Sep 12, 2021

Discover: Nkzz

Today we’re celebrating the exciting debut of Nkzz, an Indian & Italian producer, who’s just released his brand new track. “Losin My Soul” is an exciting collaboration with French producer Valy Mo which is out now on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s imprint Smash Deep. To commemorate the milestone moment, Nkzz joins us to discuss his first ever release and his big plans ahead! 
Navneet, thanks so much for joining us today to celebrate “Losin My Soul”! It’s a big collaboration with a very talented producer, Valy Mo, and also released on a big label in Smash The House Deep. What does it mean to you to kick off the Nkzz project like this?
Hey, thank you so much for having me here and I am very excited to share some more about myself. I’m very proud of myself & for the Nkzz project to kick off with “Losin My Soul.” I’m already so glad to see top DJs supporting the track on the radio and in their live shows. With this release I wanted to focus on showing my take on house music to the world. I am very stoked about all of my upcoming releases and I can't wait to show you guys!
Take us back a bit, when did you get started in music production and how has your love for electronic music developed over time? 
I started making music in 2011. Since I was a kid I was very fascinated with technology, computers, space, and music. My love of electronic music started after finding the track “Robots” by Kraftwerk. I still remember the day that I was watching TV and heard the track. From there, I started digging more into electronic music and discovered the mainstream names like David Guetta amd Tiësto. After hearing “Titanium,” I was inspired to start producing on Fruity Loops and my love for EDM just grew.
Who are some inspirations for you today?
Kraftwerk, Tiësto, Dillon Francis, and David Guetta are my biggest inspiration until now!
Valy Mo is a great name in his own right as well! Do you remember when you first heard his music or met? What was your impression?
In 2019 I started to focus and listen to music with elements of tech house. I found it unique, and always loved to listen and produce it. I started following labels like Musical Freedom and Confession even closer. It was on Musical Freedom, where I discovered Valy Mo with his track “Laser House.” I started checking his Spotify and some of his older tracks, and fell in love with his style and his subgenre of house music.
How did your relationship progress from there to collaborating, and what made “Losin My Soul” the right track for your release together?
So after finding his release on Musical Freedom, I happened to see a show promotion poster of Sunburn Music Festival Goa with him on it! I got excited seeing that Valy Mo would be touring here in my home country. So ahead of that, I got in touch with him via Instagram messages and we went from there. I started sending my tracks to him for feedback and he loved every track that I made. He would always give me good feedback and one day, I sent a demo for a collab with him. We both liked it and we started to work on it. We wanted to make something very catchy, bouncy, and club-friendly. And after few weeks we came up with “Losin My Soul”! We sent it to Smash The House and the rest is history!
Are there any sounds or signatures that we can expect to be consistently in Nkzz releases moving forward?
You can expect more groovy, hard house tracks from me! I’m focused on house music which has bass house, tech house, and/or melodic techno vibes in it. Soon I will be creating walkthroughs of my projects on my YouTube so you can get some more details.
Do you have any advice for fellow producers who are in a similar position to the one that you were in previously, without a signed track?
There’s a lot, but to keep it simple, here are some suggestions. It may seem obvious, but try not to include samples and presets that have been used by many artists and other tracks. Being unique is not a simple task, but experimenting and tweaking a hardware synth or even the new VSTs like Serum, Diva, ARP Odyssey, etc. will definitely help you to find your own sound and make unique tracks. I personally always care about the sound design in the track, so making it better daily will help you to improve yourself.
For personal feedback or help, you can contact me on Instagram and send demos to
What can you tell us about some of the other music that you’ve been working on and plans ahead?
I’m very excited to show what I’m working with and all of my upcoming tracks. I can’t unveil the next releases, but I can tell you that they will be released on the best labels! As a sneak peek I will say this: there’s one big upcoming collaboration with a DJ from the Top 100 list. I feel very proud to announce it soon!
We also want to get to know your potential sound as a DJ. What will your mixes and sets be like? If you were to play a live set right now, who would be three must-play artists to include, and why?
I’m still preparing myself for clubs and festivals, and with Covid restrictions I guess it will be in 2022 when I can do my first show. Soon though I will also be starting my own radio show. The first episode is on the way, and that’s a good place to start getting to know my sound.
If we were to fast forward one year from now, what are some milestones that you’d like to have achieved in this first year of Nkzz?
This year I will release a lot of music and collaborations. As it’s my first year, my milestones are to get supported by top DJs like Tiësto, Martin Garrix, and more! 
And in the short term, how are you staying motivated and excited daily? Are there any thoughts about your new project that you’d like to share?
As Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it you can do it.” That’s the motto I always follow! I’m working on music daily with love and dedication and I always fix a weekly schedule. For example, I will try to finish three tracks in one week, and learn daily! 
I would love to let the upcoming producers out there know that if they give it enough time to truly make their music good enough, they can do it too! Try to network with a lot of people in the industry and connect with other artists. From there the door can open to sending collab ideas and even working together with what may even be your most loved artists.
Once again thanks to the 1001Tracklists team for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. 
Valy Mo & Nkzz - "Losin My Soul" is available to download/ stream on your platform of choice today!
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