Oct 15, 2020

ARTY's 'From Russia With Love' Exclusive Mix

Tomorrow, the final song from ARTY’s 'From Russia With Love' album drops and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate. “Say My Name” has been in the works since 2016 and the hotly anticipated ID was worth the wait! Read on for an inside look at how the track came together, what it was like working with album collaborators such as Vion Konger, NK, and Kitone, as well as unifying aspects of his album. Don’t miss the exclusive premiere of the full “Say My Name” track below, and turn it loud for his Exclusive Mix which features standout edits, IDs, and feel good moments!
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Artem, thanks for joining us at this special moment to celebrate your new album, From Russia With Love! When did you first imagine releasing an album? Can you tell us a little bit about the journey from that initial moment to the track single and EP releases and now the album in its entirety?
The first idea about this album came to me during the Miami Music Week conference in 2019. We had a meeting with Mykel Pyron, the head of Armada, and chatted about cool things we can do with all of the IDs I had at that moment. At that time I really wanted to do something that my fans would enjoy and releasing the EP seemed like the way to go.
And every time I’d go back to my hometown in Russia, my friends and I would spend some time in the studio together, showing ideas to each other and some of the ideas we would end up finishing because I really wanted to test them out at my live shows. Little by little we got about five tracks and that’s where I came up with the From Russia With Love concept.
By the end of 2019 I had enough music for 2 EPs, but I decided to take it even further and turn the EP concept into an entire album.
What do you feel ties the music together and makes the tracks unified as album tracks?
The From Russia With Love concept concept is based on three fundamental aspects: 
1. Making music with my friends with no stylistic boundaries,
2. Music that would be appreciated by my fans.
3. Music that would be inspired by the incredible 2010s-2012s era of progressive house, very club and festival oriented.
For me, these three aspects are bounding all of the music on the album together and it feels like one piece.
We’ve got to dive deeper into “Say My Name.” It’s been in the works since 2016 and has long been hotly anticipated by your fans. What made now the right time to finish the final version of the track?
I made this idea back in 2016 and to make things faster, I opened the project of my other song called “Stronger” and re-did all of the melodies, added some new sounds just so I can test it out in my next show, and never came back to it since then. Then there was a rip of this song on YouTube from one of my recorded live sets and it seemed like my fans were really into it and kept asking me if it would ever come out.
First of all, let me say that I love my fans to death. And even though I never had any specific plans for this song, I wanted to do something special for them, as my thanks for their incredible support over the years. Finishing this song and making it the finale of the album felt like the right thing to do.
Do you have any favorite moments with “Say My Name”?
My favorite moment with “Say My Name,” and at the same time the moment that I hated the most, was adding the vocals. I didn’t want to have classic verse/chorus structure, so instead I went a different route and found 10-12 different one shot vocals from different sample libraries and processed them so the vocals would feel cohesive and would make sense lyrically. It was the most challenging but the most fun part about working on this record.
Can you pick out three more tracks from the album and tell us something that makes each special to you?
That would be super tough, honestly I love them all equally. “Outburst,” the track we did with Anton is just a pure and raw electro record. “Freedom" with Muvy is super energetic and reminds me a lot of my remix that I did for Ferry Corsten’s “Punk.” “Redline” with Kitone is a really fun, super bassy track and has those UK house elements that I love so much.
And of course there are all of the collabs with NK. I wouldn’t be able to pick one specific track from any of them, they are just super special to me.
There are some incredible collaborators on the album – from Vion Konger to NK to Kitone and many more! Tell us a little bit about your relationship with one of the artists and what made your work together especially meaningful.
I’ve known Stellz since I was a very little kid. We were living at the same apartment complex and he was the person who introduced me to electronic music and music DAWs, so he is one of the reasons why I decided to pursue my music career.
Muvy and I have been friends for a long time as well. He was a resident DJ at the local club and at some point Stellz introduced me to him.
Kitone was the person who taught me DJing, and in return I was helping him with music production. We did two tracks together in the basement with one working speaker and it was actually my first release that came out officially back in 2009.
NK and Vion Konger are brothers actually. Nikita has been my visual designer since 2017. He did all of the artworks, music and lyric videos, visuals for my live shows. And at some point in 2019 he sent me this incredible idea for the club track. I had no idea that he had such incredible skills in music production, I was shocked. And his brother, Vitaly is an extremely talented producer as well.
All of these guys became my closest friends and I really hope that with this album they will get more attention because they fully deserve it.
What tracks from the album are you most looking forward to playing out when shows are back?
ALL OF THEM. I had a chance to test out 5-6 tracks before COVID happened and the response was so amazing, so I’m patiently waiting till things will come back to normal so I can enjoy this music with all of the people in the crowd because that is what FRWL was made for.
And finally what will the coming months bring for you as you build on the album release?
Between ARTY and ALPHA 9 I released over 20 tracks this year, so 2020 was extremely productive. There is one more release that will come out on Anjunabeats soon, but now I’m fully focusing on very exciting things I’m working on for 2021 and 2022. A big chapter of the past few years is now closed, and it’s time to open a new one.
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Full tracklist info available at ARTY - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2020-10-15
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ARTY Sunrise Artwork
ARTY ft. April Bender - Sunrise ARMADA
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ARTY & NK vs. Deniz Koyu vs. Swedish House Mafia & Tinie Tempah - Prayer vs. To The Sun vs. Miami 2 Ibiza (ARTY Mashup)
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ARTY & NK Prayer Artwork
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Swedish House Mafia Miami 2 Ibiza Artwork
Swedish House Mafia ft. Tinie Tempah - Miami 2 Ibiza VIRGIN
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Deniz Koyu To The Sun (Acappella) Artwork
Deniz Koyu - To The Sun (Acappella) AXTONE
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Calvin Harris & Disciples ft. Ina Wroldsen - How Deep Is Your Love SONY
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ARTY - Save Me Tonight ARMADA
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Audien & ARTY Craving Artwork
Audien & ARTY ft. Ellee Duke - Craving ARMADA
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ARTY Kingdom Artwork
ARTY ft. Conrad Sewell - Kingdom ARMADA
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Sebastian Ingrosso Dark River Artwork
Sebastian Ingrosso - Dark River REFUNE
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ARTY Glorious Artwork
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ARTY & Vion Konger Run Away Artwork
ARTY & Vion Konger - Run Away ARMADA
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ARTY Say My Name Artwork
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ARTY This Is Anthem Artwork
ARTY - This Is Anthem ARMADA
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Magnificence Control Artwork
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ARTY & NK It Won't Stop Me (VIP Mix) Artwork
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