 BPM and then go up to around 130. Obviously I play some trappy stuff at 140 BPM and some slower stuff as well, but the energy always builds up from house to heavier stuff. I guess that’s from my love of all music. In some ways, I think it may have held back my career because I don’t have one specific sound which I think a lot of artists need. But I need to make a lot of different things to keep myself happy.
What does the rest of the year look like for you?
I’m in Australia for the rest of the year. I have my residency at Marquee in Sydney and then I’m touring around Australia. Next year I really want to come to Europe for a solid three or four months and escape the Australian winter. It’s just so far from Sydney to make a trip, but there’s so many opportunities here in Europe compared to Australia.
Now that you know the story, be sure to check out the video of Dave Winnel onstage with Armin van Buuren performing "The Race" live from Amsterdam Music Festival.
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