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Stadiumx Exclusive Mix

Jun 30, 2016
Stadiumx Exclusive Mix
Hungarian duo Stadiumx was formed after Sully and Dave met at a producers convention in 2009. They burst onto the scene with their first single “Howl At The Moon,” which went platinum on Protocol Recordings. From there they’ve gone on to remix hit producers from a variety of genres including David Guetta, Gareth Emery, and Robin Schulz. More recently, their collaboration “So Much Love” with Muzzaik, of which Sully is also a part of, has been a huge success. Continuing their momentum they just created the anthem song for Balaton Sound Festival as a collaboration with Delaney Jane, Baha, and Markquis. To celebrate where they have come from and where they are headed, Stadiumx took the time to create our latest Exclusive Mix and Sully tells their story.
Getting into Producing and DJing
I was 12 when I started producing music - it’s very strange because in the beginning I was more interested in making music rather than DJing. I started out playing guitar, I really like rock music, and after that I started to listen to jazz music. At that time I also started playing piano. All my friends around me were musicians and played in an orchestra. They had all this equipment, at that time sequencing and MS-DOS weren’t that popular because everyone had samplers and drum machines. This was also the time when all the French house guys got big and the US house scene with Erick Morillo started to grow. From French house I was a crazy huge fan of Thomas Bangalter and Daft Punk and I wanted to do all of the same stuff. I asked to use the drum kit and synthesizers and I tried to recreate that music. That was the time I started to feel like, “Yeah I really want to produce music.”
I wasn’t into DJing at all until I wasn’t able to hear my favorite songs on the radio. I started going to record shops to buy vinyls so I could listen to the songs and that’s where I met the other DJs. One of my friends told me about an afterhours techno party where they were going to have another room for house music and asked me to join them and come to play there. So I brought my vinyls, I had like 35 vinyls at that point, and I played like half an hour or 40 minutes. They said it was pretty special because I played actual house music! At that time I was 14. It was very funny because I was not able to enter the club when they had the guards at the door. I had to come to the club before the guards arrived and wait inside at least five hours until my set time. These were good times.  
Both of us come from the house culture and so I would say our early influences are the house guys - Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, Danny Tenaglia. I was a huge fan of Josh Wink as well. I played a lot of stuff from his label. Also the Swedish guys - Axwell, Sebastian, Steve, Eric Prydz. They are fucking amazing.
Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are trying out new things and I think this is really important. A lot of people are trying to do the safe sound and I don’t think that’s good for the whole scene. Galantis and Don Diablo are really good. Also, Kryder and the groovy stuff is amazing.
Muzzaik & Stadiumx - “So Much Love”
This song is a collaboration between Muzzaik and Stadiumx. It’s a very weird thing. I’m also a part of Muzzaik. We had the idea to do this track for a year or so. I started DJing with vinyls. Thomas Bangalter’s release “Together” was the first version of this disco song. At that time all the DJs were playing it; there were no house parties without that track. It’s very positive and has a very good vibe. So we thought we should do something with the track, but we were a little bit confused. Fedde did it a few years ago and it was really successful, we were even playing his version out.
We thought maybe we could change the drop, but it wasn’t that easy. We had to redo everything from the original song. It’s not sampling. We re-recorded the vocals. If you listen to this version compared to the original, it’s not even in the same key as the original. It was a huge job. A lot of people say, like, “No you were sampling the song and it was already done.” No. We spent a lot of time redoing the sample of the original and I think it went in a really good way. It’s a really kind record to us and we just wanted to have a new version, with fresh sounds and a new sound design. I mean the record is all about having fun, it’s very positive. It’s just a nice record, that’s all.
Both of us come from the house culture, house music. House music will always be important to us. This is our first single that I think is more close to house music. In the end we were very happy to see a variety of DJs like Martin Garrix and Don Diablo playing the track live. It went really well in their sets so it meant a lot to us.
Balancing Time Between Projects
It’s not that difficult because both of us spend a lot of time in our own studios. Dave often works in his studio and I’m working in the studio I have as Muzzaik. The thing is Dave is working with Ableton and I’m working with Cubase. We also work on different speakers. I don’t like his speakers and he has the same feeling with my speakers. It’s always a big dilemma of where to work, but we always have fun in the studio. Most of the time we do things together because it’s more fun. Having your friends around you in the studio is the best thing about music making. Also, for example, if I have no time to go to his studio, we work on Skype or Facetime. Sometimes we even record videos in the studio and send it to the other one saying, “Yeah, I‘m working on this, what to do you think?”
