Sep 22, 2016

Behind The ShowKaaze EP

Rising Swedish star Kaaze joins us to discuss his recent ShowKaaze EP released on Revealed Recordings. Get to know Kaaze with this latest showcase of music while he breaks down each track, his production approach and his recent Revealed Radio Episode.
How do the songs come together to form a cohesive EP? Is there a uniting theme?
I wanted to make an EP that represented me as a producer and what I stand for. There is no theme picture behind it, it's more of a showcase, therefore I named it ShowKaaze.
How did you come to work with Stu Gabriel on “Freedom”? What about his voice stands out to you? How did the vocal factor into the production process of this track?
I love Stu Gabriel’s voice! It really touches you when you listen to it! I got the topline from Stu and one of my songwriters, Ivar. There was no production behind the vocal, so I produced the whole track based off of the vocal. Most of the time, DJs gets a vocal topline after they're done with the instrumental, but I like to create songs based on the vibe of the vocal. I think you give the vocal what it deserves by doing that!
Can you talk about the inspiration behind “Sin City” and what it was like having “Sin City” premiered on Hardwell On Air?
My main idea for "Sin City" was to make a song that was a mix between hard electro elements and my personal signature sounds. It was the track that took the longest time to make on the EP, but I'm really happy how the final result turned out!
I think it was an awesome idea of Hardwell to play "Sin City" one week before the main premiere as an "ID track." I saw such amazing feedback from people and most of them even figured out that it was my track, which is a great sign!
How’d you decide to use the vocal sample in “Wild Summer” and how did it fit your vision for the track?
“Wild Summer” had this funky summer vibe to it, and I was playing around with a ton of different vocals before I decided to go with the final vocal. It took me quite some time to finish the vocal since I needed to melodyne & Autotune almost the whole vocal to make it fit, but it turned out how I wanted it and that vocal really brought that extra funky vibe!
On Spotify, the Orchestra Mix of ShowKaaze concludes the EP. Can you talk about including that and showcasing a different side to your productions?
I really enjoy making orchestral sounds and I wanted to show people that side of me as well. I also wanted to give people the option of using it as maybe an intro for their sets or something like that. Revealed & I added that track kind of like a bonus to the EP!
What track on your EP has been your favorite to play live? Have any elicited a particularly strong reaction?
I'm very happy and proud of all of the songs on the EP, but my personal favorite is "Freedom." The song has a big meaning and a lot of feelings behind it. That’s why I decided to make a music video for that song! “Freedom” is also the most popular song of the EP, and that makes me really happy because that’s the song that represents my personal sound the most!
You recently made one of the latest Revealed Radio episodes [tracklist here]. Can you talk about the process for selecting tracks and including so many of your own mashups?
The week before my Revealed Radio takeover, I was a special guest on Hardwell On Air for the premiere of my EP. I decided to add some of my own mashups to the mix and I got such amazing feedback for my mashup,s so when I did Revealed Radio I added some more KAAZEmashups to give people what they wanted. I like to add mashups to mixes because it gets more personal and interesting, and also it's a good way to showcase to people what they can expect when they hear you live.
What else should we be on the lookout for from you this fall?
Right now I'm finishing a lot of new solo tracks, especially one track that I'm really excited to show the world. It's one of my new favorites! I'm also finishing some awesome collaborations with some of my favorite DJs! Hardwell and I are finishing our collaboration as well. We both have been playing it the whole summer and the feedback has been absolutely mind-blowing!! I can't give any information on when it’s going to be released yet, but when the day comes it will be awesome!
If you want to hear more from Kaaze, be sure to check out his recent BALR guest mix. We've got the mix and tracklist for you here.
Connect with Kaaze: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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