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DubVision Put Their Spin On "Geht's Noch"

Jan 25, 2017
DubVision Put Their Spin On "Geht's Noch"
To celebrate the release of “Geht’s Noch” on Musical Freedom, DubVision joined us to discuss putting their spin on the classic Roman Flügel track. The guys share how making a track simply for their sets became an official release and give an honest look at the reception of the track.
What memories or attachments do you have to the original “Geht’s Noch” by Roman Flügel?
“Geht’s Noch” is one of our favorite classics. It was so weird at the time. So simplistic, yet so catchy. It always stood out for us when it was played.
The track has been reworked a few times by big names artists already  what led to your rework?
When we got the idea for making a rework, there was not really any intention to release it. We just wanted our own version to play out, something a little bit more up to date. Then Tiësto heard it and loved it, and wanted to release it. We got permission from Roman Flügel and the rest is history!
Can you talk a little about the production process for “Geht’s Noch” and how the track has been integrated into your sets?
Like we said, we wanted to make something a little bit more up to date. We had the basics of the drop already from another project and decided to mix it up with the “Geht’s Noch” lead. Then we decided it needed a harder drop in the middle so we worked on that. During the process of making that track we kept playing it out to test it. Our sets are usually pretty melodic and emotional, so it’s nice to have something fresh and different to switch things up. We usually play it in the middle of our sets.      
What does returning to release on Musical Freedom mean to you guys?
A lot! We love working with them and of course Tiësto’s support is always amazing. We’re definitely planning on coming back again later this year ;)   
The track has already checked in at #1 on our Most Heard Chart, which is an indication of the track players most opened, so it’s obvious that the fans love it! With the DJ support list also outstanding and growing, what has the initial reception of the track been like for you guys?
Haha that’s amazing! And the DJ support has been amazing indeed. That is always nice to see. The initial reception has been pretty divided. On one hand people love it, especially our colleagues because they think it’s fresh and it works in their sets. On the other hand though, it is something pretty different from us than our usual ‘melodic, emotional, progressive sound’ which was hard for some of our dedicated fans. We always try to explain to people that we can’t keep making the same sound over and over. And that we also want to have a variety of DubVision tracks to play throughout a set. Playing an hour or two hours of the same music is not exciting to us. Luckily for them, we’ll be releasing some classic DubVision stuff pretty soon.
What do you guys have planned for the next few months in the run up to Miami?
January and February are the months for us to work day in, day out on music for Miami, but also for the rest of the year. Other than that, these are the months in which we like to get back in shape; exercise and eat healthy, so we are full of energy for the rest of the year!
To hear more from the brothers, be sure to check out DubVision’s recent guest mix for We Rave You [tracklist].
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