Discover: Allen Wish

Oct 03, 2019
Discover: Allen Wish
Allen Wish is fresh off of the release of his new track "Now Or Never," together with Vibarco. Allen takes us inside the story that led to the collaboration, and also provides insight into his sound at the moment. Moreover he shares some perspective on what shaped him as an artist, and where he currently draws inspiration from. 
Hey Allen, thanks for joining us today. How was your summer? What were some of the best moments? 
Hi! Thanks for having me, summer went pretty good… making music, planning what is going to come, and had some shows. I’m living one of the best moments right now with the response that my new single “Now or Never” is getting on all platforms. Another peak moment was my show in Wisdome, where we merged interactive art with music.
As you mentioned, you recently released “Now Or Never” together with Vibarco. Take us to the start of that collaboration: how did you guys first meet and when did you decide to work together on a track?
We first met somewhere around four years ago through a friend of mine, and since that moment we’ve been doing stuff together that we both liked. “Now Or Never” was born like two years ago and after making tons of versions we were finally happy with this one. It works for his fans that are more Latin pop and my fans that are more dance focused.
Can you talk about a strength in each of your production backgrounds that stands out in the track?
It started with a weird mix between classic instruments and the old big room sound. At that moment it was more focused in what I wanted to reflect, and after, we made tons of versions because his background is more Latin pop / reggaeton so, we wanted to find a way to use that influence without affecting what I wanted to show. That’s why we went more organic – guitars and piano as the main elements behind the vocal. Since he uses that a lot in his songs, we used less dance track structure, more pop, straight to the point, so in that way I think we were able to merge both worlds. 
What direction would you say the current Allen Wish sound is going? Can you tell us about any upcoming releases or productions in the works?
What is coming of my sound is a merge of progressive sounds with all kind of genres. I’m experimenting with other rhythms and sounds, but always keeping that progressive soul that I love in music. Talking about that, there’s a song coming called “Typhoon,” that is an experiment with progressive sounds. I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I won’t talk a lot about it, just stay tuned on my social media, I’ll be telling all there. Also the remixes of “Now or Never” are coming, another single that is more house focused and an unofficial remix that I did for a legendary track from Erick Morillo.
How would you describe your sound and style as a DJ? What are two of your go to tracks for your sets right now and why?
It’s focused on sounding big, on making you feel connected. I like to say that my music makes people release dopamine. I like to combine great melodies, vocals with groove, and always try to build or find something that touches your soul and your physical body. The two tracks that I feel describe in all sense what I want in my set are “Now Or Never” and Eric Prydz’s Private Remix of “Midnight City.”
Was there ever a show that you attended or listened to as a fan where afterwards you knew that you wanted to pursue music full time as a career?
No, well, I’ve seen some amazing artists that motivated me and inspired me to keep going on the path I chose, to not give up, but what really inspired me to make music my full time career was the chance to express myself. To leave stuff that haunted me in music. To put anger, anxiety, sadness out because my music has the amazing power to transform all of the negative into positive. I leave all of those emotions there and after being in a creative mood, I feel happy, motivated, and excited to keep going.
What are two goals for the Allen Wish project that you hope to achieve in the next year?
It’s been a dream since I started to see people feeling my music in the same way I feel it. To feel that connection with a big audience, I’d love to play at a big festival to make that dream come true. I think there’s nothing better for an artist than seeing everyone moving to the music I play. There’s also a few big chances to collaborate with some of my dream artists and I hope it becomes real in the next year.
And lastly what do you have your eyes on for the end of summer and start of fall?
Focusing on the release of my next single “Typhoon.” I want to give it the attention that I feel it deserves. In the fall, I’m definitely going to enjoy some extended studio time to start planning and producing what is coming for the next year.
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