Jack Wins: Rising To The Forefront

Apr 19, 2018
Jack Wins: Rising To The Forefront
Jack Wins is one of the hottest producers at the moment. While he may have been flying under some people’s radars over the past year, his recent string of releases and exciting future are sure to land him on all dance music fans’ maps! The quality of his productions are without measure, and in February he dropped his official remix of Kygo’s track “Never Let You Go,” with which Kygo is opening many of his tour shows. Quickly following that up, in March he achieved a very important personal milestone as he joined the Axtone Family with his release of “Freewheelin’.” From there, it’s only been up! He’s played some landmark shows including Medusa Festival in Mexico, has his first release on AFTR:HRS approaching imminently, and promises a summer to remember! There was no better time to catch up with Jack and get a snapshot into his world.
How did you approach your Exclusive Mix and how does the track selection compare to your live sets at the moment?
Just really selecting tunes that I'm really into :) I always kind of try to give a quick 'summary' of the kind of stuff I'd play in a longer set, so the mix just keeps building and building. Starting more vocal groovy stuff to more clubby tracks towards the end :)  

Can you highlight three tracks or artists included in your Exclusive Mix and why they stand out to you?
CID – “Werk.” Always been a big fan of Mr. CID. Great guy, great producer (some people say we kind of look alike lol). This track just kills it – the energy is immense! Dropped this at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester and it went off!!
Piem – “Commandments” (Alaia & Gallo Remix). Great groovy track that reminds me of the 2005 era. I can see this being played a lot over the summer by the house guys.
Promised Land – “Like This.” Makes you kind of go loopy haha. Great energy :)  

We’ve got to start our look at your productions with the incredible “Freewheelin’”! The reception has been absolutely massive across all platforms, but what has the response been like through your eyes? Is there a most meaningful response or measure of the track’s success to you?
Yeah it's nice to see so much positive response from different clubbers and DJs! You know – I always find that a tricky one – you see all these big DJs playing it in their radio shows/podcasts and getting added to big playlists, but to me the biggest impact is when you play it out and see some people singing along to it. To me it can't get more real than that. It's very easy nowadays to get lost in all these stats and everything, but dance music is about people connecting with each other on the dancefloor through music :)  

Axtone has just released a full remix package for “Freewheelin’” as well! Do you have a favorite of the bunch? What do you like about that artist’s take?
Let me first say that they are all super strong remixes – big up to Edd at Axtone for the amazing A&Ring and to the producers for really nailing them! It broadens the reach of the track more into 'clubland.' For my set I love Nico de Andrea's remix – it has this cool techy/electro kind of vibe and gives it a cool darker spin.  

You made a really special video detailing your career and becoming a part of the Axtone family with the release and since then you’ve also had the chance to play the Axtone stage at Medusa Festival in Mexico. Can you tell us a little bit more about what becoming a part of the Axtone family and this milestone performance mean to you?
Well, as mentioned in the video, it has taken me many years to get to where I am today and through that journey both Axwell and Axtone have played a big influence on me as a DJ/producer. To many DJs, especially the ones that have been around for a while, Axwell & Axtone stand for real quality and are very particular in what they sign: quality over quantity. To get this kind of 'seal of approval' after years of hard work means a lot to me. Being able to play alongside Kryder, Tom Staar, D.O.D, etc. on the Axtone stage at Medusa Festival was great. Great to play for such a dedicated crowd, see the other guys play and also getting to know them personally really makes you feel like part of the family.  

What was it like doing an official remix [Free Download] of Kygo and working with John Newman’s vocal? What an opportunity! How do you feel that you’ve made the track your own?
It was a lot of fun to do! It was really nice for Kygo and his manager to reach out and basically say that we want you to do this remix as we feel it fits your sound perfectly! And it did! What is even more amazing is that he opens his 'Kids In Love' tour with it! They invited me to the London show to see it for myself – to see that crowd go crazy was an amazing feeling. I have a lot of respect for Kyrre. He is an amazing musician! John Newman's vocals are a pure treat to work with – always been on my wishlist. Hopefully we can do an original sometime!    

“Feel My Love” just got a massive premiere by Oliver Heldens – what’s the excitement level for your debut release on AFTR:HRS?
Yeah that was a pleasant surprise – didn't even know it was sent to him and then BOOM! Haha yeah it's a real honour to have something on Tiësto's house imprint. I remember playing an early demo to his label manager and he said, “Finish that off, I think Tiësto will really like it.” And luckily he did :)  

Looking closer at “Feel My Love,” can you take us through the production going from its initial inspiration to final tweaks?
So I had a studio session booked with Rae Hall (features on DJ SKT – “Take Me Away”) and Eddie Jenkins (co-writer Galantis – “Tell Me You Love Me”) and I knew what Rae Hall was about vocally and what kind of house music she likes. With this in mind I came up with some chord progression ideas beforehand. In the studio we agreed that we wanted to capture the soulful house vibe from the early 2000s so we wrote the lyrics based around that. Within half a day we were done with all of the vocals and a rough layout. I then took it to my studio and did the production. As we had this kind of classic house vibe, I wanted to give a bit of a modern twist. When the final version went to Tiësto, no real tweaks were requested, which is always a nice compliment!  

What’s on the horizon for you as we inch closer towards summer? Are there any specific goals you’d like to accomplish this year?
There are some exciting gigs lining up at major festivals such as Creamfields and another HUGE one (to be announced very soon). I'd like to really establish myself this year through consistent quality releases on Axtone and I also want to do a couple of more clubby records for the DJs to also show my diversity as a producer.
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