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One On One With Fedde Le Grand

Nov 03, 2016
One On One With Fedde Le Grand
During ADE we had a chance to catch up with Fedde Le Grand before his ADE Darklight Sessions Party. Featuring a diverse lineup including Kryder and surprise guests Nicky Romero and Armin van Buuren, the party was one of the can’t miss events during ADE. Only a few hours earlier we were lucky enough to catch Fedde perform and showcase another side of his music profile in an intimate environment as he closed out day one of the Armada Invites ADE Special. As a staple in the house music scene, and given all the excitement that was going on that day, we had lots to talk about. Enjoy a deeper look into Fedde’s world as you groove away to his special live compilation of the best moments of ADE.
We were lucky enough to catch you at the Armada Invites [tracklist], which was a much more intimate setting and featured an awesome, more old school set from you.
Yeah that was a nice little set. That's where I started. That's how I started. Actually there are three places in the world maybe that I usually do a set like that. There is a place is Sofia, Yalta, maybe you know it? Fuck, it's awesome. I play five or six hours there usually and the people are up for anything. With all these little pop up things, you never know, but if it goes off, it can be awesome. Even though it was small, it was super nice.
What's it like picking the lineup for your ADE Darklight Sessions event?
It's great. It's always a little bit of everything. A lot of people don't know him, but Leroy Styles was such an inspiration for me back when I just started. He's a fucking amazing DJ. I really wanted to give him a spotlight tonight but unfortunately he had a family emergency. Luckily one of the all-time Dutch heroes will be there to save the night, ROOG, I've had him out before on previous Darklight Sessions and he just always kills it. And then Zilverstep is on now. He's just a great talent and was happy to give an opportunity to.  Watermat I had out a few years ago for a Darklight Sessions, actually the first one we did in this venue ('Het Sieraad') and he completely blew all of us away with an amazing solid set so I'm super excited to have him on again. We've got Kryder this year which I'm super excited about, he just always brings it and I'm very happy he's onboard for this years edition. Sultan + Shepard and I have actually been friends since 2006. I was playing in Montreal and there were these guys outside of the club when I came out. The promoters told me that they were some local up and comers so I checked out some of their music and there was one track on the USB stick I got that I just absoutely loved.
What track is it?
I'm not even sure if they released it, to be honest. They did a Moby bootleg, and I still play it sometimes. That track kept us in contact and next time I was around I went to their studio. Just such nice guys.
When we were talking to Ned Shepard earlier who mentioned you guys started on another track together.
Yes that's true. I can tell you this, Ned came up with this sample idea... We are not through all the clearances yet, so I won't tell you any details on the sample, but after he showed the sample to me, I checked it out and did and worked like crazy on it. Now we're sending it back and forth and it should be there pretty quickly. Working on a lot of other super exciting stuff though, for instance a new collaboration with Ida Corr which is literally fire!
What's the next step with the Darklight concept?
We kind of want to expand with the events. The thing is, I made a lot of changes on the back end of things this year as we look forward to a lot of things and we're trying to expand the concept in the next year. We may even try and expand into hosting a few stages at festivals. I have a full show here in Holland, which is called GRAND, which I would love to take international. But it's such an elaborate show that we're currently working out how it's all gonna work. It's gonna be good for sure!! Next to that I'd love to do more with Darklight as well, like I said, seeing what we can do at festivals, etc. Guys like Daft Punk, Eric Prydz, Justice have always inspired me and I'm hoping to be able to create something that will one day be just as iconic, that would be an ultimate dream.
What was the inspiration for "Down On Me," which has been a huge track for you this year?
What I wanted to do with the album, I'm one of those guys who's not caught in one genre, I never wanted to be that artist from the get go, so that album takes you through the full scope of where I'm comfortable. From pop tracks to housey tracks to, I'm not sure if it's full on progressive, but it kind of just felt right. "Down On Me" has a mellow-y feel to it, but it still works. That's why I was so happy with it and it ended up on the album as well. A friend of mine here in Holland did the vocals and it came out right. I really like it.
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