[Premiere] Özgür Can - Left 2 Dry EP

Sep 14, 2017
[Premiere] Özgür Can - Left 2 Dry EP
It’s now been almost a month since the return of Marcus Schossow’s label Code Red and things are heating up! Refocused and invigorated, Schossow has the label on a clear path 100% dictated by his team’s vision. The music has set the tone early with the release of his original “Rumble” and his collaborative EP with Corey James. Next up is the release of Özgür Can’s EP and we’re excited to bring you the exclusive premiere before tomorrow’s release. Enjoy the music and read on to get a look behind the music and vision of both Can and Schossow.

Özgür Can:
Do you remember the first time that you ever heard Marcus Schossow’s music or first met?
Me and Marcus go waaaaay back! We first met when he booked me to his first club night in his hometown in like 2003/2004. He was a young punk, really driven and had a really big love for dance music. I remember that we really had a great night and we have had lots of fun moments over the years! He’s a few years younger than me so I’ve always looked at him like a little brother if you will, watching him grow as an artist. I’m really proud of what he has accomplished!

How have you now arrived to release on Code Red and what does that mean to you?
We have always kept in touch and he’s always been pushing me to make more music! I took a little break from the music world and to be honest, it was Marcus who pulled me back in the end! So, for me to release an EP on his label now after all these years I think means a lot for both of us. It’s like the circle is complete!

What do you feel is a unifying theme between the two tracks on the EP?
Well, they’re based on the same hook. “Left 2 Dry” is the main track and is a bit more friendly? While “Left 2 Dust” is like the evil twin. I just wanted it to sound dirty! It’s my favorite of the two to be honest; that’s the one I play!

Can you take us from the initial inspiration through the production process for “Left 2 Dust”?
This track actually has a long history. It was first a hip hop beat that I made for a friend of mine who’s a rapper, but we never finished the track and it laid around on my laptop for a few years. I found it again and thought the hook was too cool to waste so I pitched and stretched it up and down so that it fit a house music tempo. From there I added the stabs and then the beat kinda came naturally; I was thinking back to basics with this one!

Aside from “Left 2 Dust,” what would be two must plays for you right now in a club set?
Sebjak – “Fellas” and Carlo Lio – “All She Wants.”

Any big plans for the fall or ADE that you can share with us?
I’ve got at least one more original release planned for the fall and a remix or two!
I love ADE! I go almost every year just to hang out even if I’m not doing any shows (which I’m not this year). I haven’t booked anything, but it might be a last minute thing this year!

Marcus Schossow:
During the six-month period where Code Red was not releasing music, can you talk about how you were recharging and finding inspiration?
Yeah, it's been a lovely 6-month period where I’ve changed my whole life around. I’ve had time to think about what I want to do and how to do it. First, my team and I made Code Red independent and then we went and found some of the best new artists out there. I guess I was driven by the fact that I'm tired of all of the bullshit out there and just want to put out great music that touches people’s hearts.

What makes Özgür Can’s music stand out to you, and specific to this EP, what makes it the right fit for Code Red?
I’ve known Özgür since before he could grow a beard. First time we met was 15 years ago already. In my opinion, Özgür is the most underrated electronic musician out there. The EP is a no brainer, just listen to it, it sounds like nothing else out there; it sounds like Özgür!

Can you pick one of the tracks from the new EP with Corey and take us through the production process for the track, highlighting any emotions you were hoping to evoke with the track?
I'd choose “Tough Love” then! What we wanted to evoke was this timeless dark vibe that isn't in any genre. The bassline is something that reminds you of the deep house basslines out there, but still very far away, it's in its own little genre. The melody is this little mystery thing that grows and grows and grows! I don't even know where to genre the track, and for me, that's an achievement! Corey is a fantastic guy, both as a friend and producer, so making stuff with him is a no brainer. There will be more from us together in the future!
In a recent interview, you’ve talked a lot about making sure to do things the right way and on your terms. What would be an ideal venue, vibe, and lineup for a Code Red event? Will that be something that we will see in the near future?
Yes, we are going to do A LOT of events in 2018. My ideal vibe is a nasty basement, no lights, 1000 people and a Funktion-One system. I don't need more – it's about the music, the journey, and nothing else.
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