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Cosmic Gate Celebrate 125 Episodes Of WYM Radio

Aug 29, 2016
Cosmic Gate Celebrate 125 Episodes Of WYM Radio
Cosmig Gate are veterans in the trance and electronic dance music scene after getting together in the late 90s, but Nic Chagall and DJ Bossi didn’t begin their Wake Your Mind radio show until April 2014. They’ve just reached milestone episode 125 and Bossi joined us to reflect on the show and the duo’s journey. Enjoy their latest WYM radio episode and learn what goes into selecting tracks, crafting each episode and his advice to producers.
This week marks 125 episodes of Wake Your Mind radio! That’s a big milestone. When you started the show, did you ever think you would make it this far?
Well, what can I say, we debated beginning WYM for a while and there were already a lot of radio shows, but in the end we came to the conclusion that although we’ve played around the world for so many years, there are many people who don’t have the chance to listen to us live. The radio show simply wraps up our sound, what we play at the moment, and what we like. On top we throw in something - the private playlist - which gives listeners some information about what we like at home besides what we play in our sets and what Cosmic Gate stands for. We think it was the right thing to do. We are getting more and more releases worldwide on FM stations and feel like the show has been a good success. We still enjoy doing it every week. It’s a really cool thing, a lot of work, but we like it!
How do you guys select music for the show?
We don’t put anything in that we don’t like. It can be a big name, but if we don’t like the track, we won’t play it. The show captures a certain spectrum of music that we simply like. It’s not about the name on a track, it’s about the sound. You may look up the artists on the show and see they only have 2,000 followers and they are brand new, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about playing good music and sharing cool tunes. Hopefully people can discover some new producers through the show.
We have a special email address for producers and labels to send tracks to. We do have someone make a preselection because it’s hundreds and hundreds of tracks to sort through. After the preselection we get about 30-40 tracks, and then we select the best 18 to 20 tracks from those. From those, a track may be great, but it doesn’t fit in the mix, it might not make the final track selection. We don’t like to cut things too short either so the show ends up being 14 tracks most of the time. All of these three minute tracks, we don’t like to play them. We like to play a good part of the track. Music needs time to develop, a good story needs time to be told. The show is about music and nothing else.
Do you have any advice to producers submitting music to the show?
You know, honestly, our taste when it comes to a release, there are a lot of tracks that we don’t release, but we still think are good. There is no specific advice besides generally that we want people who are in it for the right reasons - the passion and love for music. That passion for music keeps you going especially with your productions. The first years, you struggle; our productions got turned down too. Every time we do a production or a new album, we think it’s better than the one before it. We’ve been doing productions for 20 years, so if you feel like after a year or two you aren’t getting anywhere, it’s okay, we weren’t good enough after such a short time too. You have to stand still, reflect, and learn what others do well. If you get turned down by five labels, work harder, and hopefully next time you’re in. We were turned down a million times too.  
How do you approach creating a flow within the show?
It’s a little harder for a radio show or mix compilation because it is very theoretical. People listen in totally different environments, in the car, at home, some maybe play it while a party is going on. You don’t start with a banger, you need a little bit of room to build it up. We start more progressive, then we push the gas, then we push the gas some more. It’s only an hour, but we try to always go a little up and down to keep it interesting for the listeners. It’s more of a feel that you have. Like that gut feeling rather than knowing what you are doing is right. Every week is different depending on the releases you get. Some shows I’m like, “Hey Fuck, there are 20 great tracks!” and then another week, it’s like, “Oh wow, we do have to replay some tracks from before because there aren’t a lot of quality releases.” It’s very theoretical and dependent on the tracks each week but we always try and make the best of it!
You can find all of Cosmic Gate's previous Wake Your Mind episodes with tracklists here. Be sure to stay on the lookout for something special from Cosmic Gate with us in the next few weeks :)
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