Behind The Album: Third Party - Hope

Feb 20, 2017
Behind The Album: Third Party - Hope
We’re thrilled to present an Exclusive Mix and Story with Third Party on the cusp of the release of their debut album, Hope. The album represents a huge milestone in their career, and is packed with the best of Third Party’s progressive sounds as well as some different elements that fit perfectly into the album. To celebrate, they crafted a masterful mix, taking listeners on a journey much in the same way they strive to in their live sets. While you groove away, enjoy the duo's reflection on the production journey behind some of the unreleased tracks on the album and be sure to order now so you can hear the tracks on Friday!
Can you discuss your decision to name the album Hope? How do the tracks on the album reflect this title and what makes them unified as album tracks?
We came up with the title Hope as we felt this represented what we wanted the message of the album to be as a whole. From a music level, we felt like too many people are producing music for the wrong reasons and not making music that they truly believe in and are happy making. So we wanted to show them that by staying true to who you are and working to the best of your ability you can still achieve great success. Also from a human level, music has the power to create Hope for someone in any aspect of their life. We found great hope and inspiration in music we listened to growing up so we wanted to try and recreate a similar feeling for people who listen to our music.
Too many good tracks to talk about guys! But let’s try for a couple that haven’t been released yet, starting with “Get Back.” This track definitely has a cool progressive vibe – can you talk us through the production from initial inspiration to final product?
“Get Back” was actually an idea we had sitting around for quite a while, but didn’t know where to go with it. It really started to take shape when we decided to try and make it as progressive as possible and we actually didn’t find the vocal sample until a couple of days before we had to hand it in. Goes to show that you should never stop working on a track until the absolute final deadline has come upon you!
“Hurt” is a really cool and certainly more downtempo track. What doe it mean to you guys to show off that side of your productions in this track and on the album?
We didn’t aim to make a downtempo track but with “Hurt,” it just fits the vibe and feeling of what we’re trying to represent with the whole album so well we couldn’t not put it on the album. Some people change genres purely to chase the radio or the current ‘in’ sound, but we feel that you can tell that Hurt wasn’t made for that purpose and that it fits into Hope perfectly.
Have No Fear” is a standout track to us. Can you talk a little bit about that track, how it came together, and when the vocal factored into the production process?
We actually recorded the vocal for “HNF” about two years ago at a studio session in LA. We had the basic chord idea and together with the lead singer from FMLBND and we wrote the vocal in almost under an hour. We knew at the time that it was a great vocal, but sometimes it can take many months or years to get the rest of the song finished. In this case it was almost 18 months later when we created the melody that you hear now on the track, it just fits with the vocal so well to create a real nostalgic feeling that we love!
What should people expect from your shows post album release with so much new music to play? When you’re approaching your sets, how do you decide between playing the original, a mashup, a remix or an edit of your album tracks?
That’s a good question as we feel a lot of DJs don’t put enough thought process into what their DJ sets are about now. Our main goal when DJing is to take people on a journey and really try to give them a real experience to take away with them. So that’s our main head space when thinking about what tracks/edits/bootlegs/order to play in our set, to keep it as progressive as possible.
Thus far, what is your favorite album track to play live?
Tricky one to answer...ask us in 6 months :)
Can you talk a little about your big show: Third Party Presents THE STAGE at Liverpool Olympia. What can fans expect from that?
THE STAGE is our brand new show concept that we’re bringing to Liverpool on April 1st. It’s basically going to be the biggest show production we’ve ever put on, which means not only do we have our own custom made stage being made, we’re putting in a lot of work with our visual team to create the best visuals to fit with the music, which hopefully creates an unforgettable experience for the fans!
[UPDATE] - Third Party's debut album Hope is out now
Tickets for Third Party Presents THE STAGE can be found here:  
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Full tracklist info available at Third Party - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2017-02-20
Third Party ft. FMLYBND - Have No Fear [RELEASE]
59x 1x 1x
Yotto - Fire Walk [ANJUNADEEP]
117x 1x 1x
Robbie Rivera & NXNY - I Can Feel It [JUICY TRAXX]
19x 1x 1x
CYA - Mistakes [SIZE]
103x 2x 1x
Third Party ft. Fran Garcia - Guiding Light [RELEASE]
25x 2x 1x
Larry Mendes X Aixen & Berto - Borderline [TMPL]
18x 1x 1x
Third Party ft. Paul Aiden - Veins [RELEASE]
79x 1x 1x
Grum - Shout [ANJUNABEATS]
145x 1x 1x
Third Party - Get Back [RELEASE]
48x 1x 1x
Third Party - Live Forever [RELEASE]
140x 1x 1x
Guy Mantzur - Blooming Fields [PLATTENBANK]
19x 0x 1x
Third Party vs. Meg \ Nerak - Arrival vs. Get Down (Third Party Mashup) [RELEASE / AXTONE]
8x 0x 0x
Third Party - Arrival [RELEASE]
135x 1x 2x
107x 1x 1x
Third Party vs. Kölsch - Waiting For All That Matters (TP Mashup) [KOMPAKT / RELEASE]
13x 0x 0x
Kölsch ft. Troels Abrahamsen - All That Matters [KOMPAKT]
68x 1x 0x
Third Party - Waiting [RELEASE]
80x 1x 1x
Dirtywork & Erick Kasell & MAD2MAD - Hypnotize [RELEASE]
78x 1x 1x
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