Phuture Noize Celebrates Black Mirror Society

Jun 12, 2018
Phuture Noize Celebrates Black Mirror Society
Phuture Noize, one of hardstyle’s rising stars, has just released his second solo album: Black Mirror Society. With his unique sound, a blend of the euphoric and the darker ‘raw’ side of hardstyle, Phuture Noize managed to play at some of the biggest events such as Qlimax and Defqon.1. To celebrate the release of his new album, we sat down with him to talk about the story behind Black Mirror Society and his plans for 2018.
You’ve just released Black Mirror Society on Q-dance Records. What’s the story behind your second solo album?
I wrote Black Mirror Society to talk about the landscape of society nowadays. It’s about the real and fake (internet) lives people live and how they are constantly manipulated to generate a more interesting fake life just to make money for big companies. I tried creating tracks that resonate my feelings towards this by integrating storylines where I can connect with like-minded people as well as trigger those that have a different mindset.
If you had to choose, what’s your favorite track of the album?
I don’t really have a favourite to be honest. I also would rather not influence people’s listening experience by having one. I really do like how the title track came out though, it is the only track on the album that exactly came to be as how I envisioned it before I started it. Most of the others changed a little bit along the way.
You’re one of the most popular hardstyle artists of the moment. What’s the secret behind your success?
It’s hard to say, sometimes I still can’t comprehend the success. I feel like people really appreciate the fact that I am trying to be real. There are a lot of fake hardstyle acts that are the product of marketing, based on pure entertainment. I like to see myself as an artist who thrives on creating music as an art form. I think that creates a more intense connection with the listeners and makes the music feel more alive.
Hardstyle is one of those music genres that has an incredibly dedicated fan base. Not only in Holland, but also in places like Chile and Australia. How would you describe the hardstyle community?
They really live for it, they follow every artist in the scene even when they don’t really like them. Everyone wants to stay up to date with everything that is being done and they want to get really involved with the artists. It’s lovely to see that the listeners are sometimes just as dedicated as the producers. That creates such an amazing atmosphere at events and really makes it something that stands out from different genres. Almost everyone who dislikes hardstyle at first changes their opinion after visiting a hardstyle event.
What is it that makes hardstyle so unique?
In my opinion it’s the perfect combination of energy and emotion. Although the base of hardstyle is this simple four by four kickdrum rhythm, it holds so much musical diversity and emotion. That’s really unique. The community around it makes it even more special.
We saw that you’re doing your first Black Mirror Society album showcase at Defqon.1. Sounds pretty epic! Got anything special in store for us?
Of course! I am going to launch a new visual show there in addition to showcasing the album and making some special edits of my older stuff in the style of my new album. It definitely is going to be something different than a Phuture Noize DJ set.
As a young guy who made it to the top of his scene, you’re probably an inspiration to many aspiring producers. What advice would you give to those that want to be a successful DJ/producer?
Focus on creating and playing great music rather than wanting to be successful as soon as possible; social media is overrated and good music will always speak for itself. If you are really good at what you do, people will notice and eventually even pay for it.
Phuture Noize's album Black Mirror Society is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today!
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