Dannic Talks Fonk Recordings Summer & Future

Aug 16, 2016
Dannic Talks Fonk Recordings Summer & Future
On top of his packed summer touring schedule including his landmark Tomorrowland performance, Dannic has continued to develop and grow his label, Fonk Recordings. He talked with us about the label's Summer EP, a future release from Corey James and WILL K, and the label's first Fonk Recordings party at ADE this year.
How did you select the tracks for The Summer EP?
We have had an overload of good demos! They all deserve a single release, but in this case we really wanted to give something back to the fans as well. I think especially this year we want to really focus on giving out the Fonk sound and helping people know what Fonk Recordings is really all about. All the songs are typical Fonk Recordings songs, and that’s what I love about the EP.
Can you talk about some of the artists and the releases?
Dana Jasmine - it’s really cool having a girl release with us. I love the breakdown on her song because it’s an old sample of a song I used to play a lot. I immediately felt a connection with that song and it’s super groovy, so that’s a big plus. The sample is from back in the day ten years ago when disco house was really happening. You see other artists doing that nowadays, sampling some old hits and making a new version out of the old vocal or sample. I think it’s cool that they are tweaking it and bringing the music to the next generation.
You really have to look out for LoaX, he’s doing some really hot shit at the moment.
Kamo - I’ve been supporting him for two years. He’s only 16 or 17, and I think he sends me a track like everyday, it’s crazy. It shows how passionate he is and his desire to work hard and get better. I’m really happy to have him on the team and I expect a lot of things from him.
You’ve previously mentioned using Fonk Recordings as a source of good club tracks. How do you think these tracks translate into summertime and festival season (especially for daytime sets)?
Look at the set Steve Angello did at Tomorrowland, it was mainly club tracks in my opinion. Or club tracks and then progressive tracks, but the club tracks he played still stand out at a festival as well. That’s what I want to aim for on Fonk. Actually, speaking of Steve, he played a new song that will be released on Fonk. It was going off and I think it may have been the highlight of his set. It’s the Corey James & Will K ID.
It’s the same ID you played from them a while ago at the Mixmag Lab, right?
Correct! It’s coming out on Fonk and I’m really happy for them. They were super happy to release on Fonk and it’s really cool that Steve is supporting it.
Can you talk some more about your growing role as a mentor for many of these artists releasing on Fonk?
It was basically one of the reasons that I started the label. I really love to do it as well. I love to make time to talk to the guys and even have Skype sessions with them where they can ask me anything from music to management to contracts. Definitely the business side of things too. That’s where a lot of guys go wrong. Obviously there are a lot of people in the business here to search for new talents and sign them immediately for ridiculous stuff. I try to help them where I can and give them the right advice. Obviously it’s always their decision. I just try and share my opinions and experiences. In general, especially for the really young guys like We AM, I’m helping them a lot with music too. It’s cool to have them with me as well. They have a fresh view on things and they can help me too. It’s a win-win combination.
In terms of building the Fonk brand, you’ve got your first label night at ADE!
I’m super, super proud that we could arrange it. It’s not going to be a massive night in terms of people as I think the club holds 400-500 people. It’s going to be a nice intimate atmosphere, but that’s exactly what I want to do, especially for the first Fonk night. I want to invite all the guys who have released on Fonk, maybe give them a 30 minute or longer slot so they can showcase their music and have a good time with everyone. We just opened the ticket sale and it’s been doing really well!
What’s been your favorite show of the summer?
That’s a difficult one! I’ve got to say the Guaba Beach party though! It was ridiculous. So much fun. I played a super groovy set and they loved it. You can check out the aftermovie on my YouTube, it’s pretty funny as well.
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