Les Castizos & Javi Reina Celebrate "Tu Amor"

Nov 26, 2019
Les Castizos & Javi Reina Celebrate "Tu Amor"
To celebrate their new collaboration on Arcadia Records, we take a deep dive with Les Castizos and Javi Reina into their worlds! Enjoy an inside look at the electronic music scene in Spain, their work with Jose De Mara, and of course, details of “Tu Amor”!

Javi, Victor & Fali, thanks for joining us today to celebrate your new collaboration “Tu Amor.” Before we dive deeper into the track, can you highlight some of your favorite moments for each of your projects in 2019?
Javi Reina: 2019 has been a very full year for me! Lots of productions, an international tour and the opportunity to perform at some of the best festivals. I would highlight the entire year!

Les Castizos: 2019 has been incredible. We have visited a lot of countries, we have released music with the support of big names in the scene and we have climbed one more step in this race.
“Tu Amor” looks to have been in the works for a while now… We’re even seeing some plays from 2018! What first brought you guys together to work on the track? Going way back, do you remember the first time that you heard the music of the other and/or met in person?
Les Castizos: “Tu Amor” is a track that we have been working on a lot and that has had some changes until reaching the perfect point. We have always admired Javi for his artistic career and for his position in the Spanish electronic scene. He is also a great person and we are great friends!

Javi Reina: As the guys mentioned, we met several years ago, but never did collab. We just felt finally it was the right time, especially because of the musical similarities, and of course our friendship. This is just the first of many to come!
How has the track evolved into the final production that we hear today? What are each of your favorite elements in the track?
Les Castizos: Certainly the track had several changes. The first version was not so tech house, then we gave more importance to the vocal line, and finally we changed the drop several times. We believe that this final version has enough strength to kill it!
Javi Reina: Agreed. I would say that the song was initially more underground, and then we gave it a more commercial feeling with the Latin vocals and the synth of the drop.
Tell us some more about each of your relationships with Jose De Mara. What does returning to release on Arcadia Records mean to you?
Les Castizos: Jose is a reference in the national and international scene. Together with Crusy they are taking Arcadia to the top, and for us it is a pleasure to work with them again!
Javi Reina: Working with Jose is like working with family. Arcadia is a very well done project and we trust in it fully. Really looking forward to the next year because a lot of great tracks will come out of this record.
How do you view the electronic music scene in Spain at the moment and where do you see it heading? Overall we feel like tech house and its influence is really on the rise worldwide. Do you also see the same thing? Is that something that we will continue to hear in productions?
Javi Reina: Yes, I would agree that tech house is really in right now, but I also think that house music is becoming stronger every day. Evidently, my productions will keep elements from groove, house and tech house, in my own vision.
Les Castizos: Music is always in constant motion, you see it year after year. Reggaeton affects our scene for instance... it can be difficult. Tech house is the new EDM, but that's great! Our productions will be in the musical trend of the moment, but without losing our personal style...
In the commercial world, more and more promoters are looking for DJs who are more entertainers than, say, a technically skilled DJ. As artists whose music toes the line between mainstream and underground, how are you approaching your DJ sets?
Javi Reina: I personally try to offer a fresh, fun and a little commercial product, but always am focused on the dance floor – lots and lots of groove.
Les Castizos: We believe that today you cannot concentrate on finding one perfect technique. The crowd wants energy and to feel you in every possible way. We have always defended the show in our sets... it is our personal brand. We try to take it to the next level and ensure that people enjoy not only our music, but also a full show of ourselves as artists.
What are a few must-play artists in each of your sets at the moment?
Les Castizos: Kryder, Cato Anaya, Jose de Mara and Crusy, and of course, some Les Castizos, hahaha. The scene is in a good moment right now!

Javi Reina: Mark Knight, Chus & Ceballos, Jose de Mara & Crusy, Dario Nuñez...a lot of Spanish artists in general. I feel that there’s a great movement happening in our country.
Looking ahead to 2020, what can each of you tell us about some of your upcoming music and plans? Are there any goals for 2020 that you would like to share?
Les Castizos: We believe that it will certainly be a good year. We have a lot of music to release, both collabs and solo tracks. As for the gigs we want to focus more on the international side, South America and Asia are our goals!

Javi Reina: I’m looking forward to trying to expand into the Asian market. Each year I always have a goal to top the previous one... doing the same would be a minimum, I’m always trying to make it better.
Grab your free download of Javi Reina & Les Castizos - "Tu Amor" today! https://hypeddit.com/track/jyg5ef
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