Get To Know Refeci

Mar 07, 2018
Get To Know Refeci
Get to know an up and coming Danish producer named Refeci – an artist who likes to blend pop and EDM elements into chilled out dancey vibes. Refeci has just released “Die Hard” on disco:wax, and we were excited to catch up with the young producer about this track and more!
What can you tell us about your musical background, training, and career leading up to this point?
I come from a very musical family, specially from my father’s side. My parents always took me to Roskilde Festival ever since I was 5 years old, so my interest for music and the entire community came to me back then.

It all really started when a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join this class called Music Production on Computer at “Rhythmic Center” in Copenhagen. I ran into my dad and asked him if we could buy FL Studio. Even though it was a bit expensive, my dad knew from the look in my eyes that this is what I truly wanted to do.

If you were to highlight two of your best productions prior to your new release on disco:wax, which would you pick and why?
If I were to highlight a production it would certainly be “Heat,” but yet again I don’t believe it defines me as the artist I developed into. On the other hand, I believe that “Die Hard” is what’s defining my genre and sound design from now on.

How would you describe your sound and who are some of your main inspirations and influences?
My sound is soft, emotional, chill and has a blend of all of the good elements from every genre. I tend to use a lot of pop elements as well as acoustic sounds like piano, guitar, acoustic kicks, etc. I do have more EDM elements such as build ups and drops and have my own way to make my melodies. I get a lot of inspiration from Illenium, Hans Zimmer and Ludovico Einaudi.

Let's take a closer look at your new release! Can you take us through the production process going from the initial inspiration to final product?
My songwriter sent us a playlist with country toplines a while back, and there were some cool songs in there. I opened it again a few weeks later, and found “Die Hard.” I fell in love with it, and got the stems for it.

I started with the piano to find the right chords, I added some drums for the break and started building on the drop melody. I chopped out some vocal shots from Emelie’s vocal, and made something out of that. I built the entire track in its basic form first – I made the first break, build up and drop, and the second break, build up and drop. When I was comfortable and satisfied with the structure, I started to add all of the small details to it. It took me a few hours to make the entire track outline, but we’ve been working with it for a couple of months now.

What’s your favorite element of the track?
Besides the drop, I’d say around 2 minutes, because its just her vocal, the piano and the guitar in the background. It gives a great feeling to the track and it somehow shows how emotional the track really is.

What's been your experience working with disco:wax in the past? What do you like about working together with them?
It has always been a pleasure to work with such nice and dedicated people. My overall experience with disco:wax is something I look on to with pleasure. The work I do always gets greeted really well, and the possibility for me to be in their studio makes the hard work worth it.

Do you hope to be a DJ in addition to being a producer one day?
I’ve always seen myself more as a DJ than a producer. I love being around people, especially people as passionate as I am and who are there for the same reasons as me. So I’d definitely see myself as a DJ in addition to being a producer.  

What are two goals for yourself that you would like to accomplish in 2018?
First of all I’d love to get all of my music heard by people who appreciate the same music as I do, but my biggest goal is for sure to be able to get on tour and get to my meet all of my wonderful supportive fans out there in the world.

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