Chemistry and Trust in a Studio Partner
It’s really hard to explain because we’ve known each other for a very long time. When you have the possibility to work with someone in the studio you have to be very careful to pick a person you can trust. Sometimes with your music production you struggle and hit hard times. Even for us, since I do Muzzaik, you always feel like the time you have is stressed. When you have writer’s block or whatever and are not that productive, this is the time when the other person can help you a lot. It’s really important to have a person next to you who can help and understand your visions. Someone who won’t say things like, “Yeah, this is shit.” You have to be honest, but you have to respect the other person’s time, effort, and work they put into the whole thing.
Balaton Sound Official Anthem - Stadiumx, Baha & Markquis Feat. Delaney Jane - “Another Life”
Its very exciting. We are very proud of it! It’s important to us because Balaton Sound is a Hungarian festival. This is going to be our third time at the festival. Balaton Sound was the first Hungarian festival we played as Stadiumx. It’s a nice thing because we are in our home country, it’s a nice festival, you have a Hungarian audience - it’s a special moment. There’s a really nice movie to accompany the music and with the release on Armada, it’s a really nice project for us.
A few months ago the organizers of the festival asked us if we could produce the anthem song of the festival. We had Delaney Jane on the project and also we are going to put the record out on Armada probably in a few weeks. It’s a huge collaboration between us, Delaney Jane, Baha and Markquis. It’s a big collaboration. Delaney Jane is amazing. We already had a track with her last year, “Time Is On Your Side,” so I was happy and excited to work with her again.
Moguai - “You'll See Me” Feat. Tom Cane (Stadiumx Remix)
We got a request from Warner Music to do this one. We formerly did a remix for Robin Schulz’s single “Sugar” and the label was very happy with the remix and it got a lot of support. It came out in a really good way so they were really excited to work with us and they just had the new single for Moguai. The original version is like deep house. They wanted to have a little bit more, let’s say big room, but not crazy EDM for the remix. We really liked the vocal so we tried to take it in a different direction.
Moguai is one of the guys who has been in the scene for more than 15 years and it’s a good thing. I was really happy because before the release date he messaged us on Twitter saying he loved the remix and it was a favorite from the package. Of course it’s important to us that it fits the label standards, but it also feels really good when the artist of the original song is satisfied with what you are doing, especially if it’s Moguai!
Favorite Remix
I would say our “Lovers On The Sun” remix for David Guetta is my favorite. It was fun. Actually we were very nervous when we did the remix. It was right after the release of “Howl At The Moon.” Suddenly you just get an email from David Guetta personally saying something like, “I love what you are doing guys, this is my new track, check out the vocals and let’s do something!” We worked really hard in the studio on the remix for a week and sent to him and we didn’t get any reply. I was like, “Oh man, I was so happy with the remix and probably he doesn’t like what we did.” The day after, he texted us telling us that the remix sounded amazing, it was his favorite, and that he was going to be playing it live. He really supported the remix and Stadiumx a lot so we were pretty happy!
Stadiumx Remixes
A lot of people say that when you listen to a Stadiumx remix it has a certain style. You can say our remixes clearly sound like Stadiumx so a lot people think that we don’t change much on the track, but that’s not true. We start each remix from scratch and do the sound design and mastering. We always start with the melodies first. Dave and myself are both piano guys so we always do the scratches on piano, and then as soon we find a good melody for the vocal, one of us says it’s ready for us to start to work on the sound design. It’s not like we just open up the project folder, change the progression, and are happy with it. That’s not true. The whole sound is based on melodies and vocals.
Relationship with Nicky Romero
I’ve known Nicky since before Stadiumx was born because of Muzzaik. It’s really funny because many years ago we were playing in Holland and at that time, Nicky was playing before us as a warmup. This is probably ten years ago. I know Nicky from that show. When we had the first single out, “Howl At The Moon,” I really wanted to send it to Nicky and from the first time he heard it he wanted to support us. It means a lot to us. And also the label, the guys are doing a really good job right now at Protocol. The quality of the releases are really high. That’s why we really wanted to work with Nicky on the collaboration for “Harmony” and to be honest with you I’m super happy we have the track together and that people like it.
Exclusive Mix
I think it’s more and more important to think as a DJ and not just play peak hour stuff, so we wanted to show that in this mix. We put in a few new remixes, mostly from Hungarian producers, and we are really excited to play them for you guys! We hope you like them!
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