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Community Spotlight: Yalla Trance

May 22, 2020
Community Spotlight: Yalla Trance
In times of joy or times of grief, times of struggle or times of triumph, a good community is one you can always turn towards to find hope, strength, support, and happiness. With the current situation weighing heavily on the 1001Tracklists community, we are proud to begin spotlighting some key communities from our global network. If you’re interested in learning more about key individual users, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and discover previous features on Medium here. In the meantime, please join us in welcoming Yousef Ibrahim, from the Egyptian based community Yalla Trance. We were excited to catch up and discuss the 10 year history of Yalla Trance, their strong passion for IDs, and the diehard trance community in Egypt!
Yousef, thanks for joining us today to spotlight your community page, Yalla Trance. Can you introduce the group to us to start? Where are you based, where is your community based, and how long have you been around?
Thanks for having me, it's a pleasure. Yalla Trance is an Egyptian based page about trance music in Egypt and all over the world. The community is run by three admins – Ahmed Toldo, Hesham Muhammad, and myself – and our goal is to support trance artists and trance music in general. The page was created out of our passion for trance music, and we’re proud that we’ve managed to make a community of real trance lovers. We’ve created a space to gather all trance lovers in one place to share their favorite tunes and their opinions about trance music topics. It’s crazy to think looking back, we've already been doing this for almost 10 years now 
Who were the first artists that got you into dance/electronic music? What was the moment that inspired you to start the Yalla Trance community?
Personally it all started with me in 2008 when I heard a track called Sunlounger - “Lost” (Club Mix) which got me into trance. Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin, and Tiësto then became my favorite artists that got me deeper into trance. 
The founder of Yalla Trance is Ahmed Toldo, and what united us was our common great passion for trance and the desire to support artists and new talent that deserved a spotlight in Egypt. From there we’ve grown to try and support trance artists all over the world who we believe deserve support regardless of they will ever play in Egypt.
Trance has a special place in the electronic music scene in Egypt. Can you talk to us some more about the trance and general music culture in the country? Where does it stand today, and where do you hope it will go?
Trance fans in Egypt are so energetic! They love an electrified stage with uplifting, progressive, and tech trance bangers being played. They like extended festivals that last 12 to 14 hours. Although there aren’t too many trance parties in Egypt, we do have 2 or 3 major events a year where everyone always shows up. We hope someday we'll have more major festivals in Egypt gathering trance lovers from all over the world to see the beautiful sights of Egypt and to experience trance live in front of ancient monuments like the pyramids
The majority of people in Egypt love to listen to music. It starts with classic Arabic music which concentrates mainly on the melodies. People can sit for hours listening to songs or attend concerts just to sit down and enjoy the music. From there things have evolved over the years and electronic music elements started to get into Arabic songs and people are becoming more open and into electronic music. Sometimes you’re hearing producers try to mix their signature sound with Arabian sounds and melodies.
Regarding trance events ongoing now – Aly & Fila host a major event in Egypt every year celebrating their Radio Show FSOE. There have been events at historic and ancient locations like the Giza pyramids, and the Temple of Karnak Luxor with artists like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk, MaRLo and many more. Also a beach festival was held last year in the beautiful Sinai. Trance Wave, who put on that festival, also hosts trance events in Egypt introducing some great artists like Giuseppe Ottaviani, Solarstone and Simon O'shine.
You describe your community as the ‘Home Of IDs.’ Can you talk about that message some more? It’s an exciting similarity we share :)
We love to be a step ahead and bring our fans any new track or ID that they heard in a festival set or elsewhere. We listen to all sets carefully looking for new music so we are the first to post it, and we also try to predict the artist behind these IDs to support the artist and their sounds. We would say that 80% of the time we correctly predict the track, and since we've been doing this for quite some time, we came up with this description, Home Of IDs. For anyone who asks about a certain track ID we help them find out the artist behind it and the name of the track if it's officially announced.
What were some of your favorite moments in the history of Yalla Trance and why?
One of Our favorite moments for sure was when we made our Best of Yalla Trance Competition last year where 30 DJs competed in a 3 month contest with the winner playing at the Sinai Beach Festival hosted by Trance Wave alongside artists like Giuseppe Ottaviani, Solarstone, Greg Downey, Simon O'Shine & more. Check out winner Khaled Alaa's final set here!
We were so happy that we helped a new talent make a breakthrough in his career and play alongside some of the biggest DJs out there. Also of course was the moment when Darren Porter and James Dymond raised our flag up high during their set at Heraclion Festival last year – that was a great moment for us too.
Who are three artists you want to see at one show after the virus situation is over?
We always love seeing Aly & Fila and hopefully they will make a physical event this year as well. Personally I would love to see Andrew Bayer and Bryan Kearney playing live in one event with Aly & Fila after this virus is over, it would definitely be a night to remember.
What to you makes the members of the Yalla Trance community so special? 
Yalla Trance Community are knowledgeable and passionate about trance. Some are experts who have been listening for over 20 years, and many are also very active – they make sure to share their favorite tracks in the group. Our group also has some talented DJs and some famous ones like Artento Divini, Ahmed Romel, and many more.
Finally, what does the future have in store for Yalla Trance?
We will continue posting all the new IDs and news about trance music. We want to do something like the best of Yalla Trance competition I discussed earlier to support more talent. Every Friday we post one of the biggest trance classics as a reminder of why we love this music, and we also plan to celebrate 40,000 likes for Yalla Trance by inviting some of the biggest artist to make special guest mixes for us like we did when we reached 20,000 likes (Check out Ferry Corsten's Yalla Trance 20K mix)! We are positive about the future and we can't wait for the festivals to return!

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