Arcando Celebrates New Enhanced Single

Oct 04, 2018
Arcando Celebrates New Enhanced Single
With releases on Enhanced, Revealed, Trap Nation & Trap City recently, young Dutch producer Arcando’s steady repertoire of infectious dance/trap has been consistently emanating out of the young producer’s studio. He’s back with a new production on Enhanced with SVRCINA in Like This and we caught up with Marc to see what he’s been up to lately. 
Marc, how it’s going?! It’s been a busy year for you so far, so what were some of the highlights over the last 8 months? 
Hi again indeed! I started producing trap music and got some amazing support from the biggest channels in the industry, like Trap Nation and Trap City. I also reached 1.8 million views on my single “These Walls” on YouTube. That's really cool. 
Since recently making a notable transition in your production style from prog house to trap/future bass, would you say that your approach to writing changed? 
Actually not at all. I like to try different things, yet with writing purposes, it's still the same. There's more variety in using real life instruments, such as guitars and piano, than in the harder dance styles. I also felt like working with vocals is really fun and works out nicely with my productions now instead of the big room/dance scene. 
How has it been working with vocalist SVRCINA on your new single Like This?  How has this compared with other recent vocal releases of yours? 
It was great, she has an amazing voice as you can hear in the song. Her writing skills and vocal abilities are really professional and I'm super glad to have her featured on “Like This.” Every vocalist is different however and each vocalist has his/her own talents. Difficult to compare haha. 
What was the inspiration behind this release? 
I wanted to try something with guitar, as with most of my songs. I started making a cool break with the muted guitar mixed with the topline that I received from SVRCINA. I felt like using guitar and 90s sounding drums would give the song a new unique vibe and that's what I wanted to do for this record. By using vocal leads/chops and euphoric atmospheres in this song I combined new and old together. 
What’s been keeping you busy since your last release with Enhanced Don’t Say That? 
I've started the conservatory in Haarlem last year, which got me busy as f*ck LOL. I've had many collabs and remix opportunities this last couple of months, so now it's time to show them all of my solo tracks that will blow everybody away!
You recently released a remix with Afterfab on David Guetta’s single “Don’t Leave Me Alone.” How does working with another producer compare to working with another vocalist/instrumentalist in your opinion? 
Working with another producer is very inspiring and we learn a lot from each other on the same field of expertise. In my opinion it might be even more fun to work with another producer since you both know what you want to achieve and how to work with the computer instead of working with someone's vocal/instrumental talent. 
Where do you get your inspiration from? How do you go about finding your artistic creativity? 
Most of the time I like to listen to songs that I like or that inspire me. I also get inspiration by watching movies or even listening to film music. Also being at the Conservatory helps me to gain new ideas for my new songs: people make everything from trap and bass house to music for commercials. All of that inspires me and feeds my artistic creativity. 
Do you have any other projects/collaborations/releases planned in the coming months as we head towards 2019? 
Yes of course, I can already announce 6 brand new singles that will be released soon + my first EP that will drop in a couple of months from now as well! Also I'm spending loads of time on new remix opportunities and collaborations, so once I can announce everything it will go insane. 
You’re set to play alongside Daniel Garrick at the Revealed Recordings party on the B2B night in Amsterdam on October 20th. Can you tell us a little more about this? How are you feeling? 
I'm feeling great. This is my first time playing at ADE, with already 2 gigs in 2 days! Daniel Garrick is also an amazing artist/DJ to work/play with, so it will be hella fun. Apart from being a great producer, he's also a very nice guy to talk/hang out with! 
You’ve had the chance to work with some big names and work on some big tracks this year! How has that been? 
It's been great. Got a lot of support from the biggest names in the industry and Spotify stats have been going strong! 
What are your long-term goals? Are there more vocal-based tracks on the way or have you got another direction you’d like to take? 
For now I'm deffo staying towards the pop/trap direction, so almost all of my work will have vocals. I think I finally found my own sound that fits me as an artist. 
Is there anything you’d like to say/announce to our readers? 
Keep listening to my music, loads of new stuff that will be a surprise to your ears. Keep following me to stay up to date with gigs/new tracks! 
If you want to hear more from Arcando be sure to check out his just released Enhanced Sessions mix here!
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