Pete Dash: Tigers Milk EP

Nov 27, 2017
Pete Dash: Tigers Milk EP
Celebrating his recently released Tigers Milk EP on Genairo Nvilla’s King Of Drums Records, Dutch DJ/producer Pete Dash joined us to take a closer look at his productions and dance floor dominant sound. Suited for both clubs and festivals, his careful attention to detail and strong passion shine through not only in these tracks, but also in his live sets, radio show Back To Jack’s House, and the way he carries himself. Read on and groove away to the sounds of Pete Dash.
Can you talk a little about your journey with the Pete Dash project in 2017 and finding balance between this project and your other work endeavors?
I have a very fixed vision and strong emotion towards any project I put my hands on, but I'm also keen on quality over quantity; so finding the right balance between exposure but also putting out content is always a challenge. In that sense, Back to Jack's House is exactly the right composition between the two, matching passion with creativity while also trying to raise the bar each episode. At times, making music can also make you feel vulnerable because it's so personal. As such I think it's very important to convey my views and ideas in the best way possible. Without digressing too much, the Tigers Milk EP is exactly that, and it clearly shows whenever I play either track that people always seem to understand the idea behind it.

What do you feel is a uniting theme between the tracks on the Tigers Milk EP?
My focus in music has always been trying to create something that could work both as a record to actually dance to but also get a festival crowd off its feet. In that regard both “Tigers Milk” and “Bocca” work well both in a club and in a larger venue. Furthermore I like to stick to more 'natural sounds' such as the rhythmic percussion as much as possible. Additionally there is a strong influence of Afro-African vocal samples in both tracks guiding you along the way.

As you mentioned, “Tigers Milk” is ready to rock clubs and festival stages in peak time. Was that part of your vision going into the production? Have you tested the track out live?
Haha, yes definitely. I’ve been playing the track throughout the year as the intro to my sets and it's been received extremely well! The idea was to create a record that would really be the prelude for my sets. It always seems to get the right vibe and energy straight away, which was exactly what I was going for production wise.

Can you talk about selecting the vocal sample that you used in “Bocca” and how it was integrated into the track?
I actually stumbled across the sample by accident. I reckon it's also well known for being used in Solardo's “Tribemen,” but to me that track was missing a more 'club' edge. Additionally, “Bocca” was also inspired by elements from Simon Kidzoo's remix for “La Morenita” on Cartel which had me hooked for months.

What does it mean to you to have the support of Genairo Nvilla and release on King Of Drums?
The first time I met Genairo was on New Year's Eve three years ago, when he played the set prior to mine. He's a really open character and was very excited when I first sent both records. To be fair I've been following his music for quite some time, even playing his “Nvilla Salute” many years ago, so to have his backing on my release is definitely a great feeling!

Earlier this fall you released “Yakuza” together with Blake Light. What was it like working with him on the track?
Blake is a hugely talented producer and has been really giving me a lot of insight into music production in general. Unfortunately we haven't been able to get into an actual studio together just yet, but he's a great guy and definitely keeps me on my toes. He's actually just had a release with another mate of mine (Pontus Green) on Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman's label BUCE, definitely worthwhile checking that out!

Looking deeper into your sets at the moment, what are two or three must play artists and why?
Tough question as I tend to play nearly 100% my own edits, bootlegs and remixes – I'm really keen on doing sets that give a unique and intimate experience. I see DJ'ing really as opportunity to provide the audience with a fresh show. If I have to pick an artist however, I think Nico de Andrea is extremely talented. We've been working a on track which I can’t unveil yet, but it's definitely along the lines of the current EP.

What’s on the horizon for Pete Dash as we head into 2018?
Looking at my show/podcast Back To Jack's House, I've been working on several new episodes for a while now, so I reckon you stay tuned on that. As with regards to my releases, I've got several lined up for next year, but bookings make finding enough studio time very hard. I've just signed with an agency who are as passionate about my music as I am, so over the next year we're focusing in on extending bookings and getting my groove out there!
You can download “Tigers Milk” and “Bocca” for free today!!
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