[Exclusive Interview] MOGUAI Hits With "Tetra"

Oct 31, 2018
[Exclusive Interview] MOGUAI Hits With "Tetra"
Today we’re joined by MOGUAI, as the incredibly skilled and veteran producer has lately been returning to his roots of producing music club music meant to simply make people dance. He has a brand new release coming out called “Tetra” which has an amazing progressive groove to it and we're thrilled to help get it out there. To celebrate, we caught up with the ultra talented German producer about his latest tracks and overall musical direction, as well as a special upcoming performance that he’s super excited about.
Hey André, thanks for joining us today! What can you tell us about “Tetra”? This is an awesome track from you. What were you going for with this track and what was the production process like?
Hi guys, thanks for having me today. I had the idea to produce a track in the style people know me from my mau5trap time. It ends up in a techy-groovy-atmospheric tool, which also reminds me on the early beginnings of techno in Germany. I’m super happy and looking forward to the release.
How has “Tetra” been going down in your sets? Have you made any changes as you’ve road tested it to get the track to the final version that we hear today?
Good question. As a touring & producing DJ, I always test my tracks before the release. Here, after testing I only made both build-ups a bit bigger. But without having too much punch on the drop.
“The Greatest Speech” with RAUMAKUSTIK is another huge track. Can you provide some backstory on this one and the speech that’s in the track?
Raumakustik and I wanted to produce a follow up for “Sometimes,” our latest collab, and then we ended up with this track, but we produced it first as an instrumental. I always wanted to do something with the well known Charlie Chaplin speech. The Greatest Speech written by him in 1940 is the best speech of all time. The message is still very relevant after so many years. That’s why we decided to take this speech and luckily it fit 110% atmosphere wise in our track!
Can you talk about your recent musical direction and your current approach to productions in the studio?
Right now, I’m going more and more back to my roots! I don’t want to say back to the old school, but producing more for the club! Back in the days when I started making music, I only produced tracks for my DJ sets and that’s what it’s all about in the electronic music world. Tracks that make people dance!
What were some of your highlights from the summer? Any favorite gigs that you had the opportunity to play?
I had a really nice festival season this year and thank you to all MOGUAI supporters for joining my sets. My very special moment and highlight was to see my son beginning to walk at 13 months.   
How was your ADE? Anything in particular that you’d like to mention?
For me it was the best ADE ever. I played at Heldeep, Spinnin Deep & No Xcuses. Tested so much new music... so watch out! Be prepared!
How is the fall and winter looking for you? Any upcoming shows or other exciting things that you can tell us about?
Every year I play a solo show in my hometown Recklinghausen in front of the town hall. Last year we had more than 12,000 people on a Tuesday! This year it takes place on a Saturday for the very first time. So it’s for sure gonna be massive and I’m very much looking forward to it.
Grab your copy of MOGUAI - "Tetra" on your platform of choice today! https://www.spinninrecords.com/releases/tetra
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