TAVA Talks "Discoteca" & More

Jul 16, 2020
TAVA Talks "Discoteca" & More
Today we’re joined by Italian DJ and producer TAVA, who’s just released an awesome collaboration together with Gosts & Stefano Pain entitled “Discoteca.” Gianluca gives us perspective on working with the guys on this release, and also tells us about his journey so far as an artist. While times are tough, big things are sure to come for TAVA this year and beyond! 
Hey Gianluca, thanks for joining us today! While things have been really tough the last few months, especially in Italy, what have you been up to and what's been keeping you busy and motivated?
Hello everyone and thanks to you, luckily the situation in Italy currently seems to be in marked improvement; unfortunately my city, Piacenza, was one of the hardest hit by Covid-19. This quarantine was a challenge for me, I spent almost all of my time in the studio experimenting with new ideas, and in the last three months I have finished several productions. I spent my free time playing Playstation with friends and watching Netflix :)
Take us back to the start of your career – what made you want to pursue DJing and music production? How long ago was this? 
It all started exactly 11 years ago in 2009, when I first entered a nightclub in my city at the age of 15. I was immediately fascinated by it. I remember that evening I left my friends and spent the whole evening behind the console watching the DJ performing! Around the same time, I bought my first console, a Hercules DJ controller, and everything started from there. For several months I started playing at various private parties and birthdays. Immediately afterwards, the organizers of the clubs in my city noticed, and so I had the opportunity to perform for the first time in a disco. After two years of apprenticeship, at 18 I earned my place as a resident in one of the best clubs in my city, where I stayed for years. In 2012, I started working in the studio and releasing my first productions, which gave me the opportunity to take my name outside of my city too.
Who are some of the artists who inspired you as you were beginning your career? Who are some of the artists who are inspiring you today? 
Since I began my career during one of the most beautiful periods for electronic music, I would say that there have been several, but I think Dyro was one of my biggest early inspirations. I think that he is a great artist who has been able to stand out from the crowd with his wonderful style. Dyro and Hardwell were certainly among the artists that influenced me most at the beginning of my career. 
As for today, the artist who I appreciate the most is Don Diablo. From his character to his sounds, an absolute genius.
Let's talk about “Discoteca,” which came out a few weeks ago. How did you come to work with Gosts & Stefano Pain, and what was the experience like working on the track with them? 
I met Stefano several years ago when we both played on the same evening. We immediately became great friends and together we made several productions, from “Pump It Up” feat. Luciana to “Booty Guys” on Blanco Y Negro and other remixes. We found ourselves in the studio together with Gosts, an emerging duo with whom I have been working on various projects, and from there “Discoteca” was born and recently released on Be Yourself Music. Working with a great person and professional like Stefano is always a pleasure. He is a dear friend and I have learned a lot from him over the years, both personally and professionally.
Out of all of your releases, do you have any all-time favorites? What makes these tracks so special to you? 
I am very attached to all of my productions, but to name three in particular, surely one is “Pump It Up” with Luciana, released on Ego. It was really successful, landing at #1 in the Beatport Electro House Chart, and has reached almost 2 million streams on Spotify. I will always carry this one in my heart. Two other tracks to which I am very attached are my collaborations with Nari & Milani, both released on Doorn, “I Am Alright” and “Twilight,” which allowed me to perform at MMW in Miami for the first time.
Your releases generate some big time artist support. Are there any artists whose support is especially meaningful to you?
Thanks guys, there is no better satisfaction than seeing your own works supported by artists that you have always looked up to since childhood! There are several, from Tiësto to Don Diablo, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell, Bob Sinclair and many others, but one of the most significant moments was when Kungs played my track “Automatic” live at the Tomorrowland mainstage!
Do you have any upcoming music that you can tell us about? 
I have several releases scheduled for the summer. Some tracks have already been released, such as my Kylie Minogue cover “Can't Get You Out Of My Head” and “Discoteca.” The official remixes for “Discoteca” are also coming out next week. My official remix of the historic Pain & Rossini hit “Hands Up Everybody” will be released later this month.
For August, I have an important release with my brother Luis Rodriguez on the American label Pinnacle Collective for a track entitled “In Love.” I'm also working on a remake of the 2006 Nari & Milani track “Gnor”! 
And lastly, what has you most excited for the remainder of 2020? 
Unfortunately 2020 is one of the most difficult years for all of us. But I am very happy with my new releases and equally excited for the next ones. 2020 is not over yet! :)
You can stream or download "Discoteca" on your platform of choice today! https://artwrk.ffm.to/d021.pbt 
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