Albert Neve's Exclusive Mix

Oct 06, 2016
Albert Neve's Exclusive Mix
Albert Neve joins us to showcase his eclectic taste, diverse sounds, and energy in his Exclusive Mix & story. Celebrating a busy 2016 which has seen him release twice on Musical Freedom, tour globally, and launch a new weekly two hour radio show in Spain with Abel Ramos, Albert Neve’s Exclusive Mix gives listeners a look into his live sets. Dance away and enjoy as he highlights some his own creations in his story and gears up for ADE!
How did you approach your Exclusive Mix?
I tried to show listeners a look into my live sets. I can't showcase my biggest ID yet, but I put in a lot of private mashups that I play in my sets and like a lot.
Can you highlight two tracks/artists included in your mix and why they stand out to you?
One is a mashup I included. It's really funny because on Sundays I use to go to a party here in Barcelona that is only hip hop and R&B music. I like to go there because it's full of people and friends who I like to see and I get to hear all the big R&B and hip hop tracks that I would otherwise miss. One of those Sundays I heard a track that I really loved - A$AP Ferg ft. Future - “New Level.” Suddenly the idea came to my mind to mix it with "Fcukin Beats" by Laidback Luke & TWOLOUD. At that moment I was there and I just started singing in my head, “Rock the fuckin beats, rock the fucking beats, rock, rock, rock…” I arrived home that night with a couple of drinks, which I'm sure helped me to get a spark, did the mashup in like five minutes, and it really works in my sets!
I also want to highlight the new track from Nari & Milani, two Italian guys whose productions I love, and Hiisak - “Copacabana.” For me it's a really nice track because it helps me to change things up in my sets. What I tried to show in my guest mix is that I don't only play EDM or bass house or whatever because I'm so eclectic, I like to change. I always try to mix it up. That track helps me change from more EDM tracks to more tribal, house-y tracks. I really like it; I love the groove.
Do you have a favorite original track/remix/bootleg/edit you included in the mix? Why?
I included my last track with Abel Ramos - “Party” and the other track we released on Musical Freedom - “Let The Bass Be Louder.” For that one, we made a mashup to play at festivals where we changed the break and put in the classic “Insomnia” by Faithless and it fits perfectly. It’s our go-to when we get lost in the playlist searching for a track thinking what can we play now or looking to really set the crowd off.
I also put my latest track for HoTL records, Yas Cepeda - “Empirico” (Albert Neve Drums Remix). A long time ago I used to produce more tech house, more tribal, more grooves, so when my friend David Tort asked me to remix one of the tracks of his label, I decided to go back in the direction I produced a long time ago and I’m really happy with the result! And as I mentioned earlier, I used “Copacabana” to transition towards this track in the mix.
Now you’re playing at David Tort’s event during ADE right?
Yes, I’m playing the HoTL party at No. 129. It’s going to be an awesome party for sure. All of my friends who are there will come and it will be insane! Every year I go to the whole ADE, but this year I have a lot of work and can only be at ADE Wednesday - Friday. Thursday is my big day full of meetings, Friday I have interviews with different media, and then I have to be back in Barcelona on Friday because I’m playing there Friday night!
What else do you have going on the rest of this year?
Lots of good events and next week I’m going back to India! I haven’t played there for a while, but I love that country and I’m really looking forward to that shows!

I have a new track with Abel Ramos which we are really hoping can be signed as a new release on a major label. And if I have the time, I want to finish up my original single. I recorded the vocals previously and have the demo, but I haven’t found the right moment to work on the track. This summer during some flights, I tried to rescue the project and work on it, but it’s not all there. I said to myself to wait until the end of the summer and now I think I’m ready. I know where I want to take the track, the vocals are just awesome. I can tell you the name of the track - “Interstellar.” Just like the movie. I’m a big fan of sci-fi and love everything related to sci-fi too. I loved when I saw the movie for the first time. I decided to work on a track where the lyrics refer to things that will remind people of the movie for sure.
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Full tracklist info available at Albert Neve - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2016-10-06
TWOLOUD & Konih - Gimme Some More (Extended Mix) [MUSICAL FREEDOM]
74x 0x 2x
Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love (David Puentez VIP Edit) [STMPD]
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Madison Mars vs. Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Milky (Albert Neve Mashup)
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Laidback Luke & Twoloud vs. A$ap Ferg & Future - Rock The New Level (Albert Neve Mashup)
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ZHU - In The Morning (Matroda Remix) [MIND OF A GENIUS]
9x 0x 1x
Gigi D'Agostino - Bla Bla Bla (Pink Fluid vs. Pink Is Punk Remix) [FREE/ZYX]
24x 0x 1x
Abel Ramos & Albert Neve - Party (Extended Mix) [MUSICAL FREEDOM]
66x 2x 1x
Dave Winnel - Old School (Extended Mix) [AXTONE]
160x 2x 1x
Tony Junior vs. Bob Sinclair - Facedbased Who Needs Me (Albert Neve Mashup)
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Miike Snow - My Trigger (Corey James Remix) [JACKALOPE]
28x 0x 1x
Merk & Fremont vs. Calvin Harris & Hurts & Alesso - Ciao Control (Albert Neve Mashup)
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Otto Knows ft. Simon Strömstedt - Parachute (Sickbeatz Remix) [REFUNE]
10x 1x 1x
MOTi & Maurice West vs. Lost Frequencies - Are You A Disco Weapon (Albert Neve Mashup)
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Abel Ramos & Albert Neve vs. Faithless - Let The Bass Be Insomnia (Abel Ramos & Albert Neve Mashup)
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Skrillex & MUST DIE! vs. The Prodigy - Firestarter VIP's (Albert Neve Mashup)
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Nari & Milani vs. Hiisak - Copacabana [FLAMINGO]
87x 1x 1x
Junior Jack - E Samba (Acappella) [DEFECTED]
58x 2x 2x
Yas Cepeda - Empirico (Albert Neve Remix) [HOTL]
8x 0x 1x
HI-LO & Chocolate Puma - Steam Train (Extended Mix) [HELDEEP]
182x 3x 1x
Masters At Work - Work (Acappella) [MAW]
268x 1x 0x
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