Third Party & Sem Vox - "Never Let You Go"

Jul 27, 2016
Third Party & Sem Vox - "Never Let You Go"
Third Party and Sem Vox joined forces on "Never Let You Go" and the result is a summer hit out now on Don’t Let Daddy Know Music (Armada). We talked with the guys to get the story behind the collaboration and see what the rest of their summer holds.
Were you guys familiar with one another prior to this collaboration? How’d the chance for this collaboration come about?
Third Party: Yeah we met a few times at DLDK shows, got on well and found out we had similar views on music in general. So the progression to making a song together was always going to happen!
Sem Vox: I was familiar with Third Party’s music, of course. I booked them at one of our DLDK shows and so we met. We came up with the idea to do a collab and “Never Let You Go” is the result.
What was the inspiration for the track? Where did the vocal come from?
Third Party: We had the vocal for quite a while and always wanted to use it. We had three or four different ideas around the sample and sent them to Sem and then he helped find the right path to move the track in the direction needed. We are so happy that we’ve managed to fit the vocal into the perfect style - one that works out in clubs and at festivals as well as a song for people to listen to at home. 
Sem Vox: We wanted to create a summer anthem. I think the song is great for summer and the video is HOT as well. We both love Ibiza so we wanted to capture that vibe and shoot the video on the magical island.
What was it like playing this song in your guest mix for Steve Angello’s BBC Radio 1 Residency?
Third Party: It was awesome! Anytime you can play new music on a platform like Radio 1 it's a dream come true. 
Have you guys played “Never Let You Go” out in your live sets yet? What’s the reaction been like?
Third Party: We've been playing it for a while now and it always gets a great reception wherever we go. Even if you don't know the vocal, the sonics of the track make people go for it! 
Sem Vox: We played it b2b in the UK and in India. The feedback has been amazing! With lots of people supporting it, we were happy to finally release it.
As Sem is a cofounder of DLDK, it seems relevant to ask: what is your favorite festival you’ve attended as a fan and what is your favorite festival you’ve performed at?
Third Party: It might sound cliche, but the DLDK shows are awesome. Every single one has so much thought and effort put into them that they are always such a success! The production is out of this world and it really takes the music to another level. 
Sem Vox: I performed at Creamfields last year, which was amazing. I love the UK crowd and I have a good following there. People have supported DLDK and me from day one. The most inspirational show I attended was One Last Tour of Swedish House Mafia. They are my biggest inspiration.
How has the summer been going for you guys so far?
Third Party: Awesome, definitely our busiest summer to date! We've release a lot of music since last summer so it's been great playing all the new stuff out to the crowds. 
Sem Vox: Great! Travelling frequently and lots of new music coming out.
What are your top three tracks of the summer? Are there any tracks that are must plays in your summer sets?
Third Party: Martin Garrix & Third Party - “Lions In The Wild,” Magic Sound - “Return,” and Third Party & Sentinel - “Start It.”
Sem Vox: Of course all my own songs ;-). Sem Vox - “Get It Up,” Third Party & Sem Vox - “Never Let You Go,” and Sem Vox & Carta - “Memories.”
What does the rest of the year look like for each of you?
Third Party: Awesome, we have quite a few shows left this summer including Creamfields which is one of our favorite places to play. Also we are in the studio 24/7 because we're releasing our debut album this year! We can't wait to share it with the world! 
Sem Vox: Releasing a lot of new music and travelling the world with DLDK. Seeing so many new countries gives me a lot of inspiration to create new songs.
You can hear more Third Party in their latest Release Radio show (mix and tracklist here) and more from Sem Vox in his Don't Let Daddy Know mixtape (mix and tracklist here).
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