Chicane's Exclusive Mix

Sep 21, 2017
Chicane's Exclusive Mix
This summer has been a busy one for Chicane. Amidst heavy touring, he released “How Does Your House Work” alongside impressive remixes from Danny Dove and Après, and he’s been hard at work on his new studio album. He joined us to reflect on that packed summer, highlighting some of his favorite tracks at the moment, and looked ahead to his next projects in his Exclusive Mix & Story.  
How did you approach your Exclusive Mix and how would it compare to your track selection for a DJ set in a nightclub currently?
I tend not to overthink things like this. I also tend to swap genres a bit during a mix as I’m a strong believer in a good tune is a good tune and don’t like a purist attitude. 
Can you highlight three tracks or artists included and why you chose to include them?
1. Andrew Bayer & Ilan Bluestone’s “Destiny” is great! It has terrific atmosphere and is emotive. I've been playing this out a lot this summer.
2. MJ Cole’s new tune is also great. He has been around for as long as me and makes good tracks with melody being the most important part for me.
3. Keene’s new tune “Empath” is obviously a drum & bass monster, but it has such emotive chord and string movements that it deserves a place in the mix.
In July you released “How Does Your House Work” – can you take us through the production process for that track?
Umm, I tend not to discuss any of my studio techniques and keep the magic well under lock and key!! What I will say is it was written alongside another 13 or so tunes that we are putting together for the new album.
What do you like about the Danny Dove and Après remixes?
Well they both come at the mix from different angles and complement the original well. Danny’s is more club friendly and I’ve also been dropping that a lot this summer.
In a world where the genres and terms progressive house and trance have morphed and changed, your music continues to be a beacon of true progressive and house music with of course trance roots. Who are some other artists that you feel are still holding true to the sounds of progressive, house, or trance?
I see myself as slightly genre-less. I just do what I like to do and don’t really feel I belong to any sound. I have to say one of the producers who I admire and who continues to make amazing tracks is Jody Wisternoff from Way Out West. In fact, he is just completing a mix on my next single which will be nothing short of 10/10!
How’s the work on the album going? Can you talk a little about your vision for the new album and where you’re looking for inspiration?
It's been going well. I have most of the album written musically, I just really need to finish it all and find some guest vocalists. The album is possibly my best work in a very long time. I've had some difficult stuff going on in my personal life and the new music is pretty emotive to reflect that.
It sounds like you’re also working on a live show – what can you tell us about your vision and music for that?
There is a big project in the pipeline to perform the Behind The Sun album with original singers and orchestration, plus some new mixes of tracks from that album. And even a possible new version of the album with live recordings from the show. It’s taking a long time to put together as it has to be amazing and blow you away. With the new artist album and a summer full of touring it’s been a hectic time.
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Full tracklist info available at Chicane - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2017-09-21
Chicane - Gorecki [MODENA (ARMADA)]
15x 1x 0x
Chicane vs. Barbarella - How Does Your House Work? [MODENA (ARMADA)]
18x 0x 1x
Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick ft. Angel Taylor - Lost In You [SUBLIMINAL (ARMADA)]
109x 4x 2x
Clarks - Footsteps In The Sand [MAGIC ISLAND (BLACK HOLE)]
6x 0x 1x
Andrew Bayer & Ilan Bluestone - Destiny [ANJUNABEATS]
117x 1x 1x
MJ Cole ft. Bruno Major - Shelter [892]
10x 1x 1x
1x 1x 1x
[track before] 
Direct - Too Far Away
[17-09-22 16:58:01]Guest
Direct - Too Far Away
[18-02-11 15:11:59]Experimentator
Chicane - Offshore (Grum Remix) [MODENA (ARMADA)]
82x 1x 1x
Chicane ft. Moya Brennan - Saltwater (Kryder Remix) [ENZO]
151x 2x 1x
Fehrplay & Disfunktion - Nova [ARMADA TRICE]
52x 1x 1x
Keeno - Empath [HOSPITAL]
5x 0x 1x
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