Groovin’ with Tujamo

Mar 10, 2016
Groovin’ with Tujamo
Coming off a huge 2015 with hit originals including Booty Bounce, All Night, Cream, and S.A.X., and remixes of Rocking with the Best and +1, Tujamo is poised for an even bigger 2016.  1001tracklists are thrilled to partner with him and Danny Avila to present CREAM at Set Nightclub in Miami on March 16th.  We previously sat down with Tujamo last November at Echostage in Washington, D.C. before his performance as part of Laidback Luke’s Super You and Me show.  Check out some of our conversation with him and enjoy his set from that night to help get you excited for Miami!  Read on to learn Tujamo’s thoughts on his sound, show preparations, relationship with Laidback Luke, favorite tracks and much more! 
Do you still consider your sound electro bounce?
Haha, no. Just because I produced the song Booty Bounce does not mean my whole sound is electro bounce. But I guess my style always tends to have this bounciness to it, this is something that happens during production.
If you were to pick 1 or 2 words to describe your style, what would they be?
Groovy, but still strong.
What were your early musical influences?
Hip hop and rock. The cool thing about my style of music is that it still fits to the hip hop sound.
How does it feel to have your own Beatport #1 (Booty Bounce)?
It’s awesome! After a few #1 releases on Beatport in collaboration with other artists, it feels great to finally have my very own #1 spot.
Do you ever check out 1001tracklists?
I've been checking it for years. I am always looking for new stuff and therefore I spend a lot of time searching new tracks. I spend about three hours each week on the website, which I also use to get some feedback about my music.
How do you get feedback from your fans?
If you play a set, and the reaction is positive, that's the realest feedback you can get! You can put a silly picture on Facebook and get 10,000 likes, though it doesn’t really make you a good DJ.  But if people are commenting on your sets, asking for songs and looking forward to seeing you again, that's the best feeling ever.
Do your songs ever get named incorrectly when they are first listed as an ID?
For my song Boneless with Steve Aoki, I put a preview clip of the song on Facebook with the caption 'So Freakin' since I was so freaking happy, and people assumed that the song was named 'So Freakin' - you can even find the song as 'So Freakin' on Shazam!
Do you think there's any difference in how you prepare for a big festival versus an intimate club setting?
The good thing about my sound is that it works for super big festival crowds but also in smaller clubs. Of course it’s a different approach but both ways I’m able to my music, my style, which is super important to me.
Any big thoughts that go through your head 15 minutes before you go on stage?
Not really, no. Just trying to be relaxed.  
If you and Laidback Luke are playing a show together, who gets to play S.A.X.?
Both!!! But honestly, when I first played shows before Luke, I asked him if I could play S.A.X., and he was like 'Yes, of course! We made it together!'
Anything special about playing a Super You & Me show?
I feel like people are super into it. I don’t know if it’s just because of the costumes or what, but Luke has a massive fan base.  People are really into the music, and they’re coming for more than just a good party.
Do you think Dr. Who! is the song that burst you onto the scene?
It was the first song where big DJs like Tiesto messaged me on Twitter. Afrojack even texted me to see if the song was released because he wanted to sign it. After Dr. Who!, a lot of people asked me to collaborate (Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke) so it was definitely a big push for my career.
Will we get to hear it (‘Dr. Who!’) tonight?  
Honestly, I think Dr. Who! is one of the songs I like the most. I think there was never a party where I didn’t play it. I think I've listened to that song more than 2,000 times and I still like to play it!
Do you have any favorite collaborations?
Making S.A.X. with Luke was one of the best collaborations because we spent a lot of time together talking about the track and music in general.  He was really into it whereas a lot of DJs or producers are not. He was like, “Oh no, let’s do this here, lets change that, let’s add this here...”  Honestly, I was really nervous when I met Luke for the first time.  I met him at the airport in New York and he came up to me and said, “Hey, you are Tujamo!” and I was like, “oh man, you are Laidback Luke!” That was sick!
Do you think you learned from him production-wise?
Of course, yeah. I try to learn from every single artist. I learned a lot from Chris Lake – he is an amazing, amazing producer. What makes Luke really interesting is that he dedicates his whole life to music. He’s very active on Twitter and gives great advice. I respect that a lot.
Any big plans for 2016?
I’m working on a collaboration with Martin Solveig and Diplo. I'm a huge fan of Diplo. He texted me one day and said, “let’s do something together” and I said, “Who’s there?” and he said “Diplo.” I thought it was a joke. But it was real and then we started working on something! Of course, there’s my upcoming single on Spinnin’ Records called ‘Drop That Low (When I Dip)’, which is going to be released on March 21st. And a whole array of new originals are on their way as well. Really looking forward to this year!

Get excited for MMW with Tujamo and Danny Avila’s b2b CREAM Miami mix and be sure to catch them both at Set Nightclub on Wednesday, March 16th as they present CREAM ft. Deniz Koyu, Jewelz and Sparks, and special guests! Tickets available here!

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