Get to Know Salvatore Ganacci

May 17, 2016
Get to Know Salvatore Ganacci
We had a chance to sit down with Salvatore before his show with Sebastian Ingrosso in Washington, D.C. and talk about many of his prouctions and his DJ style. Be sure to check out his latest single Dive ft. Enya & Alex Aris.
What was the inspiration for Dive?
Well, first of all I love Enya and her tracks. We have the Fugees in the 90s with Ready or Not, Mario Winans with I Don’t Wanna Know in the 2000s, and Salvatore now. All of those tracks use that sample. We wrote the melody in one day. It’s so easy because of the sample - the whole song is great. Once we finished the track, we sent it to her. She loved it! She and her team just loved the track and wanted to be a part of it, so that’s how it came about.
Have you seen Enya in person before?
No, but we are going to try and link up for the video.



What’s your relationship like with Ingrosso?
It’s great. We click and we do great music when we are in the studio together. We are good friends now. I think it was after I remixed Alesso that we started working together.


What was the inspiration for Flags!?
LIOHN had an idea which me and Sebastian loved, so we all started to continue on it and worked together in the studio and it evolved. It means a lot to see all the other artists supporting the track. We wanted to make a song for the clubs and just make something cool and a little different. It went off immediately. Every time it just goes off. We’ve played it together on stage a few times in places like Miami and it’s always a special moment.
Can you talk about your song Fresh with Jillionaire and Sanjin?
I did a rough idea with Sanjin, who is my cousin. We write a lot of stuff with other people. If you’ve seen him, he’s been on a couple of tracks with different artists so we always do stuff. We sent it to Jillionaire who loved it so we finished it and that was it. We signed it to a major label, Universal. Everybody’s been playing it.  


Who were are some of your musical influences?
Major Lazer are big inspirations to me. I like Ennio Morricone, do you know who that is? The score guy who does a lot of movie orchestral work. He’s been a big influence on me as well.
What are some of the most inspirational shows you’ve seen as a fan?
Of course, Swedish House Mafia. When we saw them for the first time it was like, “Okay this is something new.” Also when I see a friend of mine, Garmiani, I’m inspired. It’s the same thing for him when he watches my shows.


How would you describe your DJ style?
I play whatever comes to my mind during the set. I play everything. I have a bunch of songs that I like and I try to read the audience. If I feel like a song could fit it, I’ll put it on, even if it has nothing to do with the previous song. I come from radio dancehall and hip hop, but I love every kind of music. I listen to everything from metal to classic, everything. As long as the vibe is there.
Sweden is a bit different. Holland is different. Every country has a different vibe. I come from a soundsystem background where it’s like a radio dancehall thing, so you had to see what all the 150 people that were there liked. “Okay that guy didn’t like it, then I’ll play something for him. Okay, good, now he’s happy. Everybody’s happy.”

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