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EDX Reflects On His Successful 2016

Oct 12, 2016
EDX Reflects On His Successful 2016
EDX has had a massive year and continued to build momentum from one hit track to the next. Ahead of his next run of touring in the U.S., he provides his perspective behind several of his recent tracks and discusses his summer, which included a No Xcuses residency at Privilege in Ibiza.
Your Ibiza Sunrise Remix of “Roadkill” was for sure one of the songs of the summer. When you were producing that remix, did you feel like you were on to something that would be so well received by both fans and DJs?
I was always in love with my 2008 take, and I always knew this one might be even bigger as it was fresher and more adult to me. It’s really working well in all my sets at festivals as well as club gigs. In general, it’s simply a great feeling to get all of this great feedback from the crowd, especially in this case, where my previous mix was big back in the day.
What led you to go back and rework the track for a second time?
It was just a feeling I always had with that track. I made that remix in 2008 and it put me on the map in many ways. I felt like it was time to make a new version, now that my music is more edgy and appeals to a bigger crowd.
Following up on your “Sugar” and “Bang!” remixes and even older remixes of Adam K and ATB, what does titling a remix as an “Ibiza Sunrise Remix” mean to you?
It’s the feeling in the remix. Many years back, I started to use that titling to just differentiate my remixes in my own way. Today, the Ibiza Sunrise mixes are still some of my favorites.
What was the process of taking “Omertà” from a vocal laden song to the instrumental track that is now out?
I was really trying to get a nice vocal on this. I got to a point where I felt it was the right moment to share “Omertà” with my fans. We’ve achieved a lot together and my fans simply deserved this. Maybe I’ll go back and try to record a vocal one day in the near future…
Can you talk a little about the inspiration and production process for “My Friend”? How’d you pick that vocal sample and build the track around it?
It was just a coincidence. I was working on a more groovy tune - something for the clubs that could still be worked into a festival set too. I had that original sample from back in the day, and I had only put it on this song as a reference to see how that might work with the EDX vibe and sound. It simply was a great match. When I reached out to my team and label to chase for a new nice vocal, they convinced me to try to clear that version with the previous writers and it was approved right away! Lucky moment for me.
How was your No Xcuses residency in Ibiza this summer? Did you have a favorite show there this year? Are there any aspects of those shows that you try and bring with you to your shows across the globe?
Ibiza, No Xcuses, Privilege, Nora En Pure and the fans together were simply AMAZING. It was a great start with a weekly residency on the white island for us. Hard work, but a huge, touching experience for all of us. So proud of what we were able to achieve together.
Looking into your sets at the moment, what are two or three must play artists or tracks for you? Do you have a favorite track of your own to play in your sets currently?
I play a lot of EDX tracks and tunes from my fellow Helvetic Nerds in my sets. My favorite tunes this summer: Armand Van Helden - “Wings,” Bingo Players - “Cry (Just A Little)” (Atrak & Phantoms Remix), and EDX - “Roadkill.”
As we are getting closer and closer to episode 300 of No Xcuses, what can listeners expect for the milestone episode?
To be sincere, I don’t know. I will go with the flow. We are chasing and trying to get the fans involved with song suggestions to be included in the show. We’ve already received over 100 submissions so far. Let’s see where this goes!
You can check out EDX's October tour dates below and find a comprehensive listing here. Make sure to connect with EDX on social media to suggest tracks for his landmark 300th No Xcuses radio show!
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