Laidback Luke Discusses His New Collab

Jul 06, 2016
Laidback Luke Discusses His New Collab
To celebrate the release of “Fcukin Beats” with TWOLOUD, we went one on one with Laidback Luke to get the story behind the collab.
How’d the chance for this collaboration and project come about?
It was TWOLOUD that reached out to me for this collab. He and Tujamo are really close. He sent me a sketch of the track and I was instantly in love with that vocal chop.
What was the inspiration for “Fcukin Beats?” What was the production process like?
It was too obvious to me to take it into a bass house route so I deliberately stayed away from it. Too many people are doing it now and I need to set myself apart from the mass of producers. With the bassline now, I'm trying to bring electro house back. It's been gone forever! So this kind of retro, but future type of vibe makes it stand out in my sets.
What unique challenges did this project present?
TWOLOUD is an incredible producer! And he knows a lot about sounds and shaping them. I usually master all of my own tracks and collabs. We had a bit of a discussion going about how I had mastered it. Being one of the old leaders of the loudness war, I still tend to crank my stuff up a bit much haha. We had a good phone call and I let TWOLOUD handle the mastering for this. He took it a little back, gave it some cute dynamics, and there it was!
What’s your relationship like with TWOLOUD? What was the biggest strength TWOLOUD brought into this production?
He's been in the scene forever and, I don't know if I'm allowed to say it, but his sound design has a huge, huge staple on the current sound of EDM. Bigger than you realize reading this. So in the background he has gained my respect big time. The biggest strength, funny enough, was him coming up with the first concept, as that inspired me a lot to jump on it.
You can hear this track being played by W&W in their Tomorrowland 2015 set, do you think that was the first time someone played the track out live?
Yes, I think so! Because that's TWOLOUD's original sketch! And remember, I didn't want to take it bass house? So the first sketch was bass house. Everyone and their pets are doing bass house now. So we flipped it.
What’s the waiting process like as an artist anticipating the official release of a track?
With a bunch of my previous tracks, I've always noticed the wait can be long. This can be due to paperwork, promotion, label schedule, artist release schedule, and more. The fun part about it is you get to play the track out a lot, while no one has it yet! Especially when it's fire, it's amazing to have something other DJs aren't playing yet.
As a DJ who everyone references if you play their track, is their anyone supporting this track that you get especially excited about or surprised by?
These last couple of years, compared to 2010, it has been a struggle to get fellow DJs to actually listen to my stuff! I've had a ton of great tracks out, but somehow they slipped through the cracks. To finally see so many big dudes supporting the track is overwhelming. Very happy with it!
How have you been using this track in your sets and what’s the reaction been like? Do you remember what show you played it at for the first time?
I really needed to look this one up, as it's been a while! I first tested the version out of my studio at Sensation White in India on March 5th! I remember the track going down incredibly well, and every show after that too. It was huge for me during Miami Music Week and Ultra as well. I noticed a lot of big DJs came to see what the title of it was when I dropped it.
What should we be on the lookout for from you for the rest of this year? Any shows this summer you are particularly excited for?
What I'm really excited about right now is this 'jungla' type of sound, which is basically the Dutch sound on 150 BPM. I just finished a collab with DJ Kura and we're talking to Spinnin' right now. Another one that's fire is my collab with Juyen Sebulba and Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf. It's in the same jungla style, but we're using a big merengue sample. I feel like a rave kid again playing that stuff!
Speaking about shows in the summer: I just tried on my new custom made superhero suit for Tomorrowland! I'll host my Super You&Me stage on Friday and then open the mainstage with a 3 hour set on Saturday. After my 'Real DJing Seminar' I'll need to put my money where my mouth is and show the world how it's done properly ; )
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