Leandro Da Silva: Ready To Rock Miami

Mar 23, 2019
Leandro Da Silva: Ready To Rock Miami
Year after year Leandro Da Silva continues to impress with his production prowess as evidenced by his Top 20 finishes in our Top 101 Producers the past two years. His label and brand Black Lizard equally has grown and this Miami Music Week Leandro will throw his biggest Black Lizard Party to date. Teaming up together with Jose De Mara & Crusy and their Arcadia brand, the trio’s signature Tuesday evening event boasts a massive lineup including ASCO, Cato Anaya, CID, Javi Reina, JP Candela, Styline, and many more! Ahead of the sold out showcase, we talked with Leandro about what to expect from the event and his MMW!
Leandro, we’re just days away now from MMW and there couldn’t be a bigger way to kick off the week than with your Black Lizard x Arcadia Event. Talk to us about the event and what attendees can expect!
I’m so excited for this year's party! We joined forces with Arcadia and we are sold out! The lineup is amazing, full of cool DJs & producers from all over the world rising up the house music flag!
Great vibes are guaranteed!
Tell us some more about your relationship with Jose De Mara & Crusy and partnering with them on this night.
Their Arcadia night party is very cool and the music they play is very similar to mine. We have a common friend, Markem, who had the idea to introduce us!
Can you highlight a few other artists on the lineup and why you’re excited to have them on board?
Nicola Zucchi for sure because he is our Italian mate with huge energy behind the decks!
CID is one of those DJs I’ve always looked to – a big inspiration!
As always we’re sure you have loads of new music and IDs lined up for Miami. What can you tell us about some of your upcoming productions?
My next track will be out on Spinnin’ in May, but in meanwhile I’m focused on promoting my new single, “Chicaboom,” out on the 25th on Spinnin’ also. I’m releasing a lot of music I’m very proud of!
Who’s one artist that you have on the lineup who might be a bit unknown to our readers but deserves our attention?
Up until last year I would have suggested that you to keep an eye on Asco as the next future house rising star. But now that he has become Sander van Doorn’s protege, I’d bet everything on Lucky Vegas. He’s an Italian DJ/producer with amazing releases coming out!
PS keep looking out for Asco… he’s growing fast!
Any other plans for Miami Music Week that you would like to share with us?
The great thing about Miami is the ease and ability to play with so many friends in beautiful locations like the W hotel’s rooftop where you can catch me on Sunday for the Daydream Pool Party with the Vice District team!
I am also very happy to play at my mate Asco’s Red Lizard party on Wednesday too!
The Black Lizard x Arcardia Party will take place Tuesday Night at Centro Wynwood. Tickets are sold out, but you can check Tuesday for last minute tickets on Eventbrite: http://bit.ly/ThelizardXarcadia
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