Taking Some Time With Quiet Disorder

Mar 05, 2018
Taking Some Time With Quiet Disorder
We caught up with veteran duo Quiet Disorder to celebrate their latest release “Time” on disco:wax. Lars and Mike gave us a great look into the production process and importance of Em Applegren’s vocals, and also shared their insights on bringing their trademark Quiet Disorder sound to their official remix of pop hit “Wait” by Martin Jensen.

Hey guys, it’s a pleasure to have you on the site today, we’re big fans of your work with Pegboard Nerds! Could you start us off by talking about your musical background, training, and career up to this point?
Thank you, happy to be here! We have both been DJs since the 90s and have been messing around with synths and computers since early childhood almost! We met about 10 years ago through a mutual friend and we made a couple of tracks together as the three of us. Later we started doing more stuff together, and at the same time we did some solo tracks, mostly tech house and some deep house stuff, and after awhile we started doing some remixes and more melodic stuff again. That’s when we started talking about maybe starting a project name for it, since it there was not much left from the styles we used to do under our own names, so Quiet Disorder was born!

A short time after we got asked by Alex from Pegboard Nerds to try remix their track “Downhearted” as they were working on a remix EP for the Pink Cloud EP. That went well and we ended up doing a couple of more remixes for them and eventually the collaborations that are released so far.

Let’s look closer at “Time.” What was the initial inspiration for the track, and what did the first versions look like?
Mike: Let me take this one! The track came to life when I was migrating from Logic Pro to Ableton Live. I was sitting for two days just playing around trying to learn effects, instruments, tools and other stuff. The track didn’t sound anything like it sounds today, it was actually a moombahton inspired song from the start and I sent it to Lars and asked.. “Can we work with this?” and he did a couple of sessions and sent the project back and we thought that something was missing. So we thought about putting a vocal on it, and I got the idea that we should try Em out. Said and done, we wrote the lyrics and sent it over to Em and she wanted to be a part of the project without hesitating!

After the vocal was recorded and the track mixed, it took about seven months before we listened to it again and at that time we had developed so much into the bass house genre and we just looked at each other and said, “Let’s make something different with this vocal.” And here we are.

So the vocal turned out to be the missing piece to the puzzle?
Yup! As we said we thought something was missing, and from the beginning we had this glitchie edited repitched vocal melody in the background that actually sounds a lot like Em’s voice.

What do you guys like most Em Appelgren’s voice and what makes it so well suited for this track?
Her voice in this track is perfect since she is able to express so many feelings using certain tones and bending. It definitely fits the cinematic sound, progressions and buildups.

You guys recently did a big remix of Martin Jensen – “Wait.” How’d you approach that one? What elements of the original did you want to preserve and how do you feel that you’ve made the track your own?
Lars: It started actually as a bootleg idea that I was just trying out for a DJ edit to use in my sets. I really like the original, great pop track! When I figured out that it might become something worth finishing, we pitched the label and got the stems for it. I think we used a lot from the original stems in the intro and breaks to keep really true to the original, but the drop is 100% Quiet Disorder! And I think that we managed to balance the crazy Quiet Disorder drops and the beautiful vibes from the original in a cool way! Really happy how it turned out!

Who has been your favorite artist(s) to work with in the past and who do you hope to work with one day? Why?
Lars: Working with Pegboard Nerds is always fun! I have always dreamt about doing a track with Maxi Jazz from Faithless! KSHMR also is one amazing producer I’m really fond of and would not mind working with!
Mike: Oh! that is so hard to answer... I don’t really favorite anyone, and there are so many talented artists, producers and songwriters out there that I gladly see Quiet Disorder collabing with in the future.

How’s the rest of 2018 shaping up? Are there any big goals for Quiet Disorder this year?
2018 is shaping up really nice with a lot of new music in the pipeline. Actually planning on releasing our first ever EP with a collection of tracks that we have been sitting on for a while and some new ones and we have a few new singles with different vocalists ready as well. And yes, there are a couple of new collabs with Pegboard Nerds that need to be finished!  

Quiet Disorder ft. Em Applegren – Time is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today!
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