100 Episodes of Armada Night Radio

Apr 19, 2016
100 Episodes of Armada Night Radio
Rogier de Kreuk discusses Armada Night Radio, including what it's like to reach the 100th episode milestone and having a highly renowned artists as co-hosts and Gareth Emery guest mixing the special episode. The co-hosts include Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Gareth Emery, John Dahlback, Andrew Rayel, Lost Frequencies, Mike Hawkins, and W&W. 
Can you describe your role with Armada Night Radio?
We (Ruben & Rogier) check what tracks will fit the show every week, arrange guest mixers, make a tracklist, and record the show including Ruben hosting it. Pretty much from A to Z. At first, Ruben was doing it alone, and Rogier has been involved from episode 90.
How did you guys decide on the format (30 minutes of the best of Armada imprints, 20 minute guest mix, and three tracks from the Armada Stream 40)?
Well, first of all, we want to share the newest Armada Music releases and give a podium for artists from the label to do a guest mix. A mix of Armada Music new tracks followed up by a guest mixer to end the show with 3 tracks that might have been on the show earlier, but are worth playing again is - in our opinion - the perfect format for a one hour show. The goal is that by building up the show like this, it is easy to listen to while still being diverse and bringing the newest music.
How do you select tracks for the show?
We check on what we're releasing and what records will create a nice flow in the mix. The best trick is here Mixed in Key that sorts the record on BPM as well as the key. 
With such a wide range of genres for choosing music, how are you guys able to successfully organize tracks and create a flow for the show?
Yeah that is sometimes difficult as the records and the mix sometimes goes from 100BPM chill out in the first record to Who's Afraid Of 138?! trance in track 10. Creating the flow sometimes comes with a slight headache when the range is like this ;-)
How do you select the Tune of the Week?
We check on what record has been doing really well in the reactions we get on the show, as well as how the record is climbing in the Armada Music Stream 40. Upon that, we decide the Tune of the Week.
What moods or activities do you think listening to Armada Night Radio is best suited for?
Pre-party on your Friday or Saturday night. It's the perfect show to get in the mood before going to clubs or festivals :)
Do you have any personal favorite episodes?
I think a 100th episode with these names as being co-hosts of the show...Not sure if it could get more special than that.

How does it feel to reach this milestone?
This feels great, time flies when having fun.
What do you think is in store for the Armada label and Armada Night Radio show in the future?
Lots of new music all over the dance music spectrum!
How were the co-hosts for this episode chosen? What do they mean to the show?
The co-hosts are all affiliated to Armada Music as a label. Personally, I think it's very special to have them on the show. What do they mean to the show? Everything, because these are some of the biggest artists we have played records from on the show. It's a huge honor that they're part of the 100th episode.
How was Gareth selected to do the guest mix?
Being a trance legend for years, we think he's perfect to be on the 100th episode guest mix. Make sure to check out his amazing guest mix as well as his recently released album 100 Reasons To Live.
How has the show changed since the first episode? How has it stayed the same?
Did the show change? Not really, still the same format. Music? The music on the show changes constantly.
Do the changes parallel the changes in the Armada label itself?
Well, music is changing constantly in general, so this will automatically affect the label and, in the end, Armada Night Radio as a radio show.

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 #Artist - Title (Remix)
Full tracklist info available at ARMADA MUSIC - Armada Night Radio 100 (Gareth Emery Guest Mix) 2016-04-19
Androma - Kaya (Boy Kiss Girl Remix) [ARMADA DEEP]
TDanN (7.9k)
7 Pre-Save
HRRSN - Vegitate
TDanN (7.9k)
1 Pre-Save
Qulinez & Sex Panther - In My Arms [ARMADA]
TDanN (7.9k)
14 Pre-Save
Noah Neiman & We Are Rome ft. Corey Ferrugia - Paradise [IN MY OPINION]
TDanN (7.9k)
18 Pre-Save
Justin Prime - Insane [SKINK]
TDanN (7.9k)
54 Save
Sidney Samson ft. MC Roga - Ready For Action [ARMADA TRICE]
TDanN (7.9k)
32 Pre-Save
Gareth Emery ft. Wayward Daughter - Reckless (Gareth Emery & Luke Bond Remix) [GARUDA]
TDanN (7.9k)
46 Save
Ruben de Ronde X Rodg ft. Louise Rademakers - Leave A Light On [STATEMENT!]
TDanN (7.9k)
27 Save
DJ Isaac & Crystal Lake - Pirates [ARMADA TRICE]
TDanN (7.9k)
40 Pre-Save
Protoculture - Ulvetanna [ARMADA CAPTIVATING]
TDanN (7.9k)
39 Pre-Save
Gareth Emery Guest Mix
Gareth Emery ft. Wayward Daughter - Reckless [GARUDA]
ems7nc (6.5k)
50 Save
Boom Jinx & Aruna - Light As A Feather (Matt Fax Remix) [ANJUNABEATS]
TDanN (7.9k)
33 Save
Christina Novelli & Lanos - Home [GARUDA]
TDanN (7.9k)
21 Pre-Save
Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge pres. CVNT5 - CVNT5 [GARUDA]
TDanN (7.9k)
112 Save
Kyau & Albert - About The Sun [ANJUNABEATS]
TDanN (7.9k)
60 Save
Armada Stream 40: Highest New Entry
TDanN (7.9k)
50 Pre-Save
Tune Of The Week
Neumodel ft. Sirius Trema - DiCaprio On Acid [THE BEARDED MAN (ARMADA)]
TDanN (7.9k)
3 Pre-Save
Number #1
W&W ft. Sophia Ayana - How Many [MAINSTAGE (ARMADA)]
TDanN (7.9k)
172 Save