Vini Vici Destroys The ASOT Megastructure

Apr 06, 2018
Vini Vici Destroys The ASOT Megastructure
Vini Vici’s afternoon set on Sunday at the ASOT Megastructure was a sight to behold – nobody can get a crowd into a set quite like Vini Vici. Relentless energy and incredibly well produced and original sounding psy trance had the crowd hyped for an hour straight, and it was an hour of pure enjoyment to watch and listen to. For the Israeli duo consisting of Aviram Saharai & Matan Kadosh, their lives have rapidly become much busier as they’re in unmatched booking demand, and are now set to play the world’s biggest clubs and festivals every weekend. It was a pleasure catching up with Matan shortly after his Ultra set [full tracklist] to hear their take on psy trance today, their latest collaborations, and what we can look forward to from Vini Vici and their Iboga label.
How was it playing the Megastructure today?
I had such high expectations from last year’s set when my partner played. I always get really excited for a big show, and I think we delivered and I’m actually still buzzing and on a natural high.
Your sets have so much energy – do you have a favorite track to drop?
It’s always changing. There are some tracks that you play so much and then get a little tired of them and then come up with something new. So of course you’re excited to test them out and see how people react. Most of the time the new one is the favorite. But if I need to pick an all time favorite, then maybe “Talking with U.F.O’s,” “Veni Vidi Vici,” and “The Tribe.”
Can you talk about your new track “100” with Timmy Trumpet and how that track came about?
Psy trance is really big in Australia and my partner is actually playing there at the moment. Timmy really liked it and saw what’s going on with psy trance in Australia and offered us a collab and we said, “Why not!” We are open minded and like to collab with people – learn and get influences from them, merge ideas and worlds.
Can you talk about some other new music that you played today?
We have the track with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike which is coming soon. It’s a remake of the classic “House Of House.” We also have a track with Steve Aoki. And of course we have some originals just from us. Whiteno1se is a really good psy trance producer who we really love. We’re in a good place. We actually have more ideas than time right now!
Can you talk about what the growth of psy trance has been like through your eyes?
Psy trance has really strong underground roots. It went really big. The merge with trance helped bring it to new audiences. And I think psy trance brought some new energy to trance which was missing. I think that the combination of all of it created a beautiful hype. It’s a golden time for psy trance, in the underground and in the commercial world. A lot of countries have opened up to it, the sales are great, and it’s amazing.
Yeah, even Paul Oakenfold was playing a ton of psy trance before your set.
Yeah! I was so surprised. Paul Oakenfold. It was almost a 100% psy trance set from him.
How has your Miami Music Week been overall?
I just arrived two days ago. I went to the Dim Mak party just to premiere our track with Steve Aoki. Then yesterday we had a sold out show at Heart which is amazing. And then today was amazing, so can’t complain!
How are the next couple of months looking for you?
Oh man, honestly I’m just looking one week ahead. I think it’s all of the festivals. I don’t think there’s a festival that doesn’t have Vini Vici this summer. From the EDC Mainstage, Ultra Europe Mainstage, Electric Love Mainstage. At Parookaville we have a stage of our own and we’re playing the Mainstage! A lot, it’s endless.
What can we expect coming up from your label?
It’s going to be 100% psy trance, but from all spectrums of psy trance. We’re open minded to all of the psy trance subgenres.
Any up and coming artists that we should look out for?
Yeah, Whiteno1se. He’s not that up and coming, but he’s the only artist that I play three of his tracks in my sets. In all of the days I’ve been DJing I’ve never played so many tracks from someone else in my sets. Also Blastoyz and Phanatic are going to join the label, so we have a really good private label and are starting with a good roster already.
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Sidekick - Deep Fear (Chords from Sidekick Deep Fear, song structure and synths from Ravers Army)
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Era vs. Human Resource vs. Vini Vici - Ameno Dominator's Army (Vini Vici Mashup) [R&S / UMG / IBOGA]
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