Jun 08, 2020

Marc Antonix On The Rise

We were excited to catch up with Marc Antonix, fresh off the release of a huge track titled “All Alone” which blends his signature house sound with drum & bass. Marc goes in depth on his career experiences to date, and the future looks bright for the talented American producer. 
Hi Marc, thanks for joining us today! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Marc Antonix and I am a 20 year old EDM DJ/producer. I was born in Texas, and later I moved with my family to Boca Raton, Florida when I was 11 years old. I was really into basketball as a kid until I heard EDM for the first time when I was 15. I started trying to produce music on GarageBand initially until I got more serious and downloaded Logic. I have been producing music now for roughly three years. I currently live in Los Angeles, California, and I previously studied production at Icon Collective. PURARI has been mentoring me privately over the past three years.
What has the evolution of your career been like so far through your eyes? 
When I first started trying to produce music, it was so challenging. I was in a dark place and had a roadblock learning the technical side of the production software. Once I linked up with PURARI later that year, he mentored me through the process of writing on Logic and he really helped me mix and master at a professional level. Then at Icon Collective they helped me with the music theory side and general composition. Through education from PURARI and Icon in addition to tutorials on YouTube, I have become very comfortable producing. My workflow is quick now and I can do any genre. When it comes to original music that I put my name on – that is when I take the most time and pay attention to every detail.
Take us back to the start – which artists inspired you to get into music production?
When I was 15 and started getting into EDM, I would listen to music while playing basketball with my earbuds on and then Zedd’s song “Clarity” came on YouTube as a suggestion. I looked up Zedd’s music later from first being drawn in from “Clarity.” His song “I Want You To Know” sparked my inspiration to want to produce. I started creating music on GarageBand first with samples and free sounds. Then I realized I needed a more professional software to dive deeper into producing, so I switched to Logic from PURARI’s advice. After being such a big fan of Zedd, this led me to also find Martin Garrix online. This motivated me even more because he was a really young teenage DJ at the time. Watching Martin’s sets and how explosive his energy was on stage was really inspiring and fascinating to me as a teenager. This was a huge influence on me and I feel very connected to the Dutch house scene. More recently, the last DJ I really got into who has now set the path for my production style was Audien. I really love how solid and clean his productions are, especially his mixes. I respect him so much because he does all of his mixing himself. Recently, I have been listening to his music on repeat.
How would you describe your production style, and what's a Marc Antonix DJ set like? 
My production style is very cinematic, ambient, energetic, atmospheric, and dark while being euphoric at the same time. My music is a lot like film music and I want the audience to feel strong emotions when they listen to it. I can produce in all genres/styles, but I mainly try to incorporate my signature style into every track I produce. My DJ sets are unique and authentic to me because I mostly play only my original music and incorporate unique edits I prepare or some more underground music I find from digging online. My sets are similar to my productions in the sense that I create my signature sound and create an atmosphere throughout. I take the listener on a journey that builds throughout the set, and weave each track into the next with smooth transitions.
Marc Antonix · All Alone
You recently released a banger called “All Alone.” Can you tell us about how this track came to life? 
In my production class for Ableton at Icon, our teacher was making a drum & bass track from scratch to teach us this genre. When I came home from class that night, I tried to make my own DnB song as well. It was just for fun, and came to me really organically. I started writing the drop right away after marking out the basic composition structure. It didn’t take too long for me to complete the entire rough draft in about two nights. Later I went back and did the mix/master over the course of a week. That part of my writing process usually takes a bit longer for me. Some of my best songs have come to me really quickly and that was the case for me with “All Alone.” In other cases though, some tracks have even taken me 1-1.5 years to completely finish. I was really happy with how “All Alone” just flowed out of me and there was no pressure to create anything. It still fits my signature style even though it isn’t my typical house tempo. It is actually funny how this track started as an experiment really, and my uncle encouraged me to try to do something different and he was always a big fan of DnB. I did it to show him I could, but it really got me into the genre. This has inspired me to want to write more tracks in this style, but at the same time I am also trying to balance creating a full discography of more club/festival friendly tracks right now.  
Can you provide some details about the guest mix that you just did for Openpie Radio in China? How would you describe the mix as a whole? Are there any standout tracks that you'd like to highlight? 
The mix I did for Openpie Radio was mostly unreleased and newly released original music of mine. There were a few edits I found online, but also some edits that I created myself. I would describe the mix as very dynamic and festival ready with a very cinematic intro. I would like to point out the ID edit I created for Michael Brun’s “All I Ever Wanted” because it is so special to me. This vocal fit so perfectly into my ID track, and it was really great to find a way to incorporate these two songs together. I would recommend keeping an ear out for this track in the mix because I’m going to be releasing it very soon.
Marc Antonix · X - LIST
Are there any upcoming tracks in the works that you can tell us about? 
I do have a track coming out in August that I am extremely proud of. It has an incredible vocal and infectious drop. I can’t give out any more spoilers about it, so the best thing to do is to follow me on all my social media platforms @marcantonixmusic to stay up to date on all my future releases.
What are your next major goals as an artist? 
My goals for 2020 and 2021 include creating more music to build up a respectable discography, and perform at my first major festival and club venue.
And lastly, while this has been a really challenging period for everyone in the music industry, what has been one positive thing that you've experienced lately?
One positive thing that has come out of this time period was that I’ve actually slowed down and had the time to rest from music. I met someone really special to me and I have found what’s been missing from my life. I was previously so anchored down and just producing music full-time that I didn’t realize there was a hole there personally. I am not happy that the pandemic happened at all, but I really changed for the better from this quarantine time period. Before March, I had such a laser beam focus on my career and music. Then I met my girlfriend mid-March, and she made me realize that there is much more to life besides work. Now I kind of feel like I have a little family between us. She also has a young child, and through taking care of him, I have really grown up a lot. This experience was the silver lining during these challenging times.  
Connect with Marc Antonix: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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