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Mar 03, 2022

Victor Lou Talks "Benzos" & 2022 Plans

Today we’re joined by one of the top DJs/producers in Brazil, Victor Lou! Many know him as the pioneer of the Desande sound that has taken over the Brazilian electronic music landscape, and most recently he’s been taking his talents globally with big shows in the US as well as spreading his releases to indutry leading labels. Mega collaboration “Benzos” together with RICCI and Douth! is out now on Dutch based Actuation Music, and our interview highlights the new release as well as Victor’s return to touring and plans for 2022!
Victor, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate your new release “Benzos”! How did the collaboration come together?
Pretty easily – we met in a day and the song was ready in just a few hours!
Take us inside the production process for the record. What was the initial inspiration and how have you progressed from there to the final track that we hear today?
The beat came out of the attempt to do something more explosive, and the vocal somehow mentions the story of RICCI, who composed the lyrics and sang.
The release marks your first release on Actuation Music. What made the label the right home for the track?
I had already heard about Actuation through RICCI’s releases, and as soon as we finished the track we thought to send it there.
For those that may not know, Desande is a very popular sound in Brazil that continues to grow bigger and bigger. How would you describe the sound to someone who is not familiar? Do you consider yourself one of the pioneers of the sound?
Desande is a lifestyle for me, it's hard to describe it because I live it. Defined in a few words, Desande would be the music that makes you shiver, dance and feel things you would never feel elsewhere. Many say I am the pioneer, and I don't know how to absorb it. But maybe it's because I was one of the first producers to have national and international expression living this movement. There are many others who live this and I want the space to be theirs too.
It’s been great to see you back in action and on tour! What has it felt like to return to frequent shows?
The return on tour has been different from what I thought, maybe because the effects of the pandemic are still not 100% clear. But I try to keep positive thoughts, because playing does me a lot of good, it completes me.
What was your favorite show recently, and why?
My last show will always be my favorite. In this case, it was particularly good because I was in the presence of several friends – Flux Zone, The Contraband, Mochakk and others.
We understand that there’s an upcoming documentary about you! What can you tell us about that project?
Documentaries are usually intimate and deep, and I want to bring that too. My career has been going on for many years now and I think the time has come to show a little more of myself.
And as we look ahead, what's keeping you inspired and motivated? Any big plans for the rest of 2022 that you would like to share?
What keeps me inspired is learning, teaching, seeking and discovering. For 2022 I promise the best of myself every day and that it bears fruit for everyone around me.
You can download/stream "Benzos" on your platform of choice today!
Connect with Victor Lou: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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