Dirty Ducks Bring Back The Fonk

Nov 06, 2018
Dirty Ducks Bring Back The Fonk
Dirty Ducks are fresh off their first ADE performance and are back with a huge new track premiered at Dannic’s Fonk Records party. The Italian duo teamed up with Boothed and gave us the inside scoop on how the track came to life, working with Boothed, and highlights from ADE.
Can you tell us about how “I Only Wanna” came to be and how you ended up working with Boothed on it?
Boothed sent us an idea for the track and we liked it instantly. We loved the catchy vocal. At the beginning the drop part was totally different. We started trying to add our signature lead sound used in previous releases like “Apache” or “Like This” and the track went to a completely different direction.
Boothed worked on the break and created the really energetic and fresh one that you are listening to right now! After a couple of weeks the track was ready.
When did you first meet Boothed and what was your initial impression? What was it like working with him on this track?
We met him on Facebook. He listened to some of our releases and he asked us to work on a track together. He's a really good producer, super determined and talented! We're sure you'll hear about him again soon.
How did it feel to premiere “I Only Wanna” during the Fonk ADE Label Night?
We can't just imagine a better place for that. It was our first gig outside of Italy and it was Dannic's party. Even the crowd went nuts for the track!
Can you talk about how it feels to be back releasing on Fonk and what Dannic and the label mean to you?
It is an honor for us. Dannic has always been one of our reference DJ/producers out there and his label always releases quality tracks. Since it was founded a few years ago it has always been one of our goals to release on Fonk. It's just awesome to see our name on a Fonk cover art again!
How was your ADE overall and what were some of the highlights?  
This year's ADE was really cool! It’s awesome to be able to interact with people, DJs and producers that you usually could only talk to through socials.
We had a lot of fun playing at the Fonk Party premiering our new track and performing at the Revealed Pop-Up store alongside many other DJs from different countries. There was a great atmosphere.
We were really excited to share the DJ Booth with Dannic and great artists like Tom & Jame, Thomas Newson, WILL K and many others.
What's next for you guys? How is the winter looking and what has you excited for the coming months?
We have a lot of new music coming soon and lots of collaborations with some upcoming artists. We are always looking for new sounds and inspirations.
Really excited about that and we can't wait to show you everything, so keep an eye on our socials..

Grab your copy of Dirty Ducks & Boothed - "I Only Wanna" on your platform of choice today! https://www.spinninrecords.com/releases/i-only-wanna/details
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