Discover: Trst.

Oct 02, 2019
Discover: Trst.

American DJ and producer Trst. is coming off the biggest release of his career and we’re excited to celebrate with him! His release “Quikk Lee” on Sans Merci picked up some massive festival plays this summer including by Malaa at Electric Zoo and we got the inside scoop. Read on to discover Trst., his productions, DJ style, and much more!
Trst.! So excited to be joined by you today on the heels of your hot new release “Quikk Lee” on Sans Merci! The reception to the track has been big with some huge festival plays from Malaa and Bellecour! What has seeing that support been like?
Amazing seeing so much support from so many artists I have been looking up to and who have also been shaping my career. For them to show so much love to an up and coming producer like myself is still mind-blowing to me. 
Talk to us some more about the production – what was the initial inspiration/sketch and how did it progress into the final track that we hear today?
“Quikk Lee” was part of a string of tracks I made where I was forcing myself to work on my workflow. I would come up with something, such as a lead or a bassline, and force myself not to change it, because my workflow needs a ton of refinement, and leads to tracks were taking me weeks to finish. This track took about a week to completely finish, but was spread out over about two months. So I still have some work to do, but eventually I’ll get there. I also wanted to absolutely slam the master on this one just to make it as loud and in your face from start to finish. 
In terms of career accomplishments for you where does the DJ support on this record rank?
This is definitely my top record just because all of the people who have been supporting this record so far are the people who have most heavily influenced my sound and are basically the artists who I look up to.
Going back a bit, can you set the stage for your Trst. project? How long have you been into dance music, producing and DJing? How has the project evolved over time?
I’ve been into dance music since I was about 16 years old, but I started as early as 14 recording experimental post-hardcore stuff. I got really into a group called I Set My Friends On Fire and just loved the electronic influence in their music. Then when I was 16, I went to a Skrillex show and it was obviously game over from there. I wasn’t terrible just because I knew my way around a DAW, but I was terrible at songwriting, and not too shabby with sound design and mixing. 
Then Trst. came in college, where I went from making future bass and dubstep, to pop, and when I was 20 I found that you could make and sell tracks for money, which is exactly what I needed. So I did this until I got to a point where I was out of college and didn't need the money as much, and thought I could really start to put stuff under my own brand! This is where my Spinnin’ releases, “Throw Yo Body” and “Bitch Boyz,” come in. This was also right as I moved to San Francisco, which just brought so many crazy influences to my sound, and really helped me escape the bubble of producing what others want to hear – to a point where I started to make stuff that I wanted to hear.
Talk to us some more about the dance music scene in San Francisco as well as in California, and its influence on your project.
The San Francisco dance scene has been an absolute blessing to me for the amount of time I’ve been here. I first got involved with an event company called GCODE, just by reaching out and actually getting involved in the scene. Now I work with so many talented artists and companies including All Day All Night Events and DJ Dials presents. The amount of support that I’ve received from these guys is amazing and it just allows me to be so involved and really surround myself with people who continuously inspire me and shape my project to what it is today.
How would you describe your DJ style? What’s been your favorite gig to date thus far?
I play very wonky house that can vary between tech house to bass house, really depending on where I’m at. My favorite show definitely is a tie between playing b2b with Nico Crespo, supporting Dr. Fresch, or closing out Habstrakt, just because both artists have been a huge inspiration to me and playing alongside them was always a dream.
Looking deeper into your sets at the moment, what are three must play tracks, and why?
1. Ekonovah & Animate - “RDL.” Listen to this track. Then, listen to this track on Funktion 1’s. It pretty much answers itself. This track is right up my alley in terms of grit and intensity. Very high energy track that always gets people jumping. 
2. shdws - ”Dopest Dope.” Amazingly heavy and dirty track. This dude has been putting out nothing but fire. True story, shdws was also my music instructor a couple of years ago so it’s been super inspiring to see him constantly put out heat. 
3. CASHEW - “Shine Hard.” One of the more creative tracks of this year for sure. You can tell this dude is an extremely talented producer with all of the crazy techniques that he uses in this track. This is definitely an every set kinda track. 
Looking into the future, what has you excited for this fall and what’s one goal that you’d like to accomplish in the next year?
Definitely playing a festival is one of my main goals. Besides that I just wanna keep developing my sound and releasing music that other people can vibe with. I have a lot more stuff coming out soon so make sure you keep up!
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