Richard Judge: Powerful Vocals & House Music

Mar 13, 2018
Richard Judge: Powerful Vocals & House Music
Richard Judge is an insanely talented vocalist, whose style works perfectly in deep house as evidenced by hits like “Show Me Love” with Robin Schulz and “Disarray” with Tube & Berger. His performances offer unique live vocals which originated through his indie band career and enable Richard to stand out in today’s electronic music landscape. “Lonely” is Richard’s latest track, a more melancholy vibe out now on disco:wax, and provides a great contrast to Richard’s house style in his club sets. Read on to learn more about Richard and his latest track!
Congrats on the release of “Lonely” Richard! Can you take us back to the start of the production and discuss the initial inspiration and sketch for the production as well as your mindset heading into the songwriting?
Hey! Thanks a lot. “Lonely” was an idea that I had in my mind for a little while. I had this one line and melody floating around, “I don’t wanna have to love then leave you lonely.” It came from a conversation I was having with a friend about relationships and being on the road, and I guess the fear of getting close to someone knowing you’d have to leave them all the time.
So I knew exactly what the song part was going to be and I sat down and played it on piano in a session I had in Berlin with the two guys I worked on it with, Filo and Sipho, and they loved it. 

How’d the track come together from there?
We came up with the idea to do something really vibey and clubby with the production to sit against the melancholy of the lyrics and chords. We played around with some sounds and I knew that I wanted to do something quite urban with the drop and have all these really organic sounds to go with the acoustic piano I’d recorded. I think it turned out great!
How has the track been fitting into your sets and what’s the reception been like?
I’ve been playing it at the end of my sets and it’s been going down a storm! I play a lot of house music when I DJ so to bring it down to just a piano intro is a real contrast, but what I love about this track is as somber as the verses are, when it gets it to drop it really bangs hard in a club! It’s a lot of fun to perform. I love it!
Can you tell us some more about your live sets and the challenges of doing a DJ set with live vocals?
I love to play as a DJ, and I love house music. But I come from a live band background, I love to sing live and I love to really perform. So I try to bring all of that together with my shows. A mix of house music with a lot of edits alongside performing my own songs with live vocals and keys. It’s something I’m constantly building and it’s getting more and more exciting for me.
The response to “Show Me Love” has beten absolutely mental! When you were working on the track, did you have any idea that it could get this big? What has the response to the track been like through your eyes?
I had no idea that it was going to do what it has done for me. The past two years have been a rollercoaster and I owe it do that song. What I love about it is I wrote it on my own, in my bedroom when I wasn’t doing music as a job. I just wrote it because I was inspired to write it. And through all the TV stuff, the touring, the people I’ve met along the way, the crazy parties and everything else I got to do on the journey of that song, I always remember that. It’s like a reminder that I do this for the love and nothing else. The other bits are just a nice bonus. Of course I have to shout out to my man Robin for taking the song and doing his thing with it and for bringing me on such a fun ride with him! Massive respect to him.

You’ve worked with some incredible artists in the past including Sam Feldt, Tube & Berger, and Nic Fanciulli. Do you see any tracks with some of those guys in the future? Are there any other artists with whom you hope to work one day?
Yeah it’s been great writing songs for people and featuring and playing with some really cool people. Especially Tube & Berger who I saw at Tomorrowland in 2014 for the first time and it was after that when I told my manager I’d love to work with them. We sent some music and fortunately it happened with the first track that we did, “Disarray.” But I didn’t expect that we’d end up making a whole bunch of music together and become such good friends! I’ve been touring on and off with them the past couple of years too, and it’s been ridiculously fun.
Aside from “Lonely” and “Show Me Love,” what’s another track you are particularly proud of and why?
I’m really proud of all of the new stuff I have lined up. You haven’t seen the best of me yet, it’s all to come. That’s what keeps me so focused and excited. I know what’s around the corner… and I can’t wait to share it.
How are the next few months shaping up for you? Any big touring plans?
Right now I’m home in London for the first time in weeks. It was a crazy start to the year. I played my first shows in Asia, I was in Nashville writing, and I played in Portugal and Russia and I’ve just gotten back from a writing trip in Berlin. So next for me is a proper pint of English Ale in a London pub. But after that it’s straight back to work. More time in the studio, some shows in the spring and most exciting of all, lining up my next singles. It’s going to be a great year!
You can buy or stream your copy of “Lonely” today! 
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