Nov 24, 2021

1001Tracklists Spotlight: DJ Guy

Today on Thanksgiving Eve, we’re joined for a very special Spotlight Mix from DJ GUY, who is forever thankful to a fateful trip in 2013 to Electric Zoo that helped him turn around his life and launched a newfound passion for electronic music. Now an established DJ in the NYC area with recent gigs alongside Andrew Bayer, Andrew Rayel, Dr. Phunk, W&W and more, he’s showcasing his energetic, big room sounds with a special live recorded Spotlight Mix! Read on to learn more about the big influence that Hardwell had on his life, some of his keys to becoming a successful resident DJ, favorite shows, and much more!
Gabriel, thanks so much for joining us today! We’re excited to take a deeper dive into your releases, live shows in NYC, and more. To get started, can you tell us a little about how your passion for electronic music began?
I would like to start by saying thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I am so excited for everyone to get to know me better. My beginning is an unconventional one. I was introduced to EDM by accident by my former boss from the NYPD after joining the NYPD Explorers program back in 2008. The Explorers program is a program where you learn what a police officer goes through on a daily basis in addition to some of their training. So, in 2013 my boss was given a task to go to Randall’s Island and do a security detail... little did I know, that detail would change my life for the better.
For those that may not know, Randall’s Island is the home of Electric Zoo and we happened to go on the festival weekend. At that time in 2013 I was in a very tough spot mentally. I was doing self harm, contemplated suicide and wasn’t in the right state of mind. When we arrived at Electric Zoo, I was curious because I saw people drinking and having the time of their lives. We went to the mainstage and that’s where I was introduced to Hardwell. I still vividly remember Hardwell getting on the mic and announcing his brand new track “Apollo.” The lyrics connected so well with me and when the drop happened, I was dancing and smiling all over. I was hooked. And I kept going to electronic shows ever since. 
What made you decide to start DJing yourself?
Fast forward to 2016 when I saw Hardwell again and I was mesmerized by how he controlled the crowd with his MCing, DJing, scratching etc. It finally clicked for me that I wanted to learn how to do that too. So, I did some research on what goes into DJing, downloaded some music, and went to a Guitar Center to get access to some CDJs and started learning. Everything that I know is self-taught, until I discovered Laidback Luke and his tutorials. From there, I would watch a tutorial and try the skills the next day. 
And what about production, when did you start producing?
I’ve been producing for a pretty short period, since March 2020. During the height of Covid, I started to really dive in fully because of a WhatsApp production group with KEVU. Everyone in there really influenced me to start and has helped me along the way.
How would you describe your sound as both a producer and DJ under the DJ GUY name?
My sound as a producer and a DJ can be described as energetic, emotional and global. When I produce music, I envision myself in a club and see if I can dance to it. It’s called dance music for a reason, it’s meant to be danceable. Every time I play or create music, I want the crowd to create an emotional memory with it. Whether crying or smiling, I want to feel like that it has impacted you in a positive way. I pick the tracks I play without boundaries. I play tracks for instance with lyrics in another language if I like it. I really feel music is universal and should be shared no matter what.
Big room has had a major impact on you throughout your career and we know that Hardwell has played a huge role in your passion for electronic music. Tell us some more about the sound and the place it holds for you as an artist and fan.
Big room has been with me throughout my career and my life. I was introduced to trance, progessive house, hardstyle, techno, deep house and tech house, but nothing can replace the love of big room in my heart. It was the genre that helped me get through some difficult times. It was the genre that made me motivated to get out of that hole. It motivated me to break out of my shell as an introvert and to become this extrovert that you know today. How I felt during the time that I discovered Hardwell and his music is how I want the crowd to feel every time I create a new tune or play a show, whether it’s headlining, opening or closing.
How would you describe the music scene in NYC currently? From the outside, it looks like the city has had a serious resurgence since live shows came back!
I’ve been playing shows since mid April and New York’s resurgence is amazing. I would not trade it for anything in the world. Every DJ that you love has come to NY at least twice already since shows have started. New York is so diverse that everywhere you go there’s a show that you would love. If you want to go to a jazz show, go there, a big room show, go here, a trance show, go there, and the list goes on. New York is the city that never sleeps and it lives up to its name.
How did you approach creating a flow with your Spotlight Mix? How might the track selection compare to your DJ sets at the moment?
That’s a great question. As a DJ, I look at creating a set from past gigs and knowing what’s trending now. I don’t want people to remember me as the boring DJ where you are just there for the headliner, I want to be known as the DJ who was able to flow through the night and bring the energy up throughout from beginning to end. I want people to not expect the songs that I would play. I chose tracks that I have played multiple times at the club and some brand new IDs from me and my closest friends in the industry.
Looking closer at your tracklist, can you highlight three tracks included and why they stand out?
I would highlight the W&W edit of “Shenron” vs. “Paradise,” Nicky Romero's mashup of “Lift” vs. “Clarity,” and my track “All I Need” with Manche. I specifically chose those tracks because I have played these tracks live at clubs and they work so well with the crowd. 
We’ve seen you play some wild shows this year alongside Andrew Rayel, DJ Isaac, Dr. Phunk and more! Are there any that stand out above the rest? What made them special?
The show that stands out above the rest is my headlining show at a club called Mission. I’ve opened for so many amazing DJs and I am honored to play alongside them. But, the headline show at Mission was the most memorable one, because I was able to play music that truly defines me as an artist. From the start to the end, the crowd was just dancing, singing and having the time of their lives. My photographer became a videographer because of how wild the show was. We kept looking at each other and were shocked because it was so mental. That show motivated me more to work so much harder!
