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Sevenn Are Causing A Major BOOM

May 01, 2017
Sevenn Are Causing A Major BOOM
Sevenn have been making major waves since the release of their ALOK collaboration “BYOB” early last year. The duo have continued to showcase their signature basslines in their productions and the collaboration with Tiësto - “BOOM” is no exception. The guys joined Tiësto on stage at Ultra to premiere the collaboration, which is now out on Musical Freedom and boasting incredible artist support. We caught up with the duo to get the story behind the track and learn more about what they have in store. 
How did you guys come to collaborate with Tiësto?
We pitched the original idea of the track to Alok, who had the idea of sending it to Tiësto. To be honest we weren’t expecting Tijs to answer, so when he answered with “Hey guys, loved the idea!” we were extremely excited!
Can you talk a little bit about the initial inspiration and production process for “BOOM”?
Well we’ve always tried to experiment with something a little bit different from all of our other songs, and it’s quite funny actually how quickly everything came together. After we sent the stems of our original idea to Tijs, just a few days later he sent back this masterpiece of a banger!
What was it like working with Tijs? Do you have a biggest takeaway from the experience?
What can we say, he’s a legend – it’s hard not to be overexcited when working with someone with such an enormous legacy as Tijs! We were very nervous at first, and afraid he wouldn’t like the idea, but it was the exact opposite! His experience and knowledge of what works on the dance floor definitely changed the way we think when we’re producing now. Our biggest takeaway is to never think that what we make isn’t good enough (we’re extremely picky when it comes to making music and showing what we created to other people).
Can you describe to us the incredible moment where you guys went up on stage during Tiësto’s Ultra set as he dropped “BOOM”?
Oh man, what a dream come true! It’s hard enough to believe that we were on Ultra’s main stage in front of that crowd, but to be up there next to someone who we’ve always looked up to as a DJ and admired as a producer was just surreal.
Everything happened so fast, from one second to the next – Tijs called us to join him on stage, and the next thing we remember was being in the car going back to the hotel and trying to understand what exactly had just happened haha! What an incredible experience! (Tijs, if you’re reading this, thank you for the 700th time!)
How have you been using the track in your own sets and what’s the reception been like?
It’s really been amazing! We’ve been saving “BOOM” for the highlight of our sets and the reaction has been unreal every single time! As soon as the crowd hears the break melody they always start screaming because they already know the song, it’s crazy!!
What are a few other must play artists or tracks in your sets right now?
It’s hard to say, there are hundreds of incredible artists making amazing music right now, but our “go-to” artists are Alok, his brother Bhaskar, Drezo’s tunes always get the crowd rowdy, also Shapeless and Rrotik have some monster tracks that always drive people nuts!
Can you talk a little about your musical influences and bringing in some of the Brazilian Bass sound to your music?
It’s funny because we don’t really know where the influence comes from, but if we had to, we’d say maybe a little bit of Felguk’s 2007 electro and Day.Din's progressive trance mixed together and slowed down. But honestly at the end of the day we really just make what we would like to hear. When we made “BYOB” with Alok at the end of 2015, nothing really sounded like that at the time, but we thought it was awesome! We just really wanted to make something with a very specific and clear bassline and in good quality, basically trying to make something worthy of a festival’s mainstage (*insert moonface here*).
We are big fans of your SNBRN collab, but if you had to highlight another track of yours, which would you pick and why?
After “BOOM”? Definitely “Colors Of The Rainbow” where our little sister Kathy sings. It just flat out works, every time. It’s emotional, it has a catchy riff, groovy bassline and it has a lot of sentimental value to us as well. After that, we just recently finished a track in collaboration with two extremely talented Italians, we can’t say too much yet, but we’ve played it a few times and it’s a BANGER!  
You guys have been enjoying some nice worldwide touring. Are there any recent shows or countries that were really memorable? What makes them stand out?
We recently performed in Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam and they were all simply amazing! Starfvckers Club in Sydney and The Opera in Hanoi were the best and most fun shows we’ve done in a while! The crowd, the food, the awesome promoters, the unbelievable support from fans and the new friends we made were unforgettable and we cannot wait to go back!
Any plans for the summer that you want to share with readers?
We’ve been working hard on a lot of new music to release this summer, in different genres and with some amazingly talented people, and hopefully we’ll be able to perform in some of the festivals and countries we haven’t been to yet, like South Africa, Canada, India and all of Europe!  
Tiësto & Sevenn - “BOOM” is available to buy/stream today on your platform of choice. 
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