TAI & Son of 8 - "In & Out"

Aug 11, 2016
TAI & Son of 8 - "In & Out"
TAI & Son of 8 joined forces on "In & Out," a deep house track perfect for the summer. In celebration of the track, we took some time to get to know the producers and the story behind their collaboration.
Were you guys familiar with one another prior to this collaboration?
TAI: Well actually, we haven’t met in person, yet we are doing an interview together! How’s that for 2016? Haha. Thanks for taking the time by the way.
Son of 8: We had heard a lot of TAI's music from his earlier hip hop/R&B days and the production level was always amazing. Since he started producing more electronic, we have been following what he was been doing very closely, and when the opportunity came up to work together, we obviously jumped at the chance.
What was the inspiration for “In & Out”? Where did the vocal come from?
TAI: I had produced a sketch of an idea and sent it out to a few people. A vocalist who was trying some topline ideas showed it to one of the guys from Son of 8, who then reached out to me.
Son of 8: The vocal is actually a re-work of a single from Adeva which we had had sitting on our studio desktop for three years waiting for the perfect time. We initially tried it on the track as a reference, but we all really liked how it came together so we kept it.  
What was the original sketch of the track like, and how similar is the final version to what you initially started with? What was the production process like?
TAI: Before Son of 8 got it, I tried quite a few different melody ideas, but in the end I loved the piano keys I came up with. It all came together though after I heard the vocal and Son of 8 made their adjustments!
How have you been using “In & Out” in your sets?
Son of 8: We have been playing it most weeks in Ibiza – we have a residency at Judgement so it’s a great opportunity to try out our own tracks each week. We have also made a few re-edits in a darker, more techy style for our after-hours sets – they’ve been going down really well too. One of the biggest highlights has to be playing it during our set on the main stage at the We Are FSTVL in the UK – it went off and is an experience we’ll never forget!
TAI: Peak time! Be sure to check out the video below!
Is there any artist supporting the track that is especially meaningful or surprising to you?
TAI: Everyone supporting my music is meaningful, not just artists. At the end of the day, if people can have a good time and dance to my tunes, I’m happy.
Son of 8: It’s been incredible and very humbling, especially when you have guys like Don Diablo supporting it (he actually played his own edit in his most recent podcast). We’ve also have been giving it out to a lot of DJs we know in Ibiza – it’s very much a summer tune so hearing it in that setting from the other side of the decks is always going to be special.
What are your musical backgrounds? How do they impact you when you produce music?
TAI: I’ve produced all kinds of music. I used to only produce hip hop and rap stuff for artists in Germany, but it was hard to be your own artist in that world and I transitioned into dance and electronic in the early days of Dim Mak & Boys Noize Records.  
Son of 8: We have always been about all things house and produced music separately since we were teenagers. We’ve been producing together for the last four years. It’s hard to pin down specific influences, but we both spent a lot of time at the iconic Cream nights in Liverpool, so that has definitely played a huge part in shaping who we are musically. We tend to listen to a lot of varied sets from different DJs across all genres, and living in Ibiza over the summer, you are really able to get a lot of inspiration from what's hot on the dance floor.
When did you first get into music production? How long did it take you to feel comfortable working with production software?
TAI: When I was 15. I produced music 14 hours a day every day when I was not DJing. It's my absolute passion and all I do. I'm an absolute studio nerd.
Son of 8: We are the same, we’ve both been making music since we were about 15. We are studio geeks and love a new to explore new tools – the equipment and software that is available now is just insane. The advances in computer software and plugins over the last ten years has really streamlined the production process to the point where if you have an idea, you can make new music anywhere very quickly, and the size of studios has decreased a lot!
What does the rest of the year look like for each of you?
TAI: I’ve got a few more records lined up including a collaboration with Tom Budin and another with someone I can’t reveal just yet. I’m playing some festivals and a US tour is being put together!  
Son of 8: We are incredibly busy in Ibiza all summer where we have a weekly residency at Judgement – we’re playing alongside the likes of Blonde, Jaguar Skills and 99 Souls and the last few weeks have been getting better and better. There’s a few additional shows between now and then, but after the summer we will go on a European tour. We have so many collaborations and half-finished tracks that we’re working on too, so somehow we will definitely have to pencil in lots of studio time to make sure our release schedule is ready for the winter months!
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