For any aspiring DJs out there, what advice would you give them on both obtaining and nailing their gigs when placed as support for a bigger headlining artist?
Really be honest with yourself on your DJing fundamentals, they need to be on point. Know your music, learn different styles from what you are comfortable with, and be personable. You should know your music back to front. You dictate the mood in the room as a DJ, so it is your job to keep the energy flowing and versatility is key. Finally, be personable. You aren’t higher on the pedestal than others, you are human, so be friendly, introduce yourself, and be humble. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and simply be treated how you would like to be treated.
And as we look ahead, what’s keeping you excited and motivated on a daily basis?
Every time I DJ and I see the crowd enjoying the music I play it instills new motivation. When people DM me on Instagram the day after a show or on a new post and I see the comments saying that it was the best show of the night, I can’t help but smile. It’s all about creating amazing experiences. 
What are some goals you have in mind for 2022?
One of my goals for 2022 is to sign a track on Revealed Recordings, whether on Radar or the main label. Revealed has been a part of my life ever since I started listening to dance music. I would like to play a few shows in Las Vegas, Miami and outside of the United States one day too. 
Thank you so much to 1001 for this wonderful opportunity and I hope you learned something about me, DJ GUY. Until next time, peace! 
Connect with DJ GUY: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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Full tracklist info available at DJ GUY - 1001Tracklists Spotlight Mix 2021-11-24
Hardwell Eclipse (DJ Guy Intro Edit) Artwork
Hardwell - Eclipse (DJ Guy Intro Edit) REVEALED
6 jam7cv (61.3k)
Justin Bieber Peaches (Castor & Pollux X DJ Guy Festival Mix) Artwork
Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar & Giveon - Peaches (Castor & Pollux X DJ Guy Festival Mix) DEF JAM
1 jam7cv (61.3k)
Castor & Pollux - ID
1 jam7cv (61.3k)
3 Pre-Save
Nick Havsen X Gaspar - This Is How We Rave
1 jam7cv (61.3k)
1 jam7cv (61.3k)
213 Pre-Save
NWYR vs. MEDUZA ft. Dermot Kennedy - Shenron vs. Paradise (W&W Mashup) UNIVERSAL ISLAND / NWYR
8 jam7cv (61.3k)
MEDUZA Paradise Artwork
MEDUZA ft. Dermot Kennedy - Paradise UNIVERSAL ISLAND
NWYR Shenron Artwork
NWYR - Shenron NWYR
Deniz Koyu & Don Palm vs. Zedd ft. Foxes - Lift Clarity (Nicky Romero Mashup) INTERSCOPE / PROTOCOL
43 jam7cv (61.3k)
Zedd Clarity Artwork
Zedd ft. Foxes - Clarity INTERSCOPE
Deniz Koyu & Don Palm Lift Artwork
Deniz Koyu & Don Palm - Lift PROTOCOL
Zedd vs. Blasterjaxx - Stay Mthrfckr
1 jam7cv (61.3k)
Zedd & Alessia Cara Stay Artwork
Zedd & Alessia Cara - Stay INTERSCOPE
Blasterjaxx MTHRFCKR Artwork
DJ Crime X DJ Guy - ID vs. Nebula (DJ GUY Mashup)
1 jam7cv (61.3k)
DJ Crime Nebula Artwork
DJ Crime - Nebula BLASTING
SaberZ & Restricted Mercy Artwork
SaberZ & Restricted - Mercy SELF RELEASED
18 M3MORY (24.3k)
1 jam7cv (61.3k)
1 Pre-Save
ANG Run & Hide Artwork
51 jam7cv (61.3k)
Manche X DJ GUY All I Need Artwork
23 jam7cv (61.3k)
ANG & SaberZ Takeover Artwork
ANG & SaberZ - Takeover RAVE CULTURE
33 jam7cv (61.3k)
Taihei - ID
[21-11-29 15:19:13]LittleDeng
Farruko Pepas (KEVU Festival Mix) Artwork
Farruko ft. Victor Cardenas - Pepas (KEVU Festival Mix)
12 jam7cv (61.3k)
K3WRO & XanTz Found You Artwork
K3WRO & XanTz ft. Sebastian Hansson - Found You HOUSE DISTRICT
13 M3MORY (24.3k)
Emkr X G-Sus X Ava Max - Orbit (DJ GUY Mashup)
1 jam7cv (61.3k)
G-Sus & EMKR Orbit Artwork
Jeriko X Martin Garrix - Waiting In The Name Of Love (DJ GUY Mashup)
1 jam7cv (61.3k)
Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha In The Name Of Love Artwork
Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love STMPD
JERIKO Waiting Artwork
2 Pre-Save
Young Tye X Robert Geaux - ID
1 jam7cv (61.3k)
1 Pre-Save
Ambrus - ID
1 jam7cv (61.3k)
2 Pre-Save
Shouse Love Tonight Artwork
Shouse - Love Tonight (ID Remix) HELL BEACH
464 jam7cv (61.3k)
Jeffrey Sutorius & Blackcode Skies (DJ GUY & Robert Geaux Festival Mix) Artwork
Jeffrey Sutorius & Blackcode ft. Charlie Miller - Skies (DJ GUY & Robert Geaux Festival Mix) REVEALED
7 jam7cv (61.3k)
Marso & DJ GUY The Dream Artwork
Marso & DJ GUY - The Dream LEGION
12 jam7cv (61.3k)
SaberZ Close Your Eyes Artwork
SaberZ - Close Your Eyes (ID Remix) REVEALED
34 jam7cv (61.3k)